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Residential proxies

Residential Proxies Pricing

Market-leading proxy pool of 100M+ for full scraping freedom


Avg. 99.95% success rates

Avg. 0.6s response time

Automatic proxy rotation


Pay as you go






$12 / GB

$300 + VAT billed monthly

Most Popular



$10 / GB

$600 + VAT billed monthly



$8 / GB

$800 + VAT billed monthly


Up to 50GB per month

Concurrent sessions
Free geo-targeting
24/7 support
Dedicated Account Manager

10% off

Yearly plans discount

For all our plans by paying yearly. Contact customer support to learn more.

We accept these payment methods:

*Prices for plans extending 1TB traffic may vary based on the use case.

With no additional fees & included in the price:

Advice on target scraping

Sticky sessions

Easy to manage

Flexible rotation options

3 sub-users

10 whitelisted IPs

Interested in reselling our Residential Proxies?

Email us at for the pricing and setup information.

Why buy Residential Proxies

100M+ residential IPs for sale

We provide the most stable residential proxy IP pool.


Optimize business’ resources as there is no need to deal with CAPTCHAs.

Zero IP blocking

Forget wasting time on IP blocks, buy residential IPs and focus on the insights.

Session control

Residential Proxies for sale at Oxylabs have flexible and adjustable session control feature to meet your needs.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

No limits and restrictions, buy residential IPs, and send an unlimited amount of concurrent sessions.

Global coverage

Buy residential IPs that cover 195 locations and offers country, city, state-level and ZIP code geo-location targeting.

Frequently asked questions

How does Pay as you go work?

Our Pay as you go plan offers a Residential Proxies per GB option. To order, you can simply log in to the dashboard, go to the Residential Proxies’ pricing, and choose Pay as you go. You can top up with as little as $15 per GB without committing to the whole subscription. However, if you choose to pay per GB, you should note that the limit is 50 GB of traffic per month; after a month of usage, your GBs will be reset to 0. Thus, if you need more than 50 GB of traffic monthly, we recommend upgrading and switching to a subscription.

Which Oxylabs' Residential Proxy targets are blocked for scraping?

Some websites are restricted on our Residential Proxy network to avoid abuse and unclear activities.

❗️The list includes but is not limited to targets such as:

- All Apple domains, including iTunes and App stores
- Entertainment (e.g., Netflix, Playstation)
- Banking and other financial institutions
- Some Google domains
- Government websites
- Streaming
- Ticketing
- LinkedIn
- Mailing

If you’re unsure whether Oxylabs’ Residential Proxies could support your use case, please get in touch with our customer support team via 24/7 live chat or

What is your refund policy?

Only our Self-Service products are refundable, except if you purchased a Pay as you go plan - this plan is non-refundable.

Please note that Self-Service clients may only be eligible for a refund if they meet all of these requirements:

- A request for refund is submitted within 3 (three) calendar days of the date of the first transaction for the Services;
- You have not used more than 20% of the traffic/results for the Services purchased via one of our Regular plans or 10% of the traffic/results for Services purchased via one of our Enterprise plans;
- Your account is not suspended for a breach of our Self-Service Subscription Agreement
- You have not charged back or otherwise reversed fees paid for the Services;
- You have not previously claimed a refund for the Services;
- Your chosen pricing plan is not Pay as you go.

For more information about our refund policy, please read our Self-Service Subscription Agreement or contact our 24/7 support team by sending us an email at

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