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  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Avg. 0.6s proxy speed

  • Continuous proxy rotation for avg. 99.2% success rates

  • Country, city, and state-level targeting with no extra cost

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*Available till the 30th of April, 2022 to new Oxylabs clients only

Residential Proxies Pricing

High success rates

24/7 live support

City-level targeting

First month -25%




$15 $11.25 / GB

Pay $300/mo after offer period

First month -25%




$12 $9 / GB

Pay $600/mo after offer period



$9 / GB

$900 +VAT billed monthly


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50 GB
100 GB
1 TB+
Concurrent sessions
City-level targeting
Dedicated Account Manager
24/7 support
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With no additional fees & included in the price:

Sticky sessions

Flexible rotation options

3 sub-users

100M+ Residential IPs

3-day money-back guarantee

Unlimited concurrent sessions


Residential Proxies covering 195 locations

Thanks to our partners worldwide, we can equip our clients with a proxy pool with over 100M Residential Proxies. Covering 195 countries makes it easy for you to lead large-scale business operations.

United States

10,353,360 IPs

United Kingdom

3,502,538 IPs


1,970,743 IPs


3,537,899 IPs

Gather data with less IP bans

With rotating Residential Proxies, it is easier to bypass anti-scraping measures and avoid getting your IP blocked. Rotating Residential Proxies imitate the behavior of multiple organic users and are a key component of avoiding IP blocks. This allows you to gather vast amounts of public data undetected.

Rotating Proxies

Rotating proxies is the key to any successful data gathering method.

100M+ Residential IPs

Large proxy pool ensures block-free target scraping.

Boost your business with Shared Datacenter Proxies

Access a pool of 20,000 shared proxies and achieve goals in the US and Europe. Use any IP address to establish unlimited concurrent sessions and get results in seconds. Shared data center proxies are available for multiple users simultaneously, allowing us to reduce server maintenance costs and offer more attractive pricing starting at $100/month.

Mobile Proxies

Access the most stable IP pool of Mobile Proxies. An extensive list of locations, country-level, and ASN targeting will help you overcome even the most challenging geo-restrictions. Automatic mobile IP rotation will help you achieve high success rates.

  • Filter mobile IPs by country and ASN

  • Access IP addresses from real mobile devices

  • Avoid IP blocks with automatic IP rotation

Rotating ISP Proxies

Rotating ISP Proxies are extremely reliable and stable, ensuring quick data delivery with no interruptions. Stable sessions let you consistently go through all the required scraping steps and access different pages with the same IP address.

  • Reap the benefits of extended sessions

  • Use the power of Datacenter and Residential IPs

  • Perform human-like scraping at high speed

Why you should start using Oxylabs Residential Proxies

Unlimited concurrent sessions

We do not limit concurrent sessions, so you can easily scale up your web scraping projects whenever required. Some other proxy services may charge extra for additional concurrent sessions but at Oxylabs, we do not limit your work.

Session control up to 30 minutes

Flexible and adjustable session control feature to meet your needs. Stable sessions let you consistently go through all the required scraping steps and access different pages with the same IP address.

Country and city-level targeting

Our Residential Proxy network covers 195 locations and offers country, city, and state-level geo-location targeting. Oxylabs proxies help access geo-restricted content from specific locations without extra charge.

How to use the promo code

  • Valid to new customers only.

  • Valid for Basic and Entry Residential Proxy plans on self-checkout.

  • Use the promo code Proxyway25 on the checkout page to get your discount.

  • The discount will be applied for the first subscription month.

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