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Cutting Web Scraping Costs: Conductor's Win with Oxylabs

Conductor is an SEO and organic marketing platform. The main focus of the company is delivering insights that empower other businesses to optimize their content and increase visibility. As a growing business, Conductor places cost efficiency high on their list of priorities. That’s why working with Oxylabs has helped Conductor find the perfect balance between price and value.

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Uncovering insights with SERP Scraper API

Web scraping plays an essential role in the Conductor’s operations. They need to collect large amounts of search engine data to uncover insights into people’s search behaviors. That’s where Oxylabs comes in. Conductor leverages Oxylabs’ SERP Scraper API product for data collection and parsing and then uses that data to help their customers understand user search intent and behaviors online.

Building and maintaining your own scraping and parsing solution is expensive. That’s why we turned to Oxylabs. They offered one of the best price-to-value combinations in the market and helped us save our total web scraping costs.

Wei Zheng

Chief Product Officer at Conductor

Perfect combo: quality, affordability, and collaboration

Wei Zheng, Chief Product Officer at Conductor, emphasizes that they would recommend Oxylabs to any company in search of top-quality products and a collaborative team that consistently meets your scraping needs. In short, Oxylabs perfectly combines quality, affordability, and collaboration.

Key takeaway

The collaboration with Oxylabs made it possible for Conductor to collect large amounts of search engine data and meet their clients' needs. Are you also looking for ways to streamline your day-to-day activities?

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