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The largest datacenter proxy pool in the market, with over 2 million proxies. Designed for high-traffic, fast public web data gathering while ensuring superior performance.


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Buy the best Datacenter Proxy server infrastructure

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Instantly access 22K Shared Datacenter IP addresses for cost-effective and smooth web scraping. Choose a plan for your needs and get going in minutes with seamless integration and online checkout.

  • 22K Shared Datacenter Proxy pool

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Cost-effective solution

Other features:

8 countries, 99.9% uptime, automatic proxy rotation, sticky sessions, geo-location targeting, dashboard statistics, 24/7 support and more.

From $50/month
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Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Expect nothing less than an excellent performance from the largest private proxy pool in the market. Reach geo-restricted content at the most distant places in the world at no extra cost.

  • 2M+ Dedicated Datacenter Proxy pool

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Superior performance

Other features:

188 countries, 99.9% uptime, unlimited concurrent sessions, proxy rotation, sticky sessions, dashboard statistics, 24/7 support and more.

Certified data centers and upstream providers

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber insurance.

The largest Datacenter Proxy pool in the market

One of the largest Datacenter Proxy pools in the market

With 2M+ proxies in 188 countries, Oxylabs is the largest provider of Datacenter Proxies. Choose Shared Datacenter IPs when you need a cost-effective solution for review monitoring, market research, or price monitoring. Alternatively, opt-in for Dedicated Datacenter IPs when you are looking for superior performance in carrying out such tasks as cybersecurity, email protection, or brand protection. With either option, complete anonymity and exceptional performance are guaranteed.

  • Global coverage

  • Exceptional performance

  • Widely affordable proxy solution

Reliable and fully-equipped proxies

Reliable and fully-equipped proxies

Reliable infrastructure with 99.9% network uptime for uninterrupted web scraping operations. Access geo-restricted content and stay block free with advanced proxy rotation. Our Shared Datacenter Proxies include automatic proxy rotation, but if you need to stick with the same IP address - just add the session ID parameter for a sticky session. For Dedicated Datacenter Proxies, employ a Proxy Rotator to get a unique proxy for each connection request and scrape without limitations.

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Unlimited targets

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

Oxylabs' dashboard

Track your Datacenter Proxies data usage

Control your data usage on Oxylabs' Dashboard. Create multiple proxy users, manage your subscription and get access to all the resources - everything in one place. You can purchase both Shared Datacenter Proxies and Dedicated Datacenter Proxies right on the dashboard and get a free trial for Dedicated Datacenter Proxies by contacting our 24/7 support team.

Oxylabs is one of our most reliable and frequently used proxy solution providers within our network. Our metrics show a very low error rate, which helps to create cost savings and stability within our platform.

Samir Bhakta

CIO at QL2

What do our clients say?

We recognize the significance of swift and reliable web scraping, ensuring optimal value for your business. We are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience and maintaining a trustworthy proxy infrastructure.

Unlimited block-free scraping

Flexibility for the highest efficiency

Besides offering one of the best Datacenter Proxy pool in the market, we make sure it is a flexible solution. Based on your needs, choose between shared and private proxies.

188 locations

Unlock city or state-specific content even in the remotest places. Geo-targeting is available in 188 countries with Oxylabs' Datacenter Proxies.

Exceptional support

Get advice on target scraping and all the help you need from our dedicated support specialists. Users who buy Datacenter Proxy servers are also able to get advice from personal account managers.

Simply unlimited proxies

One word to describe it all: unlimited. Unlimited threads, concurrent sessions, bandwidth, targets and of course - unlimited scaling.

99.9% network uptime

Market leading uptime and reliable proxy network infrastructure supports and guarantees smooth scraping operations despite the scale.

Traffic usage tracking

Easily track your traffic usage on Oxylabs’ Dashboard. Upgrade your plan, add more GB, create multiple proxy users for your scraping operations.

Scale your business with Oxylabs’ Datacenter Proxies

Frequently asked questions

What are datacenter proxies?

Like many other proxy types, a datacenter proxy is an entry point between a gadget accessing the internet and the website it’s trying to access. When accessing the internet, the IP address belonging to the device gets temporarily replaced by an IP address leased from a data center.

What is the main difference between shared and private proxies?

It's in the name shared proxy pool is available for many users simultaneously, while private proxies are available for one user only. Shared proxies tend to be cheaper and are often priced per traffic usage, and dedicated proxies are usually priced per IP address. 

Why are shared datacenter proxies cheaper?

Sharing proxies with other users allows proxies providers to cut the cost of servers' maintenance. In turn, they can offer better pricing for the end-user.

What is the difference between residential and datacenter proxies?

The main difference between datacenter and residential proxies is the source of their IP addresses. 

Residential proxies have an IP address that is provided by an ISP and belong to real users. As a result, residential proxies appear on websites as ordinary internet users, making it less likely that a proxy user will be blocked.

Conversely, datacenter proxies are created in large quantities in data centers and are not associated with an ISP. As a result, the size of the datacenter proxy IP pool is significantly larger. This kind of proxy is less expensive, but it’s also more vulnerable to IP blocks. 

However, if you buy datacenter proxy servers, such as our dedicated datacenter proxy, this won’t be the case. You can read our blog for more information about the differences between datacenter and residential proxies.

What's the difference between ISP proxies and datacenter proxies?

ISP proxies have characteristics of both residential and datacenter proxies. Just like datacenter proxies, they’re hosted on an unlimited bandwidth proxy server in a data center. Nevertheless, they have residential IPs owned by an ISP.

Do you offer a Datacenter Proxies free trial?

To try out our Datacenter Proxies, find "Contact sales" button on our website and fill out the form. You can also contact our support team at Please bear in mind that our free trial is available only once. Later on, to use Datacenter Proxies monthly, you'll need to choose a plan.

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