What is KYC and why we need it

Here at Oxylabs®, we work with Fortune 500 and other international companies. Such relationships compel us to go through detailed procedures, KYC (Know Your Client) being one of them. This policy helps us verify the identity of our clients, as well as assess their suitability, along with the potential risks of illegal intentions towards our business relationship.

KYC policy is a supporting procedure that helps prevent and detect harmful activity from Oxylabs® users.

The KYC policy applies to all new and existing customer relationships.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell our products or services to any person or entity who, in our sole discretion, is deemed not suitable under our safety procedures.

What's the verification procedure, and what to expect?

It is an ordinary KYC procedure where we will ask you to provide the following company's information (and similar):

  • Company name;
  • Phone number;
  • Email;
  • Address;
  • Activities;
  • Use cases and methodology of use, as well as the company's targets;
  • Any other additional information (if needed).

Our relationship with clients is based on mutual trust, so all the information you provide us with is kept confidential. The information is not collected with the purpose of forwarding it to other institutions. In case you provide us with some personal data, we handle it as described in our Privacy Policy.

Report abuse

You may help us ensure that our products are used in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) and to combat unauthorized and abusive activities by filing a report on any such activities that you believe are occurring as a result of using our products.

Report an abuse

After receiving a report, Oxylabs will conduct an internal investigation and take appropriate measures if it is deemed necessary to resolve the issue. The more details of the unauthorized and / or abusive activities you provide, the more efficiently and swiftly will Oxylabs be able to investigate and take appropriate action.

Why Oxylabs®?

We could tell you why should you choose Oxylabs®, but the truth comes out more genuine when the comments come from our clients:

The best in the industry!

I have worked with numerous proxy service providers over te last 5 years but the customer service and quality of proxies from Oxylabs® are unparalleled. They have been a major component to the success of my business. I would highly recommend their services to anybody looking for industry leading anonymous proxies and excellent customer service. Thank you!