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The fastest data center IPs from all around the globe

Oxylabs’ data center proxies offer unrivaled speed to suit any business’ needs, the biggest IP pool (2M+), and the highest number of locations.

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Private proxies for any data source

Use dedicated data center proxies exclusively for your needs, and capture data from the most challenging targets.

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Quick and easy integration

Straightforward integration and usage of data center proxies that are continually maintained ensure stable, and reliable web scraping experience.

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2M+ dedicated proxies

The highest number of data center proxies on the market.


100+ locations

Extensive and unbeatable list of locations to suit any business' needs.


99% uptime

The most stable and reliable proxies with high uptime.

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Unlimited bandwidth

No limits for requests or traffic, pay only per IP.


Unlimited number of targets

No limits or restrictions for a number of targets.

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Unlimited concurrent sessions

Zero boundaries, send an unlimited amount of concurrent sessions.

How data center proxies boost businesses’ revenue


Brand protection

Proven to be the most effective way for web monitoring and brand protection solutions purposes.

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Market research

Data center proxies provide anonymous and efficient business intelligence data gathering.

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Businesses are also using our proxies for:

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Ad verification
Travel fare aggregation
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SEO monitoring
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Sales intelligence
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Product page intelligence
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Email protection

2M+ data center proxies with city-level targeting

Fuel your business with the fastest and most stable private proxies with unmatched geo-location coverage.

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Show all locations

Jonas Jokubauskas

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Our data center proxies are second to none in terms of response times, and we are continually working on our end to ensure that we offer the highest number and best quality data center proxies to our clients.


Gabriele Amirzian

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

We offer unlimited bandwidth, concurrent sessions, and targets. To add, we have extensive know-how that we are more than happy to share with our clients. What’s more, businesses can easily scale down or up as they pay one IP.

A word from your dedicated account manager

By choosing to work with our data center proxies, you will get your very own dedicated account manager.

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Power your business with data center proxies

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2M+ Data center proxies

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