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Sustainability at Oxylabs

  • Multiple social and environmental partnerships

  • Over €600,000 donated to social initiatives and communities in 2023

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certificate for excellence in information security

Our achievements and targets


  • Appointed a Sustainability Manager

  • Issued second Impact report

  • Received Financial Times Europe's Fastest Growing Company Recognition

  • Received the Best Overall Proxy Provider 2022 (Proxyway) award

  • Became a member of Unicorns Lithuania

  • Launched pro bono Project - 4beta 

  • Acquired Webshare 

  • Moved to new offices 

  • Received the Baltic Sustainability Award

  • Co-founded the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative (EWDCI) 

  • Started supporting Ukraine


  • Donated over €600,000 to social initiatives and communities

  • Obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certificate for excellence in information security

  • Received Financial Times Europe's Fastest-Growing Company recognition

  • Received the Best Proxy Performance 2023 award from Proxyway

  • Recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for Innovators by Fast Company

  • Hosted the 4th OxyCon, a leading data acquisition industry event

  • Became a member of the Lithuanian Diversity Charter and three international cyber security associations

  • Introduced volunteering time off option for the employees

  • Accounted GHG emissions (Scope 1, 2, and 3) and partially contributed to offset it


  • Continue implementing ongoing processes, such as Oxylabs’ Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics

  • Start preparing for the sustainability reporting under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in 2026

  • Assess the double materiality

  • Continue collaborating with nonprofits: local communities, NGOs, academia, and public institutions

  • Strengthen diversity and inclusion inside the company

  • Continue implementing the carbon footprint reduction strategy

  • Focus on efficiency and optimisation of the processes and resources

  • Find new ways to grow a sustainable business committed to people and the planet

We are recognized by

Our sustainability vision

Oxylabs is a sustainable, prosperous business bringing benefit to the planet and people by ensuring an open access to public web data.

Our sustainability strategy

Integrating economic, social, and environmental goals to the company’s strategy in order to create long-term value to all Oxylabs’ stakeholders, the planet and people.

CEO’s word

We believe that sustainability is essential both to our planet's future and our company's success. We recognize that, despite the fact we are a digital business, our actions still have an impact on the environment, and we are committed to minimizing that impact while providing the best possible service to our customers.

Julius Černiauskas

Julius Černiauskas

Chief Executive Officer at Oxylabs

Our focus areas

Quality education

We see lifelong learning as highly important in an innovation-driven digital economy, and strive to foster it wherever feasible.

  • Internal opportunities for Oxylabs employees to learn and grow

  • External opportunities for learning and development in the digital data society

  • Collaborating with academics, NGOs, communities, and public institutions by providing free know-how, tools, and infrastructure

Industry innovation

As an industry leader, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation, inspiring not just cutting-edge technology but also an ethical approach to web data acquisition.

  • Serving the industry with relevant technological research and innovation

  • Developing and patenting cutting-edge web scraping solutions

  • Providing highly-reliable infrastructure to ensure our clients' needs

Climate action

As climate change is the biggest threat to the planet now, we are joining forces with others to team up and stop devastating outcomes.

  • Accounting for GHG emissions and starting to implement reduction plans throughout all three GHG scope areas

  • Switching to renewable energy sources where possible

  • Consuming responsibly, saving resources, and reducing waste

Making education a priority

Guilds & Big Tech Energy MeetUps

We invite colleagues from similar professional fields to attend regular meetings for discussions, knowledge sharing, and advice. We also organize a series of regular events called Big Tech Energy to discuss the latest technologies, various challenges, and discoveries in our daily work and the global engineering community.

Guilds & Big Tech Energy MeetUps

Supporting women in tech

Oxylabs encourages women to try out IT and engineering careers. In 2023, we partnered with Women Go Tech to facilitate opportunities for women to acquire technical skills and knowledge and develop their careers in IT, engineering, and other tech-related roles.

Women in Tech


Each year, OxyCon connects top industry experts from across the globe, providing a platform for them to explore the most pressing issues and advancements in public data acquisition. Coming from different industries and backgrounds, web scraping experts share their experiences and answer the most pressing questions.


Project 4β partnerships

Through its pro bono initiative "Project 4β", Oxylabs actively supports data-driven academic and investigative research, dedicated to important social questions and missions. Oxylabs provides its "4β" partners — academic institutions, individual researchers, and non-profit organizations — with the know-how, infrastructure, and resources.


Industry innovation and infrastructure


We have collaborated with i2Coalition to establish the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative (EWDCI) and build public trust in the data acquisition industry and its practices. The EWDCI serves as the voice of the industry, promoting ethical guidelines, and helping businesses make informed data aggregation choices.


AI/ML Board

Oxylabs collaborates with the AI & ML Advisory Board, which reaffirms our commitment to innovation and provides expertise and guidance on new technology developments. The Board comprises leading figures in the machine learning, AI, and data science industries, most of whom have experience working for highly reputable organizations, such as NASA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and UCL.

AI/ML Board


As an industry leader, we are committed to a security-first mindset, bringing it to the forefront of our operations, client relations, and innovation efforts. To strengthen our stance on cybersecurity and share expertise with the wider tech community, we have joined the European Cyber Security Organization (ESCO), Global Cyber Alliance, and Information Systems Security Association.


In 2023, Oxylabs continued to invest in R&D and protect its technology through patent applications. Our patent portfolio increased by 25 granted patents and now consists of 81 patents globally. Newly issued patents cover systems that allow improved generation of web requests for scraping.


Climate action

Our carbon footprint

Oxylabs remains committed to the international goal of keeping the global average temperature increase to less than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and mitigating the negative impacts of climate change.

We are calculating our GHG emissions in scope 1, 2, and 3 according to the methodology of the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard. We are taking various actions to reduce our carbon footprint and we will continue implementing the carbon footprint reduction strategy.

GHG emissions and plan

Climate contribution

Two years in a row we made voluntary climate contributions, which partially covered our generated GHG emissions. We believe, however, that the most important goal for the company is to find ways to reduce its own emissions. Before we can enable such decarbonisation plans we invest in nature restoration projects. As carbon removal will play an essential role in reaching global climate targets, we chose to support the nature-based project in Peru as it prevents deforestation in Peru's most biodiverse Amazon rainforests.


Environmental partnerships

We actively support external climate action by forming partnerships with governmental and nongovernmental organizations protecting the environment. In 2023, we maintained existing partnerships while also initiating new ones. The organizations we worked with include the Ancient Wood Foundation, Save the Baltic Sea initiative, and the Environmental Protection Department of Lithuania. For the latter, we have pro bono created an award-winning tool for efficiently identifying online ads that suggest environmental regulation infringements.

Renewable energy at Cyber City

Oxylabs headquarters in Vilnius (Lithuania) are based in the Cyber City, a brand new office building complex that has revitalized an underutilized city district. Now our premises are in the BREEAM and Fitwel certification process, which demonstrate the quality, performance, and sustainability credentials of the buildings. 

The Cyber City office is 100% powered by renewable energy and has other various features which help reduce energy consumption and achieve energy efficiency.

Cyber City

Sustainability news