Oxylabs Announces Partnership With Student-led TrackCorona Website

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Over 2 million proxies in 82 countries

60M+ rotating proxies from all around the world

For a high success rate, rotating proxies must have a large proxy pool, as well as a wide location list. Oxylabs' rotating residential proxies can be found in 195 countries. A precise variable can filter any Oxylabs rotating residential proxy. Simply add specific parameters to your username, then filter rotating proxies by country, city, or ASN, allowing you to meet the most diverse business requirements.

With a SOCKS5 proxy you can go through a UDP connection

Let go of captchas and IP bans

With rotating residential proxies, you can stay confident when achieving high success rates, as they have a much lower chance of being blocked due to their rotating nature. Not to mention, each Oxylabs rotating proxy is selected from a reliable source to make sure you won't encounter any issues during your scraping job. Forget dealing with captchas and IP bans and gather even the most complex data with ease.

Quick and easy integration

Quick and easy integration

Forget importing proxy lists - use a single endpoint that assigns a pre-checked rotating proxy to your connection automatically. No more 'dead' proxies! You can access over 60M+ rotating proxies instantly. With Oxylabs quick and easy integration, make your scraping jobs hassle-free, and stay anonymous. Achieve smooth and effective human-like scraping for the most challenging data gathering jobs out there.

Why businesses choose Oxylabs® proxies

Usage stats dashboard

See detailed rotating proxy usage statistics, whitelist your IPs, and manage your account in one dashboard.

Reliable resources

We make sure that our rotating proxies are stable and reliable, so no issues occur during scraping jobs.

Zero IP blocking

With Oxylabs' rotating proxies, forget wasting time on IP blocks, and simply focus on insights.

Proxy pool growth

We continuously work on expanding the current rotating proxy pool to fit every customer's needs.

Country & ASN filtering

You can add special parameters to your username and filter the IPs by country, city, or ASN.

24/7 live support

Our clients can reach out to us at any given moment, and we’ll respond to their urgent needs.


Gabriele Amirzian

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

If your data sources are scattered around the globe, a wide range of localized IPs is exactly what you need. Our rotating proxies offer unmatched flexibility when choosing any location globally.


Rokas Brazinskas

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Using rotating proxies is paramount not only due to a broad and precise spectrum of locations but also because targets will identify the incoming requests as originating from organic users. Such traffic is highly unlikely to be detected as automated.

A word from your dedicated account manager

By choosing to work with our rotating proxies, you get your very own dedicated account manager.