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  • The widest geographical reach 

  • The most extensive selection of private proxy servers

  • No limitations on bandwidth and concurrent sessions 

  • Country, state, and city targeting


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What is a private proxy?

A private proxy IP, also known as a personal proxy server, refers to a proxy type used only by one user at a given time. It’s not shared with anyone else, so you have full control over how and when this proxy is used. However, it also comes with higher prices compared to shared proxies.

One of the best private proxies to unlock any target

High-performance private proxy servers with an attractive price point for speedy data extraction on a large scale. These proxies originate from hosting services. Dedicated Datacenter private IPs are perfect when traffic-intensive activities, such as email protection or market research, are being performed.

  • 2M+ IP pool in 188 countries

  • Self-Service for a quick and easy start

  • Unlimited bandwidth

Buy from $2.752/IP

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Private Residential Proxies combine the best features of Residential and Datacenter Proxy servers for top-tier uptime. They are hosted on real, physical machines and provide exclusive IPs, making it easier to imitate a real user’s online behavior. They are the best choice for ad verification, pricing data gathering, and many other online business activities.

  • 100K Static Residential IPs pool

  • Human-like traffic 

  • Best for challenging targets

Reliable and fully-equipped proxies

Fast large-scale scraping with unlimited bandwidth

Oxylabs sets no limits on speed and traffic, making them the best private proxy choice for almost any use case. If a datacenter private IP proxy is chosen, the internet speeds will be extremely high as servers generally have an enviable internet connection plan.

The largest private proxies pool in the market

Vast private proxy pool

Overcome geo-limitations with 2M+ private IP pool in 188 countries. Access content that may otherwise be unavailable in your location, bypass IP blocks, gather localized SERP data, and guarantee your chances of success with completely private IPs.

Exceptional privacy and security

Face little to no risk of having your personal information compromised. Private proxies will always show up as IP addresses different from your usual ones. Residential private proxies will provide an additional layer of privacy as it will seem like a regular internet user is browsing the Internet.

Smart features for block-free web scraping

Unlimited bandwidth

Choose our private proxies for unlimited traffic.

Free geo-targeting

Benefit from city or state precision at no extra cost.

Privacy & anonymity

Shield your digital fingerprint by routing traffic through private proxies.

Multiple protocols

Choose from SOCKS5, HTTPS, and private HTTP proxy protocols.

99.9% network uptime

Private proxies with high uptimes for unbeatable reliability and stability.

Exceptional support

Whether it’s proxy usage or troubleshooting, get assistance 24/7.

Thanks to Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies, we saw a substantial improvement in response time immediately – it went from an average of 7-8 seconds to 2-3 seconds. With a quick response rate, clients had better results, while we were able to increase our revenue.”

João Drummond

Founder @ Crawly

Crawly logo

A word from our customers

From powerful private proxy servers to excellent support, we put our customer experience at the center, helping our clients reach their project goals.

Private proxies for personal and business needs

Ad verification

Ad verification companies use private proxies to check advertisers’ landing pages anonymously. This way, they ensure that their clients’ ads are displayed properly and for the right audience.

Travel fare

Travel fare aggregators rely on private proxies in their day-to-day tasks. Proxies enable automated data collection from flight company websites, online travel agencies, and other sources without IP blocks.

Other popular use cases

Private proxies are also used to get pricing data (e.g., for MAP monitoring), buy limited edition products, and many other purposes.

Scale your business with Oxylabs private proxies

Frequently asked questions

What do I use private proxies for?

Best private proxy server use cases include ad verification, travel fare aggregation, MAP monitoring, and more.

What is the difference between a private and dedicated IP proxy?

Private and dedicated proxies are basically the same thing, referring to a proxy server that a single user exclusively uses.

Do I need a private or shared proxy?

The answer depends on your budget and the nature of tasks that you intend to perform online with the help of proxies. Dedicated private proxies offer higher anonymity and lower IP blocking rates. However, they come at a higher cost. Shared proxies are normally cheaper but more likely to be banned from your targets.

Are private mobile proxies worth it?

Private mobile proxies can be inefficient due to the fact that mobile connection type is more vulnerable, meaning the source can go offline at any given time. This is why proxy providers usually sell shared mobile proxies, where users can access the mobile proxy pool. In this case, mobile proxies are constantly rotating, and this guarantees a high uptime.

How much is a private proxy?

The price of a private proxy will vary depending on the proxy provider. Our private proxy servers start at $2 per IP via self-service. If you have a specific use case and requirements, like acquiring a private IPV4 proxy, you can also contact us directly at

Do you offer private US proxies?

Yes, we do offer private proxies in the US. Check out our fast and reliable proxies in the United States

How to set up a proxy server?

After you acquire a proxy user through our dashboard, you can find all the setup instructions in our documentation. Alternatively, contact us at and our team will ensure you get the best private proxy service.

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