August 25-26, 2021

Online conference

OxyCon is back!

Web Scraping in 2021 and Beyond

2 days

of workshops and discussions

3 topics

covered by industry experts

15 speakers

that are experts in their fields


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OxyCon is back!

Join a two-day online event with presentations and workshops covering the most relevant, current topics in the world of web scraping. Book your seat now and connect with industry professionals even before the conference.

This year OxyCon focuses on three important topics

What’s next in web scraping?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are already an inseparable part of web scraping. From AI-powered proxies, to ML-based fingerprinting, automatisation is quickly taking over the data gathering process. What’s next?

Data collection for business

The times when web scraping was seen as a shady business are far behind us. What are the most recent standards for data gathering and how to make sure that your company is not stuck in the old times?

Scraping for developers

Advanced web scraping requires continuous learning from developers. As targets are getting more and more advanced and new challenges arise every day, technical teams are constantly kept on their toes.

Keep up with the future of web scraping

OxyCon 2019 was a blast

OxyCon 2019 was an inspiring conference with some of the smartest people from every corner of the world, gathered in one place. We are grateful to everyone who came to our very first web scraping conference, and we are looking forward to connecting with you this year.

OxyCon 2019 in numbers:

  • Over 100 attendees

  • 56 international guests

  • 28 companies

  • 12 countries

Read more about OxyCon 2019

Blog post

How Websites Block Bots

Dmitry Babitsky, the co-founder and chief scientist at ForNova, covers different methods that websites utilize to recognize suspicious behavior, detect bots, and ultimately block them.

Blog post

Scraping the Web With 100% Success Rate

Eivydas Vilcinskas, Software Engineer at Oxylabs shares tactical advice on how to reach a 100% success rate using Oxylabs Real-Time Crawler.

Blog post

Fingerprinting and Its Impact on Web Scraping

Allen O’Neill, a full-stack big data cloud engineer, covers web fingerprinting and its effects on the web scraping practice.

Let’s build the future of web scraping together

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August 25-26, 2021
Online event
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