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What is a SOCKS5 Proxy?

A SOCKS5 proxy server is a proxy type operating over the TCP internet protocol. Compared to more traditional proxy types, it offers enhanced security and is able to support UDP traffic. Due to its properties, there’s a range of use cases SOCKS5 proxy servers are best suited for, such as video streaming, live calls, and traffic-intensive data gathering.

SOCKS5 Proxies vs. VPN

While SOCKS5 Proxies and VPNs share some common features, SOCKS5 proxies are not a substitute for VPNs as they serve slightly different purposes. Note that you shouldn't use both SOCKS proxies and a VPN at the same time, as it may lead to slow internet speed.  

Use SOCKS5 proxies to remain anonymous online and reach faster web browsing speeds. 

Use a VPN to enhance online privacy due to better encryption.

Best for traffic-intensive scraping

If you think HTTP(S) connections are not enough for your needs, then a SOCKS5 proxy is what you need, as with a SOCKS5 proxy server, you can go through a UDP connection. SOCKS5 proxy servers work amazingly for any traffic-intensive scraping, like video streaming, live calls, etc. Choose SOCKS5 proxies if you need a UDP connection for more versatile or traffic-intensive data gathering.

Quick and easy integration

Get your proxy list and use a simple cURL request to start scraping with SOCKS5 Proxies. Forget "dead" proxy servers and access over 2M+ SOCKS5 proxies instantly. With Oxylabs' quick and easy integration, you'll be sure to access any source on a UDP connection and effectively achieve the most traffic-intensive data-gathering jobs out there. Check out this Windows SOCKS5 proxy integration to learn more about authentication methods.


curl -x -U "USER:PASS"

Added benefits of SOCKS5 Proxies

Bypassing IP restrictions

SOCKS5 Proxies ensure that you access the required targets without internet blocks.

Reliable resources

We make sure that our SOCKS5 Proxies are stable so no issues occur during scraping.

Unlimited bandwidth and targets

No limits or restrictions to any of your targets, making any scraping job a lot smoother.

No geo-restrictions

With our global proxy pool, you can access data in any location without geo-blocks.

99.9% uptime

Oxylabs' SOCKS5 proxies have the highest uptime on the market.

Usage stats dashboard

See detailed proxy usage stats, whitelist your IPs, and manage your account.


Fast and reliable 2M+ SOCKS5 proxies for traffic-intensive scraping

99.9% uptime

Unlimited bandwidth and domains

Low response time



$1.80 or $3.00 / IP*

$180 + VAT billed monthly

Most Popular



$1.60 or $2.80 / IP*

$800 + VAT billed monthly



$1.50 or $2.60 / IP*

$1,500 + VAT billed monthly


Starts from:


Custom price per IP


IPs included in plan (USA or Worldwide)
100 IPs in USAOR60 IPs Worldwide*
500 IPs in USAOR285 IPs Worldwide*
1K IPs in USAOR577 IPs Worldwide*
5K+ IPs in USAOR2.5K+ IPs Worldwide*
Bandwidth and concurrent sessions
Allowed domains
24/7 support
Dedicated Account Manager

10% off

Yearly plans discount

For all our plans by paying yearly. Contact custumer support to learn more.

* Price per IP and number of IPs may vary based on IP location, target, and other factors.

With no additional fees & included in the price:

Advice on target scraping

Proxy know-how sharing

Usage stats dashboard

Session control

Unlimited number of targets

Dedicated Account Manager

Lukas Motiejunas

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Oxylabs' SOCKS5 proxies can connect through a UDP connection, making them a great fit for monitoring the web for any copyright infringements, such as illegal online streaming.

Nedas Visniauskas

Product Owner @ Oxylabs

SOCKS5 proxies are the best choice when real-time network communication is required, and data delivery speed is preferable over receiving precise data. If you think HTTP(S) connections are not enough for your needs, then we recommend using Oxylabs's SOCKS5 proxy.

A word from your Dedicated Account Manager

By choosing to work with our SOCKS5 proxies, you get your very own dedicated account manager.

Frequently asked questions

Does SOCKS5 hide IP?

Just like other proxies, the SOCKS5 proxy can conceal a user’s real IP address online from other internet servers. However, internet service providers (ISPs) can still see the traffic routed through a proxy.

How much do SOCKS5 proxies cost?

The prices for SOCKS5 proxies may vary depending on the service provider and the package/plan you choose. You can see the costs for Oxylabs’ high-quality proxies here.

Can I get SOCKS5 for free?

Yes, there are many online websites where you can find free SOCKS proxies. However, we strongly recommend refraining from using free proxies as it bears certain risks, from slow speeds and poor performance to sensitive data leakage.

Can SOCKS5 be detected?

Generally, any proxies, even high-quality residential proxies, can be detected without preliminary precaution measures. Free or cheap SOCKS5 proxies are more likely to get detected, while residential SOCKS5 proxies from reliable providers are harder to spot as proxy providers regularly change their IP addresses and use rotating proxies to avoid detection.

Is SOCKS5 better than VPN?

It depends on what you intend to use them for. Both SOCKS5 proxy and VPN can mask your IP address and provide anonymity online. SOCKS5 ensures greater speeds but doesn’t encrypt your connection, while a VPN is slower but encrypts your traffic.

What's the difference between SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies?

The main differences between SOCKS proxies and an HTTP proxy lie in their security, functionality, and performance. HTTP proxies have a higher level of security, while SOCKS5 proxies offer greater speeds and allow more flexibility as they are not dependent on any specific network protocols. For more information, read this extensive article about SOCKS5 vs. HTTP proxies. Additionally, check out this post to learn what SOCKS5 Proxy has to do with distorting proxies.

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