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Denas Grybauskas

 Head of Legal at Oxylabs

After spending the founding years of his career in a global law firm and large corporate groups, Denas acquired extensive legal experience, business acumen, and the highest level of professionalism in all manners of conduct. 

Denas’ skills and interest in the tech world gave him an opportunity to establish himself as one of the leading legal counsels in the industry. Denas’ work revolves primarily around leading Oxylabs’ team of legal counsels, helping the company navigate the complex and frequently changing legal landscape. His day-to-day activities include strategic contract negotiations, overseeing compliance issues, and managing the company’s intellectual property and litigation portfolio. All this while working in a field where industry-wide regulations are practically non-existent.

Learn more about Denas' panel discussion

Web Scraping, AI, and Evolving Legal Landscapes

For many years HiQlabs v. Linkedin legal battle was the case that the whole scraping community closely followed. As this case has already ended, the panel will discuss what are the next cases that our industry should keep its eyes on and why. Also, since in 2022 and 2023, a tremendous AI boom happened, we will touch upon some legal issues and questions that arise when AI and web scraping come into question.

From this panel discussion, you’ll learn:

  • Next legal cases that could impact the web scraping industry;

  • High-level points about best legal practices in web scraping;

  • The key legal challenges of web scraping for AI-related purposes.