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Meet Oxylabs

We are a market-leading web intelligence collection platform, driven by the highest business, ethics, and compliance standards, enabling companies worldwide to unlock data-driven insights!


Oxylabs is founded

Oxylabs appears on the market, enabling businesses to empower their data gathering practices and access top-tier web intelligence insights.


Two additional products launched

Oxylabs answers the growing global needs for residential IPs and data acquisition solutions by introducing two solutions to the market.


Proxy pool reaches 102M+ IPs

Oxylabs acquires the largest ethical and compliant combined proxy pool in the world, providing more than 102M IPs globally.


Oxylabs pioneers artificial intelligence technologies

Industry-leading machine learning models enable our  data acquisition solutions to automatically adapt to website layout changes.


Webshare Software Company acquisition

Oxylabs acquires Webshare – a Silicon Valley-based self-service proxy software company.


Introducing Web Unblocker

Oxylabs rebranded Next-Gen Residential Proxies to Web Unblocker: an AI-powered solution for block-free scraping.

Web intelligence – the future of digital businesses

As businesses look for ways to create and optimize revenue streams, internal data is being exhausted, forcing companies to turn outwards. Organizations are now competing over external data insights that are fueling the digital economy's growth. 

Oxylabs proudly stands as a leading force in the web intelligence collection industry. Our innovative and ethical scraping solutions make web intelligence insights accessible to those that seek to become leaders in their own domain.

Julius Černiauskas

Julius Černiauskas

Chief Executive Officer at Oxylabs

Grounded in strong business ethics and driven by passion for innovation, Oxylabs is the leading force in the web intelligence collection market.

Gabrielė Montvilė

Gabrielė Montvilė

Chief Customer Officer at Oxylabs

Oxylabs provides much more than web intelligence solutions. We share knowledge, support, and become partners to our clients.

Our mission and vision

We strive to create a future where all businesses have access to big data and business intelligence, aiming to create an environment where everyone can grow and thrive.

Our values

As a leading company in the proxy and web intelligence industry, we ensure that the highest business ethics standards lead all our operations. Our core values guide us toward achieving our mission.

Leading the global web intelligence market

Oxylabs continues growing and bringing innovation to the web intelligence collection industry.


Ethically gathered proxies


Clients around the world


Experts working at Oxylabs



Our success depends upon our customers’ success

We constantly look for ways to help our clients achieve more by providing effortless access to public data, enabling them to acquire unrivaled web intelligence insights


One of the world’s leading accommodation price comparison service trivago has been using our solutions to provide accurate and up to date information to their clients around the world.

Why they chose Oxylabs:

  • 102M+ proxies around the world

  • Customizable solutions

  • Accurate data at any time

Pi Datametrics

As Pi Datametrics provide SEO data and SEO tools, they require the data to be delivered in a timely manner. Up-to-date and reliable data is a critical part of what they offer to their clients.

Why they chose Oxylabs:

  • No proxy management 

  • Resilient and reliable tool

  • Scalable, long-term solution

Web Robots

Delivering the highest quality business data from various sources is at the core of Web Robots’ business. We helped them power their service with a stable and reliable proxy solution.

Why they chose Oxylabs:

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Datacenter Proxies with 99.9% uptime

  • 24/7 support

Leading the market with an ethical and innovation-driven approach

Ethical procurement process

Oxylabs’ industry-first ethical procurement process lets us ensure that each IP address comes from a consenting and knowledgeable user who may receive compensation for their traffic. Strict sourcing practices have created a reliable IP infrastructure, supporting our customers and allowing them to harness the power of web intelligence safely.

Educating others

We host conferences, launch webinars, and publish articles in order to spread awareness about data gathering and web intelligence.

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AI & ML driven solutions

We constantly look for new ways to improve web intelligence acquisition and automate large-scale business operations. 

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Supporting others

We support non-profit organizations and work with governmental bodies to help them automate processes to make the internet a safer place.

Learn more

Compliance is the foundation of our business

We have taken great care to ensure that our services are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other data-related legislation from all around the world. 

Oxylabs is also one of the founding members of the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative, creating global best practices and pushing regulators to create global compliance practices for the industry.

We bring safety and security to our customers

Certified data centers and upstream providers

Our technology is sourced from reputable and certified providers that fit international standards.

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber insurance.

Legal compliance ensured

Our products and services strictly follow the requirements of data processing legislation.

Oxylabs’ advisory board

Our advisory board consists of industry-leading data science, machine learning, and AI experts, who support and drive the company as it expands its influence in the web intelligence industry.


Adi Andrei

Lead Senior Data Scientist


Pujaa Rajan

ML Engineer


Ali Chaundry

PhD Researcher, AI


Jonas Kubilius

Senior AI Engineer

ku leuven
three thirds

Gautam Kedia

ML Engineering Manager

Bringing light to the importance of web intelligence

Bringing light to the importance of web intelligence

Transparency is one of our core values, and we believe that the public web intelligence and data gathering industry needs more of it. We continuously collaborate with the media and share our knowledge with the world at large to shape the future of data.

Building a team that makes us proud

Building a team that makes us proud

We create a welcoming environment that encourages all of us to be better today than we were yesterday.

We foster curiosity

We offer training courses of your choice, books, conferences, business trips, and more, fostering continual learning.

We create comfort

We work with the newest technologies, our kitchen is always fully stocked, and have a team of physiotherapists.

We celebrate achievements

Workations, team buildings, and summer festivals are always something to look forward to.

We grow together

Feedback from clients and from colleagues helps us grow. Our culture is based on honesty, trust, and ownership.

Meet the Oxylabs team

Oxylabs is a team of dedicated account managers, engineers, software developers, and many other experts. While we cannot fit everyone on this page, you are always welcome to find our team members on Linkedin.

Julius Černiauskas

Julius Černiauskas

Chief Executive Officer

Tomas Montvilas

Tomas Montvilas

Chief Commercial Officer

Juras Juršėnas

Juras Juršėnas

Chief Operating Officer

Gabrielė Montvilė

Gabrielė Montvilė

Chief Customer Officer

Žydrūnas Tamašauskas

Žydrūnas Tamašauskas

Chief Technology Officer

Lauris Lietavietis

Chief Sales Officer

Živilė Pilkauskienė

Živilė Pilkauskienė

Head of Human Resources

Andrius Palionis

Andrius Palionis

VP of Sales

Gediminas Rickevičius

Gediminas Rickevičius

VP of Global Partnerships

Marija Markova

Marija Markova

Head of Intellectual Property Team

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