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Powerful Web Intelligence Collection Solutions for Travel and Hospitality

Collect real-time flight and hotel data to build evidence-based strategy for your travel business.

Oxylabs' solutions will help you:

Collect geo-specific product data

Bypass blocks and CAPTCHAs

Receive ready-to-use e-commerce data

Travel fare aggregation

Collect ticket pricing data in real time to keep up with the rapid-changing travel industry. 

Hotel rate intelligence

Study hotel pricing trends, current market state and local competitor rates.

Get the freshest industry insights

Use Oxylabs’ web intelligence tools to retrieve ticket pricing, accommodation availability, and other travel data to gain a competitive advantage.

Bypass restrictions and get data from anywhere

Flight and hotel websites provide different information based on your IP address. That’s why one of the most common challenges in the travel and hospitality industry is scraping geo-restricted data. Luckily, there’s a way around that – with our large Residential Proxy pool, you can scrape public data from anywhere you want. 

Handle even the most difficult websites

Another common challenge of web scraping in this industry is JavaScript rendering. Many flight and hotel websites use JavaScript-based rendering to make them more dynamic. Unfortunately for some, it complicates the web scraping process. It may be difficult to obtain all the needed data and there’s a risk of getting your IP blocked. Here’s where our Web Scraper API saves the day – this tool is designed to handle websites of any complexity.

Get up-to-date information

To make the biggest profit, many travel and accommodation websites use dynamic pricing, meaning that the pricing changes based on demand. To keep up with the rapid changes, you’ll need robust web intelligence collection solutions so you get fresh data and present customers with the best travel deals. With Oxylabs’ proxies, you’ll always get the most recent updates – all thanks to unlimited concurrent sessions and rotating IPs. 

Oxylabs’ web intelligence collection solutions

Residential Proxies

Access one of the biggest Residential Proxy pools in the market and collect travel and hospitality data in complete anonymity.

  • Automatic Residential Proxy rotation

  • Geo-specific targeting

  • Avg. 99.95% uptime for uninterrupted use

Web Scraper API

Collect real-time travel and hotel pricing data from advanced JavaScript-heavy websites. Retrieve accurate data at scale without blocks.

  • Automated jobs 

  • Multiple delivery choices 

  • JavaScript rendering

Web Unblocker

Bypass even the most advanced anti-bot systems with Web Unblocker – our powerful AI-powered proxy solution.

  • Data from difficult websites

  • Pay for successful results only 

  • Mimic organic behavior

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do travel and hospitality businesses need web scraping?

With web scraping, travel and hospitality businesses can gather ticket pricing, product stock,accommodation availability, and other valuable data. Tracking such data at scale and in real time allows them to gain a competitive edge – for example, see when the demand is the highest and increase pricing accordingly to make the biggest profit. 

What is web scraping used for in travel and hospitality?

Web scraping tremendously helps with travel fare aggregation: by delivering real-time data, it allows businesses to keep with the rapid-changing ticket prices. 

It also makes tracking inventory convenient, allowing accommodation businesses to control stock. 

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