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Review Monitoring

Tools and Proxy Solutions for Review Monitoring

Tracking customer reviews and responding to them affects ranking on search engines, influences online reputation, and helps set marketing goals. To perform review monitoring successfully, it’s essential to implement reliable proxies or scraping tools.

  • Access to accurate, real-time data

  • High success rate and exceptional performance

  • Zero CAPTCHAs and IP blocks

review monitoring

Uplift your review monitoring

Companies that provide business review monitoring services can give their customers the required data by scraping publicly available information 24/7. However, gathering vast amounts of data comes with complex challenges for professionals as well.

Get review data with 100% success rate

Review monitoring is an essential part of building a brand's reliability. Reputation online depends on various factors. Businesses that provide online testimonial monitoring services must ensure all the customer feedback and negative reviews at any time.

Possible risks

When brand mentions or customer reviews aren't collected with a 100% success rate, review monitoring companies cannot guarantee precise results.

How can we help?

Our scraping tools have an auto-retry system. Every request you make will be pushed to its limits until successful.

real-time data

Real-time data gathering

Studies show that even unhappy customers will most likely consider returning if an issue is resolved quickly. At the same time, a reply to a positive review shows customers that you appreciate their opinion and care about their needs. This is why online review management in real-time is crucial.

Possible risks

If product review monitoring solutions cannot gather real-time data, response to negative reviews or important customer feedback can be overdue.

How can we help?

Oxylabs' solutions allow you to collect real-time public data and scrape reviews 24/7.

large-scale data

Monitor reviews on a large-scale

Collecting online reviews on a large scale is often time-consuming and challenging. IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, and other issues are inevitable when going through many review sites and collecting customer feedback. These problems can be easily avoided with a reliable review monitoring solution.

Possible risks

Tracking loads of websites in real-time without high-quality proxies or advanced scraping tools can lead to unwanted blocks.

How can we help?

Our scraping tools ensure that companies easily monitor their feedback without missing important customer feedback.

Choose E-Commerce Scraper API or Residential Proxies for review monitoring

E-Commerce Scraper API

Leverage E-Commerce Scraper API to aggregate reviews from any e-commerce website while saving time and resources.

  • Collect reviews from anywhere in the world

  • Gather feedback in real-time

  • Acquire large-scale, already parsed data

residential proxies logo

Residential Proxies

Monitor reviews with Residential Proxies and collect information from any location in the world without blocks.

  • Access geo-blocked content

  • Gather reviews at large scale

  • Collect information without IP bans

Added benefits of E-Commerce Scraper API

100% success rate*

Only pay for successful results

Large-scale data

Collect as much information as needed

Real-time information

With real-time delivery method, receive data in seconds

Added benefits of Residential Proxies

Global location coverage

Oxylabs Residential Proxies cover every country in the world

Large proxy pool

Oxylabs Residential Proxy network contains over 100M IP addresses

No CAPTCHAs or IP bans

Surf the web without IP address blocks

*All results from the target site with 2xx or 4xx status codes are counted as successful.

No more setting up third party tools for them to fall over after a month or two, we've been an Oxylabs’ customer for over a year and have never had to reconfigure anything or come up with a workaround solution. It is set and forget.

Michael S.

Oxylabs’ client

Word from a customer

When partnering with a new client, we always make sure their journey with our products and services remains positive for years to come. Professional guidance 24/7 assistance is always available for each of our customers in case of any issues or uncertainties. 

Added benefits

dedicated account manager

Dedicated account manager

Professional assistance with your needs and goals in mind.

High success rates

Nearly 100% success rate with top-quality Oxylabs’ products.

Live chat support

Experienced support team available around the clock.

Global coverage

195 countries, with coordinate-level targeting.

insured products

Insured, award winning products

High-quality products that ensure a seamless scraping experience.

detailed documentation

Detailed documentation

In-depth tutorials and explanations for an easy start.

Frequently asked questions

What is review monitoring?

Review monitoring (or online review monitoring) is the process of checking what customers talk about the brand all over the internet. It involves monitoring brand mentions, negative reviews, or clients feedback on multiple review sites. There are also various kinds of review monitoring depending on the types of reviews gathered: job review monitoring, google review monitoring, msrp monitoring, Amazon review monitoring, negative online product review tracking, etc.

How do you monitor reviews?

Review monitoring companies offer their clients specific platforms where they can enter a required term, for example, a brand’s name, and get all the online reviews across the web. To build these platforms and provide clients precise results, review monitoring businesses choose review scraping as a reliable method to collect the required data all over the internet.

What should I use to monitor reviews?

There are many approaches to collecting data for review monitoring. For example, you can build your own scraper, as we've detailed in our article on extracting Amazon reviews. However, to collect large amounts of review data uninterruptedly, it’s essential to implement high-quality solutions, such as Residential Proxies or E-Commerce Scraper API. They assist by helping bypass anti-scraping technologies implemented by the targets and reaching accurate, real-time data from around the world. Alternatively, if you'd like to avoid scraping, we also offer ready-to-use datasets, e.g., product review datasets.

Do you offer a free trial for your products?

Yes, Oxylabs’ Scraper APIs offer a 1-week free trial that you can get in just a few simple steps, no credit card is required. As for Residential Proxies, you can get a free trial after filling in a contact form on our website or sending us an email at

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