OxyCon 2021

Thank you for everyone who registered and attended OxyCon web scraping conference!

OxyCon 2021 was a blast!

The online conference covering the most relevant topics in web scraping brought together over 1,000 industry experts and enthusiasts.

2 days

of presentations and discussions

3 topics

covered by the industry experts

16 speakers

that are experts in their fields

One event

to bring the industry together

Vaidotas Šedys

Head of Risk Management

We work in the industry that needs constant discussions and collaborations to keep going forward in the right direction. I think OxyCon 2021 served this purpose well, and I am very happy to have been part of it.

Gabija Fatėnaitė

Product Marketing Manager

I am happy and excited that OxyCon 2021 brought together so many people, who actively engaged in discussions and raised important questions. I think the future of web scraping is in good hands!

OxyCon 2021 team says thank you

We appreciate your interest in OxyCon web scraping conference and we're looking forward to seeing you at our future events.

OxyCon 2021 focused on three important topics

What’s next in web scraping?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are already an inseparable part of web scraping. From AI-powered proxies, to ML-based fingerprinting, automatisation is quickly taking over the data gathering process. What’s next?

Data collection for business

The times when web scraping was seen as a shady business are far behind us. What are the most recent standards for data gathering and how to make sure that your company is not stuck in the old times?

Scraping for developers

Advanced web scraping requires continuous learning from developers. As targets are getting more and more advanced and new challenges arise every day, technical teams are constantly kept on their toes.

Keep up with the future of web scraping

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OxyCon Speakers

OxyCon 2021 brought together a panel of industry experts, who shared their expertise during presentations, Q&A sessions, and panel discussions.

Gabija Fatėnaitė

Product Marketing Manager at Oxylabs

Vaidotas Šedys

Head of Risk Management at Oxylabs

Pujaa Rajan

Machine Learning Engineer at Stripe

Allen O'Neill

Founder and CTO at DataWorks

Adi Andrei

Founder and CEO at Technosophics

Martynas Juravičius

Lead Data Analyst at Oxylabs

Eivydas Vilčinskas

Senior Software Engineer at Oxylabs

Jurijus Gorskovas

Machine Learning Engineer at Oxylabs

Paulius Stundžia

Software Engineer at Oxylabs

Denas Grybauskas

Head of Legal at Oxylabs

Tomas Montvilas

Chief Commercial Officer at Oxylabs

Andrius Kūkšta

Data Analyst at Oxylabs

Con Conlon

Managing Director of Merit Data & Technology

Juras Juršėnas

Chief Operating Officer at Oxylabs

Marija Markova

Head of IP Team at Oxylabs

Gabrielė Navagrudskaitė

Head of Account Management at Oxylabs

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OxyCon 2021: The Top Takeaways From Day One

The first day of OxyCon 2021 introduced the topics that are relevant to everyone in the industry. Find out what the speakers discussed.

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OxyCon 2021: The Top Takeaways From Day Two

On the second day of OxyCon 2021, the speakers discussed legal matters, innovations, and the future of web scraping.

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Fingerprinting and Its Impact on Web Scraping

During OxyCon 2019, Allen O’Neill, a full-stack big data cloud engineer, covered web fingerprinting and its effects on the web scraping practice.

OxyCon 2021 on-demand

If you missed the conference, watch the recordings of all the OxyCon 2021 presentations and discussions.

Watch the sessions on:

  • TLS Fingerprinting in Web Scraping

  • Monitoring Web Scrapers: Best Practices

  • Machine Learning Infrastructure

  • And more


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