Real IP addresses

30M+ proxies owned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and used by homeowners.


No IP bans

Because residential proxies provide you with legit IP addresses, they are less likely to get blocked.


Global coverage

You can find residential proxies from any country and city.

Why choose
residential proxy pool

30M+ residential IPs

Zero captchas

100% anonymous

Zero IP blocking

Session control feature

Unlimited concurrent sessions

Global coverage (state & city)

Compatible with scraping bots

30M+ residential proxies with city-level targeting

Grow your business with residential proxies from anywhere in the world.

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Show all locations

How does it work?

Residential proxies are IP addresses that are assigned from a standard Internet Service Provider (ISP) to homeowners. That makes them look as if regular people are surfing the web; therefore residential proxies are less likely to get blacklisted.
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Ad verification

For many companies, using residential proxies has proved to be the most effective way to see how ads are displayed to people in different countries and allowed them to check advertisers’ landing pages anonymously.

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Travel fare aggregation

Travel fare aggregators collect data from hotel and flight company websites, online travel agencies, and other sources. These websites usually have strict safety checks that prevent automated web data collection. Residential proxies are the only solution that provides human-like data collection without IP blocks.

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Downloading a page via our proxy

  • Shell
  • PHP
  • Python

# In this example a query to `example.com` is performed from a random IP.

curl -x pr.oxylabs.io:8000 -U "customer-USERNAME:PASSWORD" https://www.example.com

# In this example a query to `example.com` is performed from a random IP.

$username = 'USERNAME';
$password = 'PASSWORD';
$proxy = 'pr.oxylabs.io:8000';
$query = curl_init('https://www.example.com');
curl_setopt($query, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
curl_setopt($query, CURLOPT_PROXY, "http://$proxy");
curl_setopt($query, CURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWD, "customer-$username:$password");
$output = curl_exec($query);

if ($output) {
    echo $output;


# In this example a query to `example.com` is performed from a random IP.

import urllib.request
import random
username = 'USERNAME'
password = 'PASSWORD'
entry = ('http://customer-%s:%[email protected]:8000' %
    (username, password))
query = urllib.request.ProxyHandler({
    'http': entry,
    'https': entry,
execute = urllib.request.build_opener(query)



50 GB included


per GB

$600 min. monthly


100 GB included


per GB

$900 min. monthly


1 TB included


per GB

$5,000 min. monthly


10+ TB included

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