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Premium Fast Paid Proxy Servers

Oxylabs' team ensures high proxy uptime and stability as our engineers conduct 24/7 system maintenance. We keep one of the largest proxy pools in the market with 102M+ IPs in 195 countries with continent, country, city, state, ZIP code, ASN, and coordinate-level targeting opportunities.

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Premium Fast Paid Proxy Servers

Buy premium proxies from $2.75/IP

Industry-leading proxy services for a wide range of use cases

Human-like scraping without IP blocking. Collect public data from almost any website worldwide with pinpoint targeting precision.

  • Use a pool of 100M+ residential IPs

  • Collect large amounts of public data

  • Forget about blocks and CAPTCHAs

Best for:

Review monitoring, ad verification, travel fare aggregation, cybersecurity.

The highest-performing proxies on the market. Perform large-scale data extraction at high speed with private proxies.

  • 2M+ dedicated IPs

  • Unlimited sessions, bandwidth, and targets

  • Exceptional speeds with avg. 99.9% uptime

Best for:

Market research, brand protection, email protection, cybersecurity.

Benefits of Oxylabs proxy servers

Reliable infrastructure

Reliable infrastructure

We conduct 24/7 system maintenance, ensuring a ∼99.95% success rate.

24/7 support

24/7 support

Get technical help day and night from our dedicated support team.

Large proxy pool

Large proxy pool

We upkeep one of the largest proxy pools in the market with 102M+ IPs.

Fast response times

Fast response times

The market-leading response times averaging 0.6 seconds.

I find the support and communication from account managers to be very good, but the real winner is the products and tools that Oxylabs provides, which are high quality and do exactly as they promise.

Michael S.

Oxylabs' customer

Highly trusted by top enterprises

Discover what our customers are saying about us. Join the ranks of those who have chosen us and trust our commitment to excellence.

Get Oxy Proxy Extension for free

Oxylabs Proxy Extension is one of the many ways to make use of Oxylabs proxies. With it, you can quickly enable proxies for Google Chrome with a single click. The extension allows you to:

  • Add and switch between multiple proxies.

  • Maintain the same IP address for multiple requests.

  • Switch between proxy server types and protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS.

  • Add an unlimited number of proxies.

  • Use multiple proxy server providers.

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Risks of using free proxies

While free proxy servers may seem convenient, choosing more reputable paid proxy services prioritizing security and privacy is often advisable. Free proxies usually come with significant risks, such as:

  • Security concerns

  • Unreliable performance

  • Legal issues

Frequently asked questions

What is a paid proxy server?

Paid proxy servers offer all the proxy functions and supporting features you can expect. They typically provide faster connection speeds and better reliability, including vast global location selection and unlimited bandwidth

Paid services are not subject to the same usage limitations and bandwidth constraints as free proxy servers.

Is a VPN the same as a proxy server?

No. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the server to hide your IP address and protect your data.

A proxy server doesn't provide encryption or a secure tunnel. It simply acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet.

Proxies usually work with specific apps, while VPNs route the entirety of your internet traffic. If you’re using a VPN, proxies might create an interference problem and vice versa.

Are proxy servers illegal?

Proxy servers are a legitimate tool individuals and organizations use to improve their online security and privacy and to access geo-restricted content.

The legality of proxy servers depends on a specific task at hand and applicable laws & regulations. Ensure you align with the terms of a target web page and local laws.

If unsure, we suggest seeking professional legal guidance. Also, check our blog post on the topic: is web scraping legal?

Can my IP be tracked if I use a proxy?

No, when using a proxy, your personal IP isn’t visible to a server (website) you connect to. 

As your request is rerouted through an intermediary, the server sees only the IP address of a proxy.

Are paid proxies safe?

Generally, paid proxies are safe as premium proxy service providers take all necessary precautions to ensure ethically sourced proxies, fast connectivity, reliable uptimes, worldwide location coverage, and extensive customer support.

How do free proxy servers make money?

There are several ways free proxy providers can sustain their services, such as displaying ads, selling usage statistics to third-party advertisers, and locking more desirable features behind a paywall.

Can I make my own proxy server?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind that creating proxy servers not only involves technical skills but also requires cybersecurity knowledge. Make sure to configure tight security measures to protect your server and the data passing through.

However, such practice is not mainstream, as outsourcing proxies from service providers is much easier. In addition to ease, you also get more functionality (unlimited bandwidth), reliability (great uptime), and many options when it comes to geo-targeting.

How much does a proxy service cost?

Proxy service providers range from free to premium – depending on your needs and willingness to compromise.

Free proxy server services are usually associated with subpar performance. Sourcing and maintaining a sizable and up-to-high-standard proxy server pool is difficult and costly. In turn, free proxy server service providers usually cannot afford to offer more than just the basic functionality.

What is the best proxy server to buy?

The best proxy server to buy is the one that meets all of your considerations. Consider the scale of your tasks (future growth), frequency of use, price and plans, and location coverage (is there a specific location you will be targeting?).

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