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Enabling critical research questions and missions at the scale of
global public web data

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What is Project 4β?

For us working in public web data gathering, the β coefficient is the change in the outcome for every change in the predictor. We care that our β is public good.

That’s why we choose the 4 effects we want to contribute our tech, expertise and resources pro bono: 

β academic research

Enabling researchers and academic departments with public web data gathering infrastructure, tech, and legal advisory globally through impactful partnerships.

β data know-how

Supporting lecturers and academic departments with free masterclasses and know-how about the legal, ethical, and technical aspects of public web data research.

β social missions

Helping NGOs, NPOs and other organizations address the most challenging social missions by providing public web data gathering infrastructure, tech, and legal advisory.

β grants

Funding and advising academic researchers aiming to tackle large scale public web data and positive-change-driven projects.

Christopher Brooks

Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan

Data scientists often find themselves scraping data and are hopeful no one asks too many questions. The partnership with Oxylabs has allowed us to root the discussion of what actions are appropriate in the legal precedents formed over the last twenty years. Instead of avoiding the topic as taboo, we can address it head on in the context of our curriculum.

Vaidotas Ramonas

Director of Digital Services Department at Communications Regulatory Authority of Lithuania

With the help of Oxylabs created AI driven image recognition systems, now we can identify illegal content even if it was modified in order to overcome classic detection systems, which use fingerprints of already known images.

Why 4β?

Our mission is to enable critical research questions and missions at the scale of global public web data by providing know-how, public web data gathering infrastructure and resources pro bono. 4β will allow researchers and academics to maximize their research impact, enhance understanding of critical public web data and enter a new age of data acquisition.

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Ethical Proxy Acquisition

At Oxylabs, we advocate ethical business practices and operate strictly within the capacities of an established legitimate proxy pool. Our strict standards of ethics and transparency are clearly reflected on the requirements for our suppliers

Strong KYC Practices

Our thorough KYC procedures ensure that the Oxylabs premium proxy networks and solutions are used for approved business cases that serve the market responsibly and ethically

Impact stories

Have a look at our previous partnership stories

Environmental Protection Department

Oxylabs will help tackle the problem of illegal classified ads in Lithuanian websites through the "Application of Webcrawling Method in the Environmental Protection Department activities" initiative.

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GovTech Lab

Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT) brought a challenge to Govtech Lab hackathon to automate illegal content revealing child abuse detection in the Lithuanian IP address space.

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The University of Michigan

Oxylabs partnered with Christopher Brooks, assistant professor of the School of Information at the University of Michigan, and prepared a presentation, “Oops I Scraped. Should I Hire a Lawyer?.

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CODE – University of Applied Sciences

Oxylabs has partnered with CODE – a private state-accredited University of Applied Sciences to share expertise on ethical web scraping.

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A project by a student-led team from the University of Stanford, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. TrackCorona was a user-friendly platform, allowing everyone to gain a deep understanding of the pandemic with one click.

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A project led by student Paolo Montemurro and researcher Peter H. Gruber from the University of Lugano helped people from all over the world to keep an eye on the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Join 4β

We invite explorers, universities, NGOs, NPOs and other organizations to join Project 4β and find out how automated public web data can bolster your research, open up new questions, and enable the advancement of critical global missions.

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