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Input parameters



Set the scraper to 'google_search' to get web, image, or news search results. (Other sources: 'google', 'google_ads', 'google_images', 'google_lens', 'google_maps', 'google_travel_hotels', 'google_suggest', 'google_trends_explore')


Search query

Input UTF-encoded search query.



Specify the UULE-based geographic location value. (State name, Country name, Coordinates and Radius, Criteria ID)


Google domain

Specify Google domain you want to scrape.


Interface language

Set the interface language.


Results language

Set the results language.


JavaScript rendering

Enable to load JavaScript-based content.


Structured data

Enable to get structured data.



Output preview


import requests
from pprint import pprint
username = "USERNAME"
password = "PASSWORD"
# Structure payload.
payload = {
    "source": "google_search",
    "query": "adidas",
    "domain": "com",
    "geo_location": "California,United States",
    "parse": True
# Take a free trial or buy the product on our dashboard to create an API user.
# Replace 'USERNAME' and 'PASSWORD' with your API credentials to run this request.
# Get response by using real-time endpoint.
response = requests.request(
    auth=(username, password),
# Print prettified response to stdout.

See full code

"content": {
    "url": "",
    "page": 1,
    "results": {
        "paid": [
                "pos": 1,
                "url": "",
                "desc": "Sign Up For adiClub To Get Free Standard Shipping And Start Earning Points On Every Order. Shop The adidas® Official Site. Join Our adiClub Loyalty Program. Sign Up & Get 15% Off. Gift Cards Available. View Size Charts. Free Shipping Available.",
                "title": "adidas® Official Website | Place Your Order Today | adidas US",
                "data_rw": "",
                "sitelinks": {
                    "expanded": [
                            "url": "",
                            "title": "Men"
                            "url": "",
                            "title": "Men's Collection"
                "url_shown": "",
                "pos_overall": 1
        "images": {
            "items": [
                    "alt": "adidas Superstar Shoes - Black | Unisex Lifestyle | adidas US",
                    "pos": 1,
                    "url": "",
                    "data": "",
                    "source": ""
                    "alt": "adidas Superstar Shoes - White | Unisex Lifestyle | adidas US",
                    "pos": 2,
                    "url": "",
                    "data": "",
                    "source": ""
                    "alt": "Adidas Campus 00S Shoes - unisex - Better Scarlet Red / Clear Pink / Cloud White - M 14 / W 15",
                    "pos": 3,
                    "url": "",
                    "data": "",
                    "source": ""
            "pos_overall": 9
        "organic": [
                "pos": 1,
                "url": "",
                "desc": "adidas is about more than sportswear and workout clothes. We partner with the best in the industry to co-create. This way we offer our fans the sporting goods, ...",
                "title": "adidas Official Website | adidas US",
                "sitelinks": {
                    "expanded": [
                            "url": "",
                            "title": "Women's Shoes, Clothing and ..."
                            "url": "",
                            "title": "Men's Shoes"
                            "url": "",
                            "title": "Men's Shoes, Clothing and ..."
                            "url": "",
                            "title": "Kids' Shoes and Clothing"
                            "url": "",
                            "title": "Originals Sneakers & Clothing"
                "url_shown": "› ...",
                "pos_overall": 2

Try SERP Scraper API out for yourself

Discover Scraper APIs Playground on Oxylabs dashboard for a firsthand interaction with our APIs, and explore technical documentation for all the information you need.

Collect timely data from leading search engines

Use SERP Scraper API to collect timely and reliable search results data from the most popular search engines. Receive either HTML or structured JSON data with both organic and paid results.

Scrape SERP features and get parsed data

Retrieve structured data from Google SERP, Google Images, and Google News search engines. Explore a comprehensive array of search elements that you can scrape:

No geo-restrictions

Access search results from any location

Unlock localized search engine data effortlessly, wherever you are, and in any language you need.

  • Localized search results from 195 countries

  • Country, state, city, or even coordinate-level targeting

Try SERP Scraper API with free 5k results

Advanced features

Leverage SERP Scraper API smart features for collecting real-time data.

Proxy management

ML-driven proxy selection and rotation using our premium proxy pool from 195 countries.

Headless Browser

Render JavaScript with a single line of code, skipping complex browser development.

AI-driven fingerprinting

Unique HTTP headers, JavaScript, and browser fingerprints ensure resilience to dynamic content.

CAPTCHA bypass

Automatic retries and CAPTCHA bypassing for uninterrupted data retrieval.

Response recognition

ML-based recognition and adaptation to various responses, optimizing scraping efficiency.

Continuous scroll support

Set the amount of Google organic search results per SERP to suit your needs.


Automate recurring scraping jobs with desired frequency and receive data to AWS S3 or GCS.

Custom Parser

Define your own parsing logic using XPath or CSS selectors for structured data collection.

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Easily access localized Google ad results for any keyword by selecting just a few parameters. SERP Scraper API, boasting a 2.7 times higher ad scraping rate than the industry average, will give you the edge to stay ahead of the competition.

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SERP Scraper API

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Benefit from our top-tier search results data collection infrastructure that is ready-to-use straight away.

  • No need for custom scrapers, parsers, or browsers

  • Let us handle CAPTCHAs and overcome IP blocks for you

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Simple integration

Step 1: Put your endpoint URL, API user credentials, and data payload into a single request.

Step 2: Send this request to our API. We'll take care of everything from there – you don't need to do anything else.

Step 3: Get the result back either directly from the API or store it in your chosen cloud storage bucket.


curl '' --user 'USERNAME:PASSWORD' 
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' 
-d '{"source": "google_search", "domain": "com", "query": "adidas", "geo_location": "California,United States", "parse": true}'

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Frequently asked questions

What is SERP scraping?

SERP scraping is a term used to describe the process of gathering public search results data from SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for various applications such as keyword research, SEO monitoring, and digital advertising.

Read more

What are the common use cases for SERP Scraper API?

SERP Scraper API enables real-time data extraction from top search engines, supporting tasks like SEO analysis, market research, and competitor tracking. Users can monitor search trends, analyze rankings, and refine strategies for content and advertising. Whether finding valuable keywords, understanding user behavior, or managing online reputation, the API is a versatile tool for informed decision-making in the ever-changing world of search engine results.

How long does SERP API take to deliver results?

SERP API delivers results in real time. On average, it takes less than 10 seconds. For additional information, contact our support team at or via the live chat on our website. 

Does SERP Scraper API support Google Search continuous scroll?

Our SERP Scraper API comes equipped with full support for Google Search continuous scroll. With the automatic detection of continuous scrolling layouts, you can rest assured that the API will efficiently load the requested amount of organic results without requiring you to send any extra parameters.

Read more on how to handle continuous scroll in web scraping here.

Can SERP Scraper API render JavaScript?

Yes. This is necessary in some Google services, such as Travel. This advanced functionality ensures comprehensive data retrieval, allowing users to delve into the dynamic and interactive aspects of web content.

Do you offer customized solutions?

To explore customized solutions, please fill out the contact form available in the footer or contact us at

How are results calculated?

Results encompass individual entities of content, such as web page HTML, successfully retrieved from the web. Only results from the target site with 2xx or 4xx status codes are considered successful, while all others are deemed unsuccessful. Billing is based on the number of results with successfully extracted data. For further details, please refer to our billing information.

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