How companies use our proxy service

market research

Market research

Make business decisions that are based on real data about the market.


Brand protection

Manage your brand perception and control brand reputation risks.


Travel fare aggregation

Offer the lowest rates from multiple travel sites to your customers.

ad card

Ad verification

Detect fraud, improve ad performance and protect your brand.

pricing intelligence

Pricing intelligence

Get real-time pricing data and easily track your competitors.


SEO monitoring

Extract SERP data, search volume or ranking data for any keyword.

Pick a solution that fits your business needs

  • Data center proxies
  • Residential proxy pool
  • Real-Time Crawler
  • Data center proxies
  • Residential proxy pool
  • Real-Time Crawler
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Data center proxies

Dedicated proxies are given exclusively to a single user, thus providing them with an entirely private IP access and anonymity. Oxylabs data center proxies are the highest-performing proxies on the market.
  • 1.5M+

    Dedicated proxies

  • 100+


  • 99%


  • 80+

    Data centers

Best suited for

  • brand-protection logo
    Brand protection
  • market-research logo
    Market research
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Residential proxy pool

Residential proxies enable data collection bypassing IP blockage and ensuring a high anonymity level. You can pinpoint any location and get accurate, localized data on search engines, detailed shipping information, and more.
  • 20M+

    Residential IPs

  • Zero


  • City-level


  • Zero

    IP blocking

Best suited for

  • Ad verification logo
    Ad verification
  • Plane logo
    Travel fare aggregation
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Real-Time Crawler

Real-Time Crawler is built for heavy-duty data retrieval operations. It enables effortless web data extraction from search engines & e-commerce websites without any delays or errors.
  • 100%

    Success rate

  • Highly


  • Broad

    Location coverage

  • Data

    In real time or via callback

Best suited for

  • pricing-intelligence logo
    Pricing intelligence
  • seo-monitoring logo
    SEO monitoring

Why industry leaders choose Oxylabs


100% data delivery

Thanks to our large proxy network and advanced backup system, we are ensuring data delivery whenever you need it.


Scalable solutions

Companies of all sizes succeed with Oxylabs as our system is built to handle tens of millions of queries every day.


High-profile partnerships

World’s biggest companies,including the world's top 5 largest retailers, are already using Oxylabs as their main proxy provider.

Global coverage

We offer proxies from every single country and every city in the world.

  • United States
    3,589,769 IPs
  • Canada
    731,834 IPs
  • Russia
    1,182,670 IPs
  • United Kingdom
    1,156,437 IPs
  • France
    973,264 IPs
  • And +130 Others
    23,524,724 IPs

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