Premium Dedicated Proxies

Unlimited bandwidth on 1 Gbps connection in multiple countries around the globe.


Our team has decades of hands-on experience in web data harvesting and mining industry. This is why we created a service of dedicated proxies that we would ourselves use in day-to-day web harvesting. We offer simple yet extremely efficient tools for your web extraction needs - no matter what your required setup is, we will deliver.

Multiple Locations

Our proxies are based in multiple locations, including United States, European Union, South America and Asia Pacific, among others.

In-House Rotation

Static IP List can be configured to work with one entry point, so that the rotation is done on our side. All you need to do is hit one IP address and you're automatically routed through one of your IPs. Session control available.

Full IPV6 Support

Although it's early days, IPv6 is perfect for Search Engine data harvesting. We have implemented full IPv6 support so that you can benefit from the Internet protocol of the future today.

Custom Setup

Every data extraction project is unique. That is why we offer custom-made configuration to perfectly match your data mining needs.

24/7 Technical Support

Experienced, quick and friendly technical expertise is just a phone call or email away: 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

99% Uptime Guarantee

All of our servers run custom-designed software and are based in reliable data centres across the world. We guarantee 99% uptime.

Built-in Safety Features

The system blacklists IP addresses that have been already blocked or throttled, so they are not used again. It also automatically adds user-string into your queries, minimizing changes of getting blocked.

Advanced Statistics

Advanced IP Rotator provides detailed statistics about all the queries you make - what, where, when. It allows you to monitor your usage and costs, enabling you to adjust them depending on your needs.

Session Control

Dig deep with session control. Keep the same IP address within the website to make sure you get your data. Session controls enables you to minimize chances of getting blocked or receiving incorrect data.

Diverse Resources

Diversity is the key for successful web data harvesting. Our IPv4 database consists of over 750,000 IP addresses from all 6 major continents with 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps bandwidth.

Lean ip management tool

Squid is great, if you still live in 1998. We ditched it and created our own proxy management solution from the scratch. Based on Python it’s ligther and snappier, and up to 5 times faster than Squid.


Our IP Rotator employs state of the art IP rotation system that allows full anonymity. The tool designed to minimize probability of IP-based blocking, captcha implementation, throttling and false data delivery.

Location Coverage

Our IP network covers all 6 continents. We work hard to expand our resource base every day. We can deliver IPs from countries of your choice as well. Typical lead time is 2-4 weeks. Contact us for more information.

USA & Canada









South America










When you buy and use an IP address from us, you use our servers as an intermediary.

Super fast and reliable proxies. Have been using Oxylabs with several scraping tools for almost a year now. We had absolutely 0 downtime, amazing success rates and excellent support.

Emanuel Z.

Chief Technology Officer

Denver, USA

Great customer support! Had few issues with a custom scraping bot I have written, but with a help of this team everything just works now. Very high quality proxies as well.

Frederic O.

Software Engineer

Berlin, Germany

I would recommend this service to anyone looking for quality dedicated proxies. Blazing fast, GEO specific proxies that works with SEO tools.

Jason B.

SEO Manager

New York, USA

Frequently asked questions

Here at Oxylabs we have HTTP/HTTPS & Socks 4/5 proxies.
Yes, we can prepare any custom solution for your needs. Our IP network covers more than 100 locations and we work hard to expand our resource base every day. Just contact our sales team.
Oxylabs' core is intuitive and extremely easy to use. It's light and simple and can be implemented into any custom data harvesting script or tool. Oxylabs already works with all major web mining platforms, such as Connotate or Kapow.
Oxylabs was built to tackle risks associated with data harvesting. IP blocking is just one of them, and even though it's the most common, it's also the easiest to solve. Oxylabs' intelligent IP rotation algorithm minimizes the risk of IP-based blocking. Even if the IP is blacklisted by mistake, the site is still accessible through our other vastly scattered resources. The system was designed to deliver you the data, no matter what.
Whenever anonymity comes in handy, Oxylabs is there for you and your company. Here are some examples where IP anonymization has high priority:
  • Competitive Intelligence - track activity of your competitors
  • Pricing Intelligence - know how much others charge
  • Investment Decisions - collect all the data you need to take the right investment decision
  • Risk Management - identify key changes in business and market
  • Fraud Prevention - protect against suspicious activity and fraud
  • Keyword Rank Analysis - analyze keyword performance
  • Social Awareness - track what others talk about you
  • Web Automation - perform repetitive human functions on websites and apps
  • We created Oxylabs to match the requirements of the largest data miners in the world. Oxylabs is a state-of-the-art system that takes anonymity to the next level and beyond. It deploys an intelligent IP rotation tool, which automatically adjusts to make sure you get your data.
  • The choice of IP is based on multiple criteria. First of all, Oxylabs finds out which proxy nodes are most likely to be the fastest in delivering the data. Then it hits the website by exiting via IP address that is located in the same country as the target and picking the least used proxy node.
  • These are just a few of many intelligence features built into the system. All of them work together to deliver your data as fast as possible, minimizing the risk of getting blocked, receiving false data, or facing a captcha during the mining phase.
  • Oxylabs is an automated tool, therefore it requires little to no maintenance. Oxylabs:
  • picks the best IP address (proxy node) to hit the target
  • rotates proxy nodes for you
  • prevents using blocked proxy nodes
  • looks for suspicious and unexpected changes in received data (coming soon)
  • These Oxylabs features are all automated and tracked on our side, which lets you cut costs dramatically on your data mining monitoring and maintenance.
  • Yes, Oxylabs owns a pool of over 750,000 proxies from 100+ cities around the world, which you can rent as IP addresses. All our proxies are dedicated, they come with at least 50 Mbps bandwidth and unlimited traffic.
  • For more details, your free 7-day trial, and a customized setup, please contact our sales department.

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