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Oxylabs Core Values

As a leading company in the proxy and web scraping market, we ensure that the highest standards of business ethics guide all our business operations

Our core values are the guiding force towards achieving our mission to build a cyber world based on the principles of the open internet.

Julius Cerniauskas

CEO at Oxylabs

We care about


At Oxylabs, we believe that transparency builds trust and fosters business relationships with our valued partners.

Clear information

We build our future without hidden agendas or conditions. All of our prices and marketed statistics are kept true to the real state. We take extra steps to keep our clients informed about our operations, products, and resource acquisition.

Open communication

We support and maintain an open communication policy. Our Account Managers are on-hand to advise on our products with clients’ needs in mind. We always share our extensive know-how, enabling our clients to set up optimized solutions and achieve the best results in a cost-efficient manner.

Legal compliance

Oxylabs complies with local, national, and regional laws. We closely follow the developments in relevant legal landscapes and adjust our business model accordingly. We analyze all case laws, which have the potential to impact the data scraping process and related industries.

We care about


Threats to security come in many forms, thus at Oxylabs we go an extra mile to protect our own and business partners’ operations.

Vetting suppliers

To ensure smoothly running operations and avoid any potential supplier failure in terms of turnover, supply disruption, customer relations, and brand perception, we implemented a strict and thorough vetting process of all our supply chains.

Information protection

Information is one of our most valuable and sensitive assets. We aim to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information to all our clients by following relevant legal, contractual, and business requirements.


We take extra precautions to guarantee our client’s business continuity in case of our objective fault. Our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber insurance by the world's specialist insurance company — Lloyds.

Certified data centers and upstream providers

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber insurance.

We care about


Quality and innovative products, accompanied by excellent customer service, are the key contribution to long-term business success.

Product quality

We listen to our clients and the market’s needs to shape our products and services. Along with continually improving our delivery process, we focus on building robust proxy infrastructure and ready-to-use data scrapers, ensuring effortless access to public data.

Innovation leaders

Oxylabs strives to push the limits of excellence. We have entire teams dedicated to innovating and improving our work processes and products. Also, Oxylabs has formed a board of advisors, specializing in AI & ML technology, to further support our product enhancement.

Excellent customer service

We strive to create the best customer experience for our valued partners. Our customer success team, dedicated account managers, and operations gurus are always on-hand, ensuring that our clients’ inquiries are promptly answered, and the best solutions are identified.

We care about


At Oxylabs, we believe that business can only flourish with strong fairness fundamentals in place.

Fair market

We believe that only protecting fair market practices can encourage legitimate competition and drive innovation forward. That’s why we recognize all market stakeholders' interests and respect the importance of a balanced choice between available solutions globally.

Open internet

Oxylabs respects and promotes international standards on open internet access. All traffic is treated equally without blocking, prioritizing, or discriminating. We support net neutrality and ensure accessibility to publicly available information for every business, big or small.

Legitimate proxy pool

Oxylabs provides a legitimate residential proxy infrastructure. We demand from all of our proxy resource providers to ensure that all the residential network participants have expressed consent, are fully informed, and fairly rewarded for their contribution.

We care about

Social Responsibility

Providing value to individuals and societies at large is at the core of Oxylabs business practices.


As global leaders in proxy and data delivery solutions, we prioritize supporting academics and organizations working towards the public good through our pro bono initiative "Project 4β". We partnered with a number of esteemed institutions, including the University of Edinburgh, to name a few.

Social accountability

Data-driven decisions are behind the best products and services, which contribute to the improvement of our society. That’s why we believe that every company has a right to harness the power of big data to fulfill its grandest business potential.

Green workplace

We are environmentally conscious and strive to align our business practices with eco-friendly initiatives. We emphasize recycling and reducing plastic use to a minimum. Our offices are paper-free, with all work-related processes operating in cyberspace..

Interested in our partnerships?


A project by a student-led team from the University of Stanford, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.


A project by student Paolo Montemurro and researcher Peter H. Gruber from the University of Lugano.

GovTech Lab

A GovTech Lab challenge proposed and led by the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT).

Partner with Oxylabs

We invite academia, researchers, NGOs, NPOs, and other institutions to partner with us to change the world for the better together.

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