We take up responsibility for the impact we have on the environment, economy and society
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We’re starting a more consistent sustainability journey

Since the beginning of Oxylabs in 2015, we’ve been growing swiftly in an industry that was new, not yet established, and widely misunderstood. Soon becoming one of the market leaders, we knew that our choices and behaviors as a company would shape the entire industry and its reputation. The apprehension of this great responsibility naturally led us towards sustainable growth, constant innovation, and ethical solutions. 

Now we see that many choices we have made intuitively fall under the umbrella of sustainable development. However, up until now, we didn’t have a comprehensive sustainability strategy. This is where we need to catch up.

We are starting a more consistent sustainability journey with a clear set of goals and calculated improvements. We begin with our first impact report - a baseline from which we will measure our progress. Each year, we will assess our efforts and streamline them where required.

Julius Černiauskas

CEO at Oxylabs

Our focus areas


Operating in an innovation-driven environment, we view lifelong learning as critical and aim to promote it wherever possible.


As one of the industry leaders, we seek to be at the forefront of innovation and inspire not only cutting-edge technologies, but also an ethical approach to web scraping.

Environmental impact

Oxylabs is becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of sustainable development, constantly examining the best practices and methods to contribute to it.

Oxylabs impact report 2021

Our first-ever sustainability report acts as a baseline for our further actions. We chose the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as our point of reference and reviewed our activities and their impact on SDG targets and indicators.