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web scraping in 2021 and beyond

Web Scraping in 2021 and Beyond

What’s next in web scraping? Panel discussion
26 August, 3:30PM BST, 35min

We invited a panel of experts to discuss what 2021 has brought to the world of web scraping and what the future holds. We'll look into the web scraping industry through the lens of the pandemic and discuss what new challenges it brought to the field. Experts in business, legal, and e-commerce fields will speak about the challenges and how they can be solved. This session brings a great opportunity to hear professionals from different areas and see the industry from multiple perspectives.

Join this session, if you:

  • Care about the effect the pandemic had on the web scraping industry

  • Want to hear out different takes on the current situation in the world of public data gathering

  • Are interested in the future of web scraping

Please note: The views expressed by speakers or moderators are those of the speaker or moderators and not, necessarily, of Oxylabs or other respective organizations. Before engaging in scraping activities of any kind, you should consult your legal advisors.

Keep up with the future of web scraping

Speakers of this panel discussion

The panel features experts in web scraping industry, who will discuss the future of web scraping from different perspectives.

Juras Juršėnas

Chief Operating Officer at Oxylabs

With more than 16 years of experience in the field, Juras has established himself as an expert in the areas of IT and product management. His ability to apply strategic problem solving, critical thinking, and people management skills has led him to occupy the position of COO at Oxylabs.

Allen O'Neill

Founder and CTO at DataWorks

Allen is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and has also been appointed to the prestigious role of Microsoft Regional Director - an advisory role to senior Microsoft leadership consisting of 200 business and technology leaders worldwide.

Con Conlon

Managing Director of Merit Data & Technology

Cornelius (Con) Conlon is the Managing Director of Merit Data & Technology, part of Merit Group Plc. Merit has been delivering data solutions to clients for over 15 years across various industries, from maritime to construction to fashion and e-commerce.

Gabrielė Navagrudskaitė

Head of Account Management at Oxylabs

Gabrielė has been in numerous account management and sales roles covering major B2B enterprise and mid-market clients at global technology companies, including Microsoft and Salesforce.

Marija Markova

Head of IP Team at Oxylabs

Marija leads the IP team and coordinates the implementation of IP strategy. Her team’s main task is to ensure that the ingenuity of Oxylabs people is properly protected through IP means and creates optimal competitive advantage.