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Constantly growing 102M HTTP proxy list

Oxylabs Residential and Datacenter HTTP Proxies are considered one of the most stable proxy types found on the market. We continuously ensure the growth of our HTTP proxy list, already reaching over 102M+ proxies that suit customers’ data-gathering needs on a large scale. Oxylabs HTTP proxies can be found in nearly every country in the world, allowing you to scrape almost any publicly available website via an HTTP(S) connection.

Quick and easy integration

Our fast HTTP proxies come with quick and easy integration. There’s no need to import proxy lists - instead, use a single endpoint that automatically assigns a pre-tested HTTP proxy to your connection. With Oxylabs’ HTTP proxies, you will get easy access to almost any website on an HTTP(S) connection and perform smooth and productive scraping. Additionally, you can use sticky IP sessions to keep the same IP for up to 15 minutes.

User-friendly dashboard

Oxylabs’ highly anonymous HTTP proxy servers are also easy to track and manage. Depending on the choice of your proxy, with the Oxylabs dashboard, you'll be able to see your detailed proxy usage statistics, easily create sub-users, whitelist your IPs, and conveniently manage your account. With the all-in-one user-friendly interface, managing your HTTP proxies will become an easy task.

Why businesses choose Oxylabs' HTTP proxies

Dedicated dashboard

Via our user-friendly dashboard, you can check traffic usage statistics and manage your account settings hands down.

Reliable resources

Our HTTP proxies are fast and reliable, ensuring a trouble-free scraping experience with quick and accurate results.

Unlimited targets

With no restrictions on the number of targets you can access, your scraping jobs can be scaled up with no effort from your side.

Growing proxy pool

We’re constantly working on expanding and upgrading our proxy pool to meet the most challenging business needs and cases.

99.9% uptime

Oxylabs' HTTP proxies are known to be one of the fastest and most stable on the market, with extremely high uptime.

24/7 live support

Each client receives dedicated 24/7 support to help them resolve any possible issues. Feel free to contact us whenever you need help.


May 2022

Each year we test nearly a dozen proxy providers, and every time we come to the same conclusion – Oxylabs is darn good. So good, in fact, that we can’t help but give it the Best Proxy Provider award. Again.


August 2020

Offers a wide choice of proxies that virtually cover all types of use cases. The service, however, is designed and priced to cater to experienced and heavy proxy users. Oxylabs works hard to distinguish itself by operating exclusively in the purely legit white zone.

Named as one of the best premium proxy providers in the market

Oxylabs regularly scores as one of the best providers on the market. But don’t take our word for it.

Proxyway award

We were awarded the "Best Proxy Provider" in the Proxyway 2022 awards.

Frequently asked questions

What are HTTP Proxies?

HTTP proxies are intermediaries between a client (web browser) and a server. They act as a high-performance content filter for extra privacy and security.

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS proxies?

The main difference is the level of security. HTTP proxies only encrypt the data transmitted via the HTTP protocol - personal information, such as login credentials, could be at risk of being intercepted by a third party. HTTP proxies are suitable for basic web browsing and can be used for caching, filtering, or content rewriting, among other purposes.

HTTPS proxies provide higher security by protecting all transmitted data with end-to-end encryption. HTTPS proxies are suitable for sensitive activities such as online banking or transmitting confidential data.

HTTPS appears in the URL when a website is secured by an SSL certificate. An SSL proxy is another term to describe HTTPS proxy.

Do you offer free HTTP proxy lists?

No, free proxy solutions are usually associated with substantial operational reliability issues, such as subpar connection speeds and data leaks. As a rule, dependable proxy providers offer paid services to ensure proper maintenance and ethically acquired proxy pools with high uptimes.

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