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Ensure Online Brand Protection With Web Scraping

Make good use of Oxylabs proxies and scraping solutions to retrieve valuable online public data. Turn it to your advantage to stop copyright infringement and counterfeiting.

Oxylabs' solutions will help you:

Scale up your business-critical tasks

Handle dynamic websites easily

Access geo-specific data worldwide

Succeed in brand protection of any scale and specifics

Monitor the web on a large scale to ensure no unauthorized product seeped into the online market, damaging a brand’s reputation and profitability. Our Datacenter Proxies, Web Unblocker and E-Commerce Scraper API are here to help.

Copyright infringement monitoring

Automate and speed up the copyright infringement monitoring process with Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies. Protect brands and products by consistently combing the web to spot piracy and copyright violations.

Anti-counterfeit tracking

E-commerce markets nowadays are teeming with illegal replicas. How to protect brands and products from fraudsters? E-Commerce Scraper API is a reliable solution for scanning online marketplaces anywhere in the world, block-free.

Domain squatting detection

Scammers all over the globe take advantage of brands by stealing domains and creating fake websites. Use Oxylabs solutions to set up an effective automatic routine to find and take down fake websites promptly.

Scan the web on a large scale

Numerous counterfeits are being sold daily all over the internet. Keeping track of each marketplace and its stocks is only possible with a vast proxy pool and E-Commerce Scraper API. Scale all you want while performing anti-counterfeit tracking and other brand protection operations without IP blocks.

Handle dynamic websites masterfully

Dynamically loaded web pages, unlicensed movies, torrents, and illegal streams are particularly hard to spot and scrape. Utilize ML-powered E-Commerce scraper API to keep brands safe and access the most complex targets. Handle JavaScript-heavy websites easily and take screenshots to collect all the evidence you need to put scammers into place.

Access geo-specific data anywhere on earth

Counterfeit is a global issue, and to stay in control over one’s intellectual property and products, they should scan web pages in different countries and even on a city level. How to do so without stumbling on geo-restricted access? Oxylabs Datacenter Proxy pool, covering 188 locations worldwide, can solve this problem.

Safeguard your brand with Oxylabs’ products

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies are a safe bet for brand protection jobs. They ensure not a single piece of unauthorized and illegal content is damaging a brand’s reputation and profit. 

  • Unlimited bandwidth and domains

  • Make use of 188 geo-locations worldwide

  • Enjoy high speeds and seamless integration

Web Unblocker

Stay block-free while performing anti-counterfeit tracking with an AI-powered proxy solution - Web Unblocker, which ensures high success rates regardless of the website's complexity.

  • Access public data from the most difficult sites

  • Easily imitate real website users

  • Pay only for successfully extracted data

E-Commerce Scraper API

This powerful AI & ML-based solution is an ideal companion for brand protection operations of any scale. With it, you can easily fetch public data from Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, Etsy, and others.

  • JavaScript rendering for complex targets

  • Data delivery in HTML or JSON format

  • Bulk scraping with 1000 URLs per batch

Scale up your business with Oxylabs®