kyc and safety

Know Your Customer Policy

Our thorough KYC procedures ensure that the Oxylabs premium proxy networks and solutions are used for approved business cases that serve the market responsibly and ethically

KYC goals

  • Verify the identity of Oxylabs clients

  • Assess client suitability

  • Assess potential risks for illegal client intention

  • Prevent and detect harmful activities

Oxylabs KYC policy

Applies to all customers

Oxylabs KYC policy applies to all new and ongoing customer relationships

Right to refuse service

We reserve the right to refuse to sell our products or services to any person or entity who, in our sole discretion, is deemed not suitable under our safety procedures and policies

Illegal uses are prohibited

All illegal activities that would involve Oxylabs’ products and solutions are prohibited

Customer compliance assessments

If necessary, Oxylabs risk and compliance teams will perform an assessment of the customer and their use case

Some ports are blocked by default

Certain ports are blocked by default to prevent illegal activities

Only 75% of customers are approved

Each year at least quarter of all customer enquires are rejected due to not conforming to our policies and standards

Oxylabs KYC requests

Our relationship with clients is based on mutual trust and contractual relationships, so all provided information is kept confidential. If we are provided with any personal data, we handle it as described in our Privacy Policy.

Company details

  • Company name

  • Company address

  • Company activities

Contact details

  • Phone number

  • E-mail address

Usage information

  • Planned use cases

  • Methodology of use

Additional information

  • Any other additional information (if needed)

KYC procedures step by step


Prospective clients reach out to Oxylabs and provide the requested information.

If necessary, Oxylabs assesses whether customers’ use case is compliant with our acceptable use policy.


Oxylabs compliance team reviews clients’ activity on a regular basis.

Internal systems monitor for any suspicious behaviour to prevent a potential breach of our policies and terms and conditions.

Oxylabs employs an abuse report system allowing external parties to report suspicious activity directly to us


Oxylabs takes any possible misuse very serIously. If suspicious activity is detected or reported by third-parties through our dedicated system, Oxylabs either:

  • requests to explain the change

  • blocks the target website for a given account

  • blocks the user’s account

Oxylabs reseller KYC

Only companies that pass Oxylabs strict Reseller KYC assessments and receive explicit permission are allowed to resell Oxylabs products

Reseller must disclose all requested information relating to reseller activities and use cases

Reseller must fully comply with Oxylabs KYC policies, reseller handling requirements, and applicable laws

Reseller must be a properly established company with a proven track record

Reseller must receive explicit permission to utilize Oxylabs products or services

Reseller, like any other client, must accept Oxylabs right to terminate the contract in case of a failure to uphold Oxylabs requirements

Report abuse

You may help us ensure that our products are used in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) and to combat unauthorized and abusive activities by filing a report on any such activities that you believe are occurring as a result of using our products.

After receiving a report, Oxylabs will conduct an internal investigation and take appropriate measures if deemed necessary. The more details of the unauthorized and/or abusive activities you provide, the more efficiently and swiftly will Oxylabs be able to investigate and take appropriate action.

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