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Know Your Customer Policy

Our thorough KYC procedures ensure that the Oxylabs premium proxy networks and solutions are used for approved business cases that serve the market responsibly and ethically

Setting the standard for the web intelligence industry

Oxylabs stands as an intermediary between the publicly available internet and businesses, providing the latter with web intelligence collection tools. Our goal is to protect both sides of the equation from any potential abuse through our extensive Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policy and risk management practices.

Bringing the best practices from other industries

Oxylabs KYC policy and practices are based upon leaders in other sectors such as banking and finance, allowing us to harness the multiple decades of experience and apply it to the web intelligence acquisition industry.

Stopping malicious actors in their tracks

All solutions have the potential for abuse, therefore Oxylabs takes great care in protecting our own assets and the internet at large from any potentially malicious activity. Our KYC ensures that all usage is ethical and in line with our Acceptable Use Policy that protects the industry from abuse.

Oxylabs KYC policy

Applies to all customers

Every customer has to answer a KYC questionnaire to get access to our solutions.

Right to refuse service

If a use case is deemed inappropriate, suspicious, or unethical, Oxylabs may refuse to render any services.

Illegal uses are prohibited

Any illegal or unethical use of Oxylabs solutions is subject to refusal of service with immediate contract termination.

Abuse monitoring

Oxylabs employs highly qualified risk and legal professionals that minimize service abuse.

Risk assessments

Any unique use case is assessed by our teams to ensure that it poses no risk to our customers or internet users.

Only 75% of customers are approved

Each year at least quarter of all customer enquires are rejected due to not conforming to our policies and standards

Oxylabs KYC requests

Our relationship with clients is based on mutual trust and contractual relationships, so all provided information is kept confidential. If we are provided with any personal data, we handle it as described in our Privacy Policy.

Company details

  • Registered company name

  • Business industry

  • Date of incorporation

Contact details

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Registered company address

Usage information

  • Business model

  • Methodology of use

  • Planned use case

Additional information

  • Necessary documentation

  • Additional requests by the Risk team

KYC in action


Every customer that wants to use Oxylabs services has to fill out our KYC form, providing us with the necessary information that will allow us to accurately assess risks, usage, and potential.


Our compliance teams review customer activity on a regular basis.

Automated internal systems are implemented to detect any suspicious behavior to prevent a breach of policy.


If suspicions arise at any point in time, Oxylabs may conduct an internal investigation or request an explanation from the purchaser. In some cases, access to our services may be restricted or removed entirely.

Report abuse

You may help us ensure that our products are used in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) and to combat unauthorized and abusive activities by filing a report on any such activities that you believe are occurring as a result of using our products.

After receiving a report, Oxylabs will conduct an internal investigation and take appropriate measures if deemed necessary. The more details of the unauthorized and/or abusive activities you provide, the more efficiently and swiftly will Oxylabs be able to investigate and take appropriate action.

Report abuse now

Speak Up

Any current or former employee of Oxylabs (including leased employees), individual that has or had a contractual relationship with the company (e.g. consulting, provision of services, secondment, internship, volunteer work etc.), supplier, and business partner may use this form to notify Oxylabs about misconduct that is about to be committed, being committed or has been committed.

Misconduct may include actions such as bribes, internal fraud, corruption, criminal acts, administrative misconduct, breach of work duties, violence and harassment, as well as any serious violation of mandatory professional ethical norms, breach of legal acts and/or Oxylabs’ internal rules, practices or any other harm such as law infringement to public interest.

All reports will be examined by a designated person. Any usage of the “Speak Up” form adheres to strict confidentiality and anonymity unless you personally choose to transfer your personal data that reveals your identity.

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