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Release Notes

Web Unblocker
Scraper APIs
General updates

November 22, 2023

General updates

Enhanced Headless Browser

Introducing an integration of browsing instructions with our existing JavaScript rendering capability, forming the ultimate Headless Browser feature for Web Unblocker and Scraper APIs.

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November 06, 2023

General updates

Custom headers control

Web Unblocker and Scraper APIs maximize website unblocking efficiency by utilizing predefined headers, therefore our system automatically filters out client-sent headers to enhance success rates.

October 25, 2023


Dedicated Datacenter Proxies available on self-service

Purchase Dedicated Datacenter Proxies directly from Oxylabs' dashboard, bundling dedicated IPs from 7 countries with no bandwidth limitations.

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October 11, 2023


Usage limit rules for proxy users

You can now create usage limit rules for Residential, Mobile, and Shared Datacenter proxy users directly from the dashboard. This empowers our clients to take control of their spending by setting daily, monthly, or lifetime limits.

October 02, 2023


Free coordinate-level targeting feature

Select IPs in the exact location based on just a few simple parameters - latitude, longitude, and radius. With this feature, you can obtain IPs from a particular area at no extra cost.

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September 27, 2023

Scraper APIs

Bing search generative AI result scraping

Our SERP Scraper API has been enhanced! You can now access AI Bing search results by adding a "render": "html" parameter.

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