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Web Scraper API

  • Gather data at scale from a majority of websites 

  • Real-time data collection in HTML format

  • JavaScript rendering for complex targets

web scraper api

Unlock real-time data streams from any target

With Web Scraper API, extract public data from even the most advanced and complex targets. Make data gathering easier for any custom web scraping project.

  • Tailor requests on country and city-level

  • Powered by 102M+ proxy infrastructure

  • Handles JavaScript-heavy websites

Web Scraper API with 100% success rate

Oxylabs' Web Scraper API uses AI and patented proxy rotator for blocked websites detection and allows you to extract data without hassle.

  • Integrated proxy rotator 

  • CAPTCHA and IP blocks handling

  • Pay only per successful requests

Customizable results delivery

Enterprise-grade solution that is ready-to-use straight away. Start extracting in minutes, and get reliable data delivered to your preferred storage solution.

  • Send up to 1000 URLs per batch

  • Delivery to AWS S3 & GCS

  • Supports GET and POST requests

Easy integration with Web Scraper API

Select target links, geo-location, and JS rendering parameters

Send GET or POST requests

Receive data via REST API directly or to the cloud

Gather public data from any website at scale

Scrape challenging targets effortlessly

Easy to integrate

Web Scraper API is easy to integrate and delivers raw data from any data point of your preferred target.

Broad worldwide availability

99.9% uptime allows collecting data when you need it from any location in the world.

Hassle-free data extraction

We handle proxy management on our side so you don’t have to.

Scrape at scale

Web Scraper API supports a high volume of requests by utilizing Oxylabs 102M+ proxy pool.

Enterprise-grade solution

Fortune 500 clients trust us as their main data provider.

24/7 support

Be sure to get answers when you need them from our Customer Success team.

Web Scraper API use cases

Website changes monitoring

Receive all website data in HTML and set up periodic checkups for specific data points.

Fraud protection

Set up automatic page scraping to scan malicious content from any website and multiple locations.

Travel fare monitoring

Get reliable travel pricing data from advanced JavaScript-heavy websites without hassle.

Get all of your questions answered by our professionals

Our Web Scraper API clients get a Dedicated Account Manager, 24/7 support, and necessary help to deal with any issues.

Lukas Motiejūnas

Account Manager

Edgar Neverovič

Account Manager

Rokas Bražinskas

Account Manager

Erikas Tiurinas

Account Manager

Indrė Krakauskaitė

Account Manager

Matas Žebrauskas

Account Manager

Viktorija Lapytė

Account Manager

Asta Šilerytė

Account Manager

Povilas Bukys

Account Manager

Web Scraper API pricing

Billed monthly
Billed yearly
-10% off

Localized data

100% delivery

Highly scalable




Plan includes:


Web Scraper API pages


Per 1K requests

Total: $99 billed monthly

Most Popular




Plan includes:


Web Scraper API pages


Per 1K requests

Total: $399 billed monthly




Plan includes:


Web Scraper API pages


Per 1K requests

Total: $999 billed monthly


Starts from:



Plan includes:


Web Scraper API pages

Custom price per request

Get a custom price quote for your individual business needs

With no additional fees & included in the price:

Advice on target scraping

No proxy maintenance

Patented proxy rotator

Effortless integration

Highly customizable

24/7 live support

Frequently asked questions

Does Web Scraper API provide structured ready-to-use data?

Web Scraper API is capable of providing structured ready-to-use data in JSON format.

Is it legal to scrape a website?

Web scraping services may be legal in cases where it is done without breaching any laws regarding the source targets or data itself. We have explored this subject in detail, and we highly recommend that you read it and consult with your legal advisor before any scraping project to avoid any potential risks.

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