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Gabija Fatenaite

Jun 23, 2021 5 min read

Oxylabs Residential Proxy Self-Service has released a new update! From now on, you can easily change your subscription plan via your account in Oxylabs dashboard. You can either upgrade your current plan for more traffic, or downgrade to a smaller one. Both upgrade and downgrade works for the two current self-service plans: Starter and Business.  

Changing your subscription plan is quite easy. Of course, you will need a registered account and one of the Residential Proxy plans bought via Self-Service. So if you do have an account with us, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to change your subscription plan. 

Plan upgrade 

  1. Once you log into your dashboard, go to My Account. Here you will find details of your current active products and subscription plans. To upgrade your plan from Starter to Business, click on the Change plan button.

  1. Then you will be greeted with a Choose Residential Proxies pricing plan message. You will see which plan you already have. To upgrade, click on Change plan
  1. Once you click on the desired plan, a confirmation message will pop up:
  1. Afterward, click Checkout to continue with the upgrade. In My Account, you will now see that the subscription plan change is in progress. If your initial payment method was a payment card, you will be charged immediately.

You will also see this message in your Overview page:

However, if you have chosen an offline payment, like Paypal, then you’ll need to go through the payment process manually. 

  1. Once the payment goes through, you will see a confirmation message pop up. It is worth noting that all unused data from your previous plan will be added to the new plan. The plan will be activated immediately and the next billing date will be set as the new purchase date every 30 days.

Plan downgrade

  1. Steps 1 and 2 will be the same as the upgrade’s. The main difference between downgrade and upgrade is that you will not be charged immediately once you agree to move on with the plan change. Your plan’s downgrade will become effective with your upcoming billing date.
  1. Just as with the upgrade, your plan downgrade notice will show up in both My Account and Overview pages:
  1. Once the billing date arrives, a confirmation message will be shown on the upcoming billing day:

  1. If you decide to cancel your plan downgrade, you can do so before the next billing date by pressing Undo plan change in My Account. This will cancel your downgrade and you will be charged the usual amount for your subscription during the billing day. 


Changing your Residential Proxy subscription plan is now as easy as a few clicks. If you don’t have a Residential Proxy plan, no worries. You can register to our dashboard and get the Self-Service plans right away. 

If you are having some difficulties with the new update or have bugs you want to report, don’t hesitate to contact our, we will be very happy to improve our service to fit your needs. 


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