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Online reviews is one of the defining factors that converts browsing customers into buyers. Tracking customer reviews and responding to them affects ranking on search engines, influences online reputation, and helps set marketing goals. Whether your business provides review tracking software or if you are looking for a review monitoring solution for your company, choosing a reliable source for data will help you boost your business.

Challenges you may face:

Global coverage

Real-time data

Large-scale Information

Review monitoring challenges

Companies are looking for reliable software that provides real-time data, global coverage, and helps solve the most common review monitoring challenges.

Global coverage

Keeping track of a large amount of customer reviews from many websites requires extensive resources, and some reviews may only be available from specific geographic locations.

Possible risks

Online review management is an essential part of building a brand’s reputation. Companies that do not monitor their business reviews online are at risk of missing negative reviews and receiving poor ratings that may affect their sales.

How can we help?

Oxylabs solutions cover every country in the world and offer city-level targeting. It means that companies can easily monitor reviews anywhere in the world, regardless of their company's physical location.

Real-time data

Studies show that even unhappy customers will most likely consider returning if an issue is resolved quickly. At the same time, a reply to a positive review shows customers that you appreciate their opinion and care about their needs.

Possible risks

Responding to reviews quickly is an important part of brand management and proves that you are ready to take responsibility for your products or services.

How can we help?

Oxylabs review monitoring solution allows collecting real-time data. It returns parsed information in JSON format, which means that companies save time that would otherwise be spent sorting collected data.

Large-scale information

Collecting feedback promptly and at a large scale is often time consuming. When going through review sites manually, human errors might occur and cause issues that can be easily avoided with a reliable review monitoring solution.

Possible risks

In order to collect reviews, companies need to go through many websites and collect a lot of data. This information needs to be still relevant, in order for companies to be able to react to feedback promptly.

How can we help?

We offer a web scraping solution that allows collecting large-scale data from around the world in real-time. With 100% success rate*, our solution ensures that companies can easily monitor their feedback without missing any reviews.

Choose E-Commerce Scraper API or Residential Proxies for review monitoring

E-Commerce Scraper API

Aggregate reviews from any site, even from the leading search engines and e-commerce websites. Save time and resources with E-Commerce Scraper API!

  • Collect reviews from anywhere in the world

  • Gather feedback in real-time

  • Acquire large-scale, already parsed data

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Residential Proxies

Monitor reviews with Residential Proxies and collect information from any location in the world without blocks.

  • Access geo-blocked content

  • Gather reviews at large scale

  • Collect information without IP bans

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Added benefits of E-Commerce Scraper API

100% success rate*

Only pay for successful results

Large-scale data

Collect as much information as needed

Real-time information

With real-time delivery method, receive data in seconds

Added benefits of Residential Proxies

Global location coverage

Oxylabs Residential Proxies cover every country in the world

Large proxy pool

Oxylabs Residential Proxy network contains over 100M IP addresses

No CAPTCHAs or IP bans

Surf the web without IP address blocks

* Pay only for pages with a response status code 200 with a body text containing "status": "done".

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