Frequently asked questions


Here at Oxylabs we have HTTP/HTTPS & Socks 4/5 proxies.
Oxylabs is a tech company specializing in large-scale web data extraction. We focus on helping companies extract essential business intelligence data. We own a pool of 1M Data Center IPs and a Residential proxy network with 10M residential IPs from more than 180 countries around the world.
Here at Oxylabs, we offer data center IPs and residential proxies that support HTTP/HTTPS & Socks 4/5 protocols.
  • A Residential Proxy is an IP address that is assigned from a standard Internet Service Provider (ISP) to a homeowner.
  • A Data Center IP is an IP address that comes from a secondary corporation and is not owned by an ISP.
Although most proxy providers offer shared proxies to their clients, we don’t do that because shared proxies can be very unreliable and may fail when you need them the most.
You may be fine with shared proxies as long as your targets are niche, unpopular websites. But if you are hitting search engines, retailers, ticket sellers and other popular websites, chances are that shared proxies have already been banned on those websites, or at least heavily throttled.
Yes, we can prepare any custom solution for your needs. Our proxy network covers more than 180 locations, and we work hard to expand our resource base every day. Just contact our sales team.
Oxylabs’s core is intuitive and extremely easy to use. It's light and simple and can be implemented in any custom data harvesting script or tool. Oxylabs already works with all major web data extraction platforms, such as Connotate or Kapow.
We created Oxylabs to match the requirements of the largest data miners in the world. Oxylabs is a state-of-the-art system that takes anonymity to the next level and beyond. It deploys an intelligent IP rotation tool, which automatically adjusts to make sure you get your data.
  • The choice of IP is based on multiple criteria. First of all, Oxylabs finds out which proxy nodes are most likely to be the fastest in delivering the data. Then it hits the website by exiting via IP address that is located in the same country as the target and picking the least used proxy node.
  • These are just a few of many intelligence features built into the system. All of them work together to deliver your data as fast as possible, minimizing the risk of getting blocked, receiving false data, or facing a captcha during the mining phase.
Oxylabs is an automated tool; therefore it requires little to no maintenance. 
  • picks the best IP address (proxy node) to hit targets
  • rotates proxy nodes for you
  • looks for suspicious and unexpected changes in received data (coming soon)
These Oxylabs features are all automated and tracked on our side, which lets you cut costs dramatically on your data extraction monitoring and maintenance.
Our proxy network has a high level of security, reliability, and availability.
We have fast, powerful, high-speed confidential proxy servers from various subnets that can be assigned exclusively to a single user, thus providing you with completely private IP authentication and anonymity. With our private dedicated proxy servers, you’ll be able to perform web scraping tasks easily without the fear of having your IP address banned as it will be highly secure and completely anonymous.
Yes, we provide a free 7-day trial to registered companies. Simply fill out the form and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

Getting Started

Fill out the form on our website, and within 24 hours you’ll be speaking with one of our representatives who will evaluate your target and will help you decide whether data center IPs or the residential proxy network is the best fit for you.
Then, we’ll set up a free 7-day trial so that you could find out for yourself whether our services are worth your money. Your dedicated account manager will assist you every step of the way.

Data Center IPs

Data center IPs are private proxies that can be of great help with web crawling, SEO, search engine data scraping, ad verification, price comparisons, business or market intelligence, big data, classified posting, social media, and other related tasks.
Data center IPs provide you with completely private IP authentication and anonymity. We have fast, powerful, high-speed confidential proxy servers from various subnets that can be assigned exclusively to buyers for the purposes mentioned above.
With our private dedicated proxy servers, you’ll be able to perform these tasks very easily without the fear of having your IP address banned as it will be highly secure and completely anonymous.
Yes – you’ll have access to a statistics dashboard. However, using this dashboard is optional, and you can choose to not have your usage statistics recorded.
We are in the process of implementing this feature in our service.
Oxylabs provides a proxy rotator that does all the work. You get one entry node (with the necessary amount of static proxies inside) which is used as a regular static proxy, and all the magic happens on our side. The rotator changes IP on each request. It's possible to control the session and keep the same IP on HTTP and HTTPS queries using cookies.

