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Scrape data from all public pages on, including real estate listings, estimated property values, and agents.

  • Get real-time property listing data

  • Scrape block-free with automatic proxy rotation

  • Easily integrate using the API

*This scraper is part of Real Estate Scraper API Scraper API

Extract data from in seconds

Simply send us a link to the website and quickly receive the results back in HTML format. Gather details from these page types: buy, rent, sold, address, agents, new homes, and share. Retrieve information such as titles, prices, descriptions, images, and features from real estate listings and other page types.

  "results": [
      "content":"<!doctype html>\n<html lang=\"en\">\n<head>
      "created_at": "2022-10-01 00:00:05",
      "updated_at": "2022-10-01 00:00:20",
      "id": null,
      "page": 1,
      "url": "",
      "job_id": "12345678900987654322",
      "status_code": 200

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Schedule recurring property data scraping tasks with Scheduler.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to scrape

It is not illegal to scrape publicly-available real estate listings and other public details. In any instance, we recommend you to seek legal advice before web scraping any website. To better understand the context surrounding web scraping, feel free to check out our blog post, where we delve deeper into the legal matters.

Can I get blocked when scraping

You can get blocked by the website when it detects bot-like activity. Our scraper API utilizes patented and robust technologies to immensely decrease the chances of bot detection and successfully bring back the desired results from a target website.

How many property listings can I scrape at once?

With the API, you can submit up to 1,000 URLs within a single batch request. This means you can extract data from up to 1,000 property pages per batch.

You can gather even more from the search results pages of, as each search page URL lists up to 25 properties. Essentially it adds up to 25,000 listings per batch.

How can I use data?

You can use scraped data from to analyze property listing pricing, gain insights into the current market and trends, and find potential property leads and agents. All of this will help you to stay competitive in the market.

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