September 7-8, 2022


OxyCon is Back!

Shaping the digital future through web scraping

2 days

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Various topics

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OxyCon 2022

Join a two-day online event with presentations and discussions covering the most relevant topics in the world of web scraping. Book your seat now and start connecting with industry professionals right away!

Core topics of OxyCon 2022

The world of public data collection for businesses

From SEO monitoring and pricing intelligence to the government or financial use – the application of publicly available data is almost unlimited. If you’re interested in public data collection, our speakers will cover the most critical aspects of it.

Overcoming scraping challenges as a developer

Public data sources are getting advanced, serving new challenges to specialists daily. Find out how developers come up with intelligent solutions that help them leave all the difficulties behind and gather the required public data.

Scraping infrastructure management and solutions

This year, industry professionals will cover every aspect of scalability. You will learn about the journey from a small-scale, mostly monolithic design to a system capable of handling hundreds, if not thousands, of job units.

Keep up with the future of web scraping

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OxyCon?

Two-day online conference covering the most relevant topics in the world of web scraping. The event unites global business leaders and industry experts for engaging presentations and discussions.

Where and when is OxyCon 2022 taking place?

This year, OxyCon will take place online on September 7-8.

What timezone will OxyCon 2022 take place in?

OxyCon will take place in British Summer Time (BST or GMT +1:00) and will start at 12 PM on both days.

Who is speaking at OxyCon 2022?

The speakers and agenda will be announced at the end of July of 2022.

Do I need to register for OxyCon 2022?

Yes, registration is required. In order to join the conference, you will need a personal login code which you will receive after the registration, closer to the event date.

Is the conference free? / Is there a cost to attend?

OxyCon 2022 is free of charge.

Will I be able to watch recorded sessions of OxyCon 2022?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded. The footage will be available to registered attendees only.

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

Please contact with any further questions.

Let’s build the future of web scraping together

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