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Google Flights Scraper API

With Google Flights Scraper API, you can collect large-volume public data from the Google Flights booking search service. You can extract data, including prices, flight times and durations, dates, transfer schedules, and much more, with no bandwidth limitations and in real-time.

  • Timely Google Flights data extraction with no IP blocks

  • Maintenance-free web scraping infrastructure

  • Pay only for successfully delivered results

*This scraper is part of SERP Scraper API

Google Flights API

Get Google Flights data in seconds

Get content from a specific Google Flights URL

Provide your scraping target URL to Google Flights Scraper API, or let us form one on our end and retrieve your results in no time.

Take a look at a code sample of the output showcased to the right and visit our technical documentation for more details.

  "results": [
      "content": "

API features and personalized support

Step-by-step guides

Get started quickly with our technical documentation.

Vast proxy selection

Make use of our management-free 102M+ proxy pool for geo-targeting.

Bulk data extraction

Scrape up to 1000 URLs per batch from multiple pages all at once.

Multiple delivery options

Retrieve results via the API or to your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage bucket.

High scalability

Ease of integration and customization as well as high requests volume support.

24/7 assistance

Ping our support staff and resolve your issues day and night.

Smart scraping with API features

Custom Parser

Custom Parser

Write customized parsing instructions and parse any target hassle-free with Oxylabs infrastructure.

  • No need to maintain your own parser

  • Define your parsing logic with XPath and CSS selectors

  • Gather ready-to-use structured flight data from major airlines



Automate repetitive scraping jobs with the desired frequency by scheduling them with the Scheduler feature.

  • Create multiple schedules for different jobs

  • Receive data automatically to your preferred cloud storage

  • Get notifications once a job is done

Google Flights Scraper API pricing

Collect data from Google Flights effortlessly


Pay only for successful results

Gather coordinate-level SERP data

Receive scraping know-how

Don't miss out

Free Trial


1 week trial

Limited to 1 user



$2.80 / 1K results

$49 + VAT billed monthly



$2.60 / 1K results

$99 + VAT billed monthly



$2.40 / 1K results

$249 + VAT billed monthly





Rate limit
5 requests / s

10 requests / s

15 requests / s

30 requests / s

Coordinate-level targeting
24/7 support
Dedicated Account Manager

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Frequently asked questions

What is Google Flights API?

Google Flights API is a public web data extraction tool. The API can deal with large volumes of data from airline service providers in real-time. With no geographic location or bandwidth constraints, you can collect data on flight tickets with coordinate-level precision from SERPs in 195 countries and territories.

Is Google Flights API free?

No, but you can see how Oxylabs handles your Google Flights targets with 5K results for a week for free.

Does Google Travel have an API?

No. The official API for Google Travel search has been shut down for a while. Building your own tools or using third-party solutions, such as Google Flights API, are the only options for automated flight data gathering from Google.

What can I use instead of Google Flights API?

You can build your own custom web scraper, for example, using Python and its vast selection of web data extraction libraries.

Need a customized website scraper?