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September 25, 2024


OxyCon 2024 is coming!

Unlock the Power of Data With Web Scraping








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What is OxyCon?

Recognized as one of the top web scraping events in the industry, OxyCon is where we unite to innovate, challenge, and shape the future of public web data gathering. And this year will not be an exception!

Register now and get ready to navigate the exciting yet fast-paced world of technological advancements with true industry experts. Together, we may just find the answer to the question: What’s next for web scraping? 

OxyCon 2024 focus areas

Fueling Businesses With Public Web Data

It’s no surprise that efficient public web data gathering and its strategic utilization are essential for modern businesses’ growth. Join our experts as they delve into various web scraping use cases, innovative strategies, and ethical considerations to drive business success in the digital age.

Mastering AI & Advanced Web Scraping Techniques

Step on a journey towards advanced, large-scale web scraping with the help of leading tech professionals. From cutting-edge techniques to the latest advancements in ML and AI, this focus area will encompass everything needed to elevate your development skills and stay at the forefront of data innovation.

Optimizing Web Data Extraction Operations

Immerse into the topic of efficiency with engaging presentations, where we'll share insights on optimizing web scraping operations, focusing on scalable, cost-effective solutions. Learn how to navigate challenges effectively and perform responsible and ethical public data gathering in the modern era.

Let’s shape the future of web scraping together!

Join our Discord server

Hungry for more insights? Become a part of OxyCon 2024 Discord community to connect with fellow attendees, network, and engage in insightful discussions on cutting-edge web scraping topics.

Frequently asked questions

What is OxyCon?

An online conference covering the most relevant topics in the world of web scraping. The event unites global business leaders and industry experts for engaging presentations and discussions.

Where and when is OxyCon 2024 taking place?

This year, OxyCon will take place online on September 25.

What timezone will OxyCon 2024 take place in?

OxyCon will take place in Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) and will start at 2 PM on September 25.

Who is speaking at OxyCon 2024, and what topics will be covered?

The speakers and agenda will be announced at the beginning of August 2024.

Do I need to register for OxyCon 2024?

Yes, registration is required. In order to join the conference, you will need a personal login code which you will receive after the registration, closer to the event date.

Is the conference free?

OxyCon 2024 is completely free of charge.

Will there be opportunities to network with other OxyCon attendees or speakers?

Yes! Every registered attendee can connect and network with fellow attendees by joining the OxyCon Discord community. This space will serve as a hub for conference updates, sharing important information, and getting to know everyone. 

There will also be many opportunities to connect and network with other attendees and our speakers before, during, and after the conference.

Will I be able to watch recorded sessions of OxyCon 2024?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded. The footage will only be available to registered attendees only.

OxyCon 2023 on-demand

While we’re preparing for OxyCon 2024, get a taste of what’s coming by exploring our on-demand videos from last year. If you have any questions, please contact us:

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