Over 2 million proxies in 82 countries

Achieve higher success rates with Proxy Rotator

When you rotate your proxies correctly, you simulate a genuine user's behavior online. Also, you can bypass restrictions and most anti-scraping measures put in place by public web servers. Using our Proxy Rotator significantly narrows down any IP blocks on your behalf. Once IP blocks are out of the way, you'll achieve considerably higher success rates!

With a SOCKS5 proxy you can go through a UDP connection

Enhance your anonymity online via IP rotator

Some websites certainly don't make it easy for businesses by employing various public anti-data gathering measures. Once these websites notice suspicious or bot-like activities, they often block your IP address. This is where the Oxylabs’ Proxy Rotator steps in! With our IP rotator, you can imitate an organic user's behavior while staying undetected on websites.

Quick and easy integration

The most effective way to rotate your proxies

One way to effectively rotate proxies is to hire a tech person, who correctly configures the proxy server, automates the rotation, and monitors all the procedures. However, the most straightforward and effective way is to leave proxy rotation to a proxy expert team. Here at Oxylabs, we offer professional IP rotation services to lessen your troubles! Our dedicated team works closely with each client to correctly set up and configure your proxies.

Why businesses choose Oxylabs® Proxy Rotator

Saves in-house resources

Oxylabs team provides full proxy service and helps you easily set up the Proxy Rotator. You don’t have to worry about your proxies, they’re in good hands.

Lower block rates

Oxylabs' Proxy Rotator considerably lowers down your IP block rate by ensuring a better load distribution.

Higher success rates

Without your IP address being blocked, you'll achieve considerably higher success rates.

Enhanced anonymity

With Oxylabs’ Proxy Rotator, you can successfully imitate an organic user's behavior and enhance your anonymity.

On-hands team

We work closely with our clients and help them set up proxies and configurations correctly.

24/7 live support

No matter the time of the day, be sure to get all the answers when you need them. We’re always here to help you.


Nedas Visniauskas

Product Owner @ Oxylabs

Oxylabs' Proxy Rotator enables you to leave datacenter IP rotation for our team to handle. This is not only a more straightforward approach to IP rotation but also an efficient way to reduce the workload and allocate your resources to more important tasks.


Lukas Motiejunas

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

With Oxylabs' Proxy Rotator, you'll be able to achieve much higher success rates. Not to mention you'll considerably lower down your IP block rate through better load distribution.

A word from your dedicated account manager

By choosing Oxylabs’ Proxy Rotator, you get your very own dedicated account manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proxy rotator?

Oxylabs’ Proxy Rotator is an add-on used with our datacenter proxies. It rotates IP addresses at each request sent to the target, this way reducing potential IP blocks. Read more about how to rotate IP addresses.

How to configure Chrome to use a proxy rotator?

You can set up your web browser to enhance your security online. Read how to set up Chrome proxy and save time by automatically enabling proxies on your browser.

How to use the Oxylabs’ Proxy Rotator?

With a little help from our team, Oxylabs’ Proxy Rotator can be easily added to your datacenter proxies and you can start using it immediately. Find out more about using the Oxylabs’ Proxy Rotator.