30M+ real IPs from all around the world

The most stable IP pool, an extensive list of locations, and city-level targeting to meet even the most diverse business requirements.

No captchas No bans

Let go of captchas and IP bans

Rotating and mobile IPs guarantee low to no blocks and high success rates. With the added benefit of forgetting to deal with captchas and IP bans.

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Quick and easy integration

Instant access to continually maintained 30M+ residential proxies, ensuring anonymous, smooth, and effective human-like scraping.

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residential proxies

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30M+ residential IPs

We provide the most stable residential proxy IP pool.

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Zero captchas

Optimize business’ resources as there is no need to deal with captchas.

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Zero IP blocking

Forget wasting time on IP blocks, and focus on insights.

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Session control

Flexible and adjustable session control feature to meet your needs.


Unlimited concurrent sessions

No limits and restrictions, send an unlimited amount of concurrent sessions.


Global coverage (state & city)

Proxies in every corner around the world, and city-level targeting.

How residential proxies drive businesses’ revenue

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Ad verification

Proven to be the most effective way to check how ads are displayed to different audiences globally.

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Travel fare aggregation

The only solution that provides human-like data gathering without IP blocks from complex data sources.

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Businesses are also using our proxies for:

Brand protection
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Market research
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SEO monitoring
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Sales intelligence
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Product page intelligence
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Email protection

30M+ residential proxies with city-level targeting

Grow your business with residential proxies from anywhere in the world.

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Show all locations

Jonas Jokubauskas

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

If the data sources are scattered around the globe, a high range of localized IPs would be of great importance. Our residential proxy pool gives unmatched flexibility when choosing any location globally.


Aleksandras Sulzenko

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Using residential proxies is paramount not only due to a broad and precise spectrum of locations but also, because targets will identify the incoming requests as coming from organic users. Such traffic is unlikely to be detected as a bot.

A word from your dedicated account manager

By choosing to work with our residential proxies, you will get your very own dedicated account manager.

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