Residential Proxy Network

Residential proxies enable data collection without IP bans and ensure a high anonymity level. These IPs mostly belong to large internet and mobile service providers, that’s why other websites don’t block users with these kinds of IPs.
All of our residential proxies are being checked every 60 seconds.
Yes, you can specify in the authorization header which city IP to use to process the request.
Session control minimizes your chances of getting blocked or receiving incorrect data. It allows you to keep the same IP address within the website to make sure you get your data.
Yes, you’ll have access to a usage dashboard. You’ll be able to see hourly, daily and monthly usage statistics.

Customer Support

Yes, of course. Your account manager will assist you via Skype, Email or by phone. Our development team will also be available during the period of testing and integration for any technical questions you might have.
We provide 24/7 system monitoring and enterprise level support via Skype, Email or by phone for every client. Our response time is less than 4 hours.
Also, we’re always happy to share our web scraping know-how and assist our clients as much as we can.
It is very important that we see the full picture when analyzing your issue. Therefore, we ask you to provide:
  • The range of proxies affected by the reported issue.
  • Code snippets.
  • The programming language and platforms/frameworks you work with.
  • Logs, sample URLs and any other information you may find relevant.
Email this information together with your issue to: [email protected] or your dedicated account manager.

Scraping Know-How

Oxylabs was built to tackle risks associated with data harvesting. IP blocking is just one of them, and even though it's the most common one, it's also the easiest one to solve. Oxylabs intelligent IP rotation algorithm minimizes the risk of IP-based blocking. Even if the IP is blacklisted by mistake, the site is still accessible through our other resources. The system was designed to deliver you the data, no matter what.
Whenever anonymity comes in handy, Oxylabs is there for you and your company.
  • Here are some examples where IP anonymization has high priority:
  • Competitive Intelligence - track the activity of your competitors.
  • Pricing Intelligence - know how much others charge.
  • Investment Decisions - collect all the data you need to take the right investment decision.
  • Risk Management - identify key changes in businesses and markets.
  • Fraud Prevention - protect yourself against any suspicious activities and fraud.
  • Keyword Rank Analysis - analyze keyword performance.
  • Social Awareness - track what others are saying about you.
  • Web Automation - perform repetitive human functions on websites and apps.
Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) is the fourth revision of the Internet Protocol and a widely used protocol in data communication over different kinds of networks. It provides the logical connection between network devices by providing identification for each device. There are many ways to configure IPv4 with all kinds of devices – including manual and automatic configurations – depending on the network type.
No, there isn’t. We encrypt traffic at the IP level, so your target website will see the IPs you’re using either as residential or mobile IP addresses or as data center IPs. If needed, you can secure all other levels.
We support HTTP (port 80), HTTPS (SSL over port 443), TLS, and Socks 4/5 protocols.
The number of concurrent sessions is unlimited.
No, it can’t. We remove all red-flag headers before sending the request to the target website.
The target site should not block an IP if the data collection effort is well coordinated. However, if your IP does get blocked, you can switch to another one instead.
Step 1: Use a residential IP from the same country as the IP you initially used to sign up for an Instagram account to connect to the Instagram login page. Enter your login credentials and get the login cookie. As these are two consecutive requests, make sure you use session control.

Step 2: Use the cookie while connecting with a data center proxy from the same country as the residential IP from step 1. NB: at some point, the cookie will expire and you will have to repeat this process again.


The billing cycle begins on the 1st of each month. You’ll receive an invoice that has to be paid within 7 days.
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your pricing plan at any time. Please inform us about all relevant changes in advance and contact your account manager for assistance.
Yes, we do have a custom solution for extremely high traffic, please contact us at [email protected]
Yes, you’re required to sign a contract with us.

However, you don’t have to sign any contract for your free 7-day trial. During this period you could find out for yourself whether our services are worth your money.
You can pay via PayPal or wire transfer.
Yes, you can use the recurring payment option to pay for Oxylabs services. By choosing this method, you are giving Oxylabs permission to charge your PayPal account based on your actual usage of our services. While using the recurring payment option, you won't have to remember any due dates or worry about late fees. You can cancel recurring payments at any time. Please note that if you want to do that, you'll have to cancel recurring payments on the Paypal site and not with us. If you need help, please contact your account manager.
Yes, you’ll receive an invoice on the 1st of each month. The number of IPs will be included in the invoice.