Gabija Fatenaite

Jun 20, 2019 1 min read

It’s no secret that big data rules business’ markets. And to get the data, one must gather it – that means you’ll need proxies or other data gathering solutions.

You could search for information on data harvesting and proxies yourself – but that takes a lot of time, and legitimate resources are hard to find. That is why we would instead point you to the material you need to help you with your data harvesting endeavours.

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About Gabija Fatenaite

Gabija Fatenaite is a Content Manager at Oxylabs with an interest in tech. Having grown up on video games and the internet, she grew to find the tech side of things more and more interesting over the years. So if you ever find yourself wanting to learn more about proxies (or video games), feel free to contact her - she’ll be more than happy to answer you.



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