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API Solutions and Proxies for Large-Scale E-Commerce Scraping

Retrieve public e-commerce data to enhance competitive intelligence and e-commerce market understanding.

  • Geo-specific product data

  • Fewer IP blocks and CAPTCHAs

  • Ready-to-use e-commerce data

E-Commerce Data Scraping

Access real-time data from e-commerce marketplaces and websites

By using Oxylabs’ e-commerce proxies and scraping infrastructure, you can get your hands on the most accurate publicly available web data to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Gather data worldwide

Get geo-specific product data from top e-commerce marketplaces

Access e-commerce data on a country, state, or city level.

Possible risks

Pricing, promotion, and product availability information differ based on geo-location.

How can we help?

With Oxylabs’ E-Commerce Scraper API, you can access public geo-specific data hassle-free.

Bypass blocks and CAPTCHAs to retrieve public data you need

Avoid IP blocks and CAPTCHA by utilizing an extensive proxy network.

Possible risks

Most e-commerce marketplaces use anti-bot measures, resulting in IP bans and CAPTCHA triggering.

How can we help?

With a large and high-quality Oxylabs’ proxy pool, you can safely scrape product pages while overcoming IP blocks and CAPTCHA.

Receive structured, ready-to-use e-commerce data in seconds

Save your time by skipping data cleaning and organizing and instead getting straight to the data analysis. 

Possible risks

Raw and unstructured data significantly slows down the data analysis process.

How can we help?

Oxylabs’ E-Commerce Scraper API delivers accurate and timely public web data in HTML or JSON formats.

Top Oxylabs' solutions for e-commerce scraping

Residential Proxies

Access one of the largest Residential Proxy pools in the market and stay completely anonymous while gathering public e-commerce data at scale.

  • Automatic Residential Proxy rotation

  • Geo-specific targeting

  • Avg. 99.95% uptime for uninterrupted use

E-Commerce Scraper API

With AI & ML-driven built-in features, E-Commerce Scraper API is perfect for public data collection from Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, eBay, Target, and others.

  • JavaScript rendering for complex targets

  • Data delivery in HTML or JSON

  • Scheduler to schedule your scraping jobs

Web Unblocker

Stay block-free when scraping public data with an AI-powered proxy solution - Web Unblocker, which bypasses the most sophisticated anti-bot systems.

  • Access public data from the most difficult sites

  • Easily imitate real website users

  • Pay only for successfully extracted data

E-Commerce Product Datasets

Grasp market trends by leveraging clean, parsed, and ready-to-use datasets. Get accurate data from top e-commerce sources like Amazon and Walmart.

  • Structured and fresh data

  • Flexible data delivery and formats

  • Customized according to your needs

I use Oxylabs proxies every day for a very large amount of requests, and I have a 99,99% success rate on my requests. I'm very happy with this service. It was also very easy to implement as they offered a variety of authentication methods.

Cédric M.


What do our clients say?

It’s both the quality of our products and customer support that make our clients’ experience smooth and enjoyable. 

We’re proud that our customers appreciate our attention to detail and dedication.

24/7 support and handy features

Dedicated account manager

Rest assured that your Dedicated account manager is always there for you.

High success rates

Make the most of the unbeatable success rate to achieve your goals.

Live chat support

Whenever you have questions or need support, we have your back.

Data from 195 countries

Access data from all over the world on a country, state and city level.

Insured award-winning products

Insured award-winning products

Our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions and Cyber Insurance.

Detailed documentation

Enjoy a quick start with the support of extensive documentation.

Certified data centers and upstream providers

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber Insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are proxies needed for e-commerce scraping?

The implementation of proxies is integral for any data provider that wants to make sure it can deliver the best quality data to its clients. Reliable proxy servers play an important role in conducting advanced competitor research and monitoring, determining market trends, deciding on the most suitable pricing strategies, and getting insight into customers’ preferences.

What e-commerce data can be collected?

E-commerce companies need all kinds of data to draw valuable insights and make result-driven business decisions. The types of public data they require for successful business performance are pricing, product information, customer reviews, competitor information, and sales performance. A few ways to gather public e-commerce data are web scraping or purchasing ready-to-use datasets.

Do you offer a free trial for your products?

Yes, we offer a free trial for most of our products. You can request a 1-week free trial for Web Unblocker and E-Commerce Scraper API by simply going to their pages and clicking on the “Try free for 1 week” button. For a free trial with Residential Proxies, fill in a contact