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2019 was a blast

OxyCon 2019 was an inspiring conference with some of the smartest people from every corner of the world, gathering in one place. We can't thank enough to all of those who came and believed in our very first web scraping conference.

OxyCon 2019 in numbers

  • Over 100 attendees
  • 56 international guests
  • 28 companies
  • 12 countries
  • 9 presentations/ workshops

What to expect in OxyCon 2020

More speakers

OxyCon 2020 is only going to expand. That means more content and more speakers for you to listen to and learn from.

In-depth presentations

For our second time around, our speakers are already getting ready to give you only the most exciting and informative presentations and workshops.

The same atmosphere

2019 was so good. Let's keep the same atmosphere all of us created, with a slight exception of maybe making it even better.

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