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70M+ residential proxies from all around the world

The most stable and continuously growing residential proxy pool to fit any customer's web scraping needs on a large scale. Any Oxylabs residential IP can be filtered by a precise variable. Simply add specific parameters to your username, then filter residential IPs by country, city or ASN - this guarantees residential IPs meeting the most diverse business requirements.

Logo of Oxylabs Residential Proxies no CAPTCHAs and IP bans advantages

Let go of captchas and IP bans

Receive rotating residential proxies and stay confident when achieving high success rates. Each Oxylabs residential proxy is selected from a reliable source to make sure you won't encounter any issues during your scraping job. So forget dealing with CAPTCHAs and IP bans and gather even the most complicated data with ease.

Oxylabs Residential Proxies Self-Service dashboard

Fast and easy checkout

With the new Oxylabs' self-service dashboard, you can now access over 70M+ residential rotating proxies instantly. With this fast and easy self-service checkout, you'll be able to buy residential IPs right away, shortening your whole payment trip to a couple of minutes. Achieving smooth and effective human-like scraping for the most challenging data gathering tasks can now be done in a few clicks.

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Residential Proxies

Icon of Oxylabs 70M+ Residential Proxies worlwide

70M+ residential IPs

We provide the most stable residential proxy IP pool.

Icon of Oxylabs Residential IPs feature: zero CAPTCHAs

Zero captchas

Optimize business’ resources as there is no need to deal with captchas.

Icon of Oxylabs Residential Proxy feature: zero IP blocking

Zero IP blocking

Forget wasting time on IP blocks, and focus on insights.

Icon of Oxylabs Residential Proxies feature: session control

Session control

Flexible and adjustable session control feature to meet your needs.

Icon of Oxylabs Residential IPs feature: unlimited concurrent sessions

Unlimited concurrent sessions

No limits and restrictions, send an unlimited amount of concurrent sessions.

Icon of Oxylabs Residential Proxy feature: global coverage

Global coverage (state & city)

Proxies in every corner around the world, and city-level targeting.

How residential proxies drive businesses’ revenue

Image of Oxylabs Residential Proxies use case: ad verification
Image of Oxylabs Residential Proxies use case: ad verification

Ad verification

Proven to be the most effective way to check how ads are displayed to different audiences globally.

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Image of Oxylabs Residential IPs use case: travel fare aggregation
Image of Oxylabs Residential IPs use case: travel fare aggregation

Travel fare aggregation

The only solution that provides human-like data gathering without IP blocks from complex data sources.

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Businesses are also using our proxies for:

Image of Oxylabs Residential IPs use case: brand protection
Brand protection
Image of Oxylabs Residential IPs use case: market research
Market research
Image of Oxylabs Residential IPs use case: seo monitoring
SEO monitoring
Image of Oxylabs Residential IPs use case: sales intelligence
Sales intelligence
Image of Oxylabs Residential IPs use case: product page intelligence
Product page intelligence
Image of Oxylabs Residential IPs use case: email protection
Email protection
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Why you should start using Oxylabs' residential proxies

  1. One of the most common applications for any residential IP is to scrape flight prices, as travel sites are very cautious with the traffic they get, meaning if they notice that the traffic isn't organic, they will block you. Residential proxies come in handy here, as they allow you to imitate a genuine internet user. Such traffic is highly unlikely to be classified as a bot-like activity, therefore, ensuring high success rates.
  2. Another use case for residential IPs is ad verification. For ad verification to be effective, it is essential to use a sizeable residential proxy pool as verifying ads requires flexibility in resources. Good thing Oxylabs residential proxies have an extensive pool of proxies on a global scale, and accurate IP locations (from country to ASN providers), this way making it impossible for ad fraudsters to detect traffic that is verifying ads.
  3. Oxylabs' residential IPs have an enhanced public API, allowing you to manage your residential proxies solution via backend services without the need to log into the dashboard. With Oxylabs residential proxy API, you're able to create, update, set traffic limits, or delete sub-users, as well as get statistics on your users' traffic usage. More features will be added soon as we continually improve our service for the benefit of our clients.

Added benefits of using Oxylabs' residential proxies

Image of Oxylabs Residential Proxies benefits: high speed and performance

High proxy speeds and performance metrics

Every residential proxy has to meet the right requirements for speed and performance to function perfectly while carrying out large-scale web scraping tasks. And each Oxylabs’ residential proxy performs exceedingly well, reaching up to 90% success rate, making our proxy services one of the fastest and highest-performing on the market.

Image of Oxylabs Residential Proxies benefits: all-in-one self-service dashboard

Handy all-in-one self-service dashboard

As with any Oxylabs proxy product, residential proxies can be easily managed via our dashboard. With Oxylabs residential proxy dashboard, you'll be able to see detailed proxy usage statistics, create sub-users, whitelist your IPs, and manage your account. You'll also be able to contact support via live chat, or your dedicated Account Manager quickly and conveniently.

Image of Oxylabs benefits: 24/7 support and know-how sharing

24/7 support and know-how sharing

Whether you're just browsing in search of the best residential IP on the market and have a few questions in mind, or you're a recurring customer that needs an immediate response at 2 AM - we got you covered. We provide our clients with 24/7 support and important know-how at any given moment for the most urgent necessities.

70M+ residential proxies with city-level targeting

Grow your business with residential proxies from anywhere in the world.

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Show all locations

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Gabriele Amirzian

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

If your data sources are scattered around the globe, a wide range of localized IPs is exactly what you need. Our residential proxies offer unmatched flexibility when choosing any location globally.


Rokas Brazinskas

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Using residential proxies is paramount not only due to a broad and precise spectrum of locations but also because targets will identify the incoming requests as originating from organic users. Such traffic is highly unlikely to be detected as automated.

A word from your dedicated account manager

By choosing to work with our residential proxies, you will get your very own dedicated account manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Proxies

What are residential proxies?

Residential proxies are IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to homeowners. Residential proxies are legitimate IP addresses attached to a physical location. The main benefit of residential proxies is their high anonymity level and low block-rate.

How do residential proxies work?

Like any other proxies, these proxies route your internet traffic through an intermediary server. This server changes the IP address of your connection request. Residential proxies are exceptional because they are real mobile and desktop devices which are used as the intermediaries for your connections.

How do I set up my Oxylabs' account?

You may purchase our Starter (20GB included) or the Business (50GB included) residential IP plans immediately via Fast Checkout. See this blog post for a simple step-by-step guide.

For all bigger plans please contact our sales team by clicking the "Book a call" button (top right button or down in the footer). After submitting your details, a dedicated account manager will contact you within 24 hours and provide further information on how to proceed.

Can I track my proxy usage?

Yes, you can. Once you’ll have an active subscription, you’ll be able to see your usage statistics in the “Overview” section of the dashboard.

We have worked with Oxylabs for almost 4 years, and the experience is great. Many years of excellent service, great proxies. Not just their tech services, but also their customer service - they always are very helpful and polite.

Oxylabs 10/10

Great customer service, truly 24/7 support. Great documentation along with competitive pricing. The proxies work as described and have never had any problems with them.

Oxylabs is an excellent company

The Oxylabs company is excellent! I have been using their services for the last 3 months and I have never had a second of downtime. The customer support is one of the better I have seen with companies that sell bandwidth.

Great partner

Oxylabs provides customers with very high quality and efficient service, they are the partner worthy of long-term cooperation and trust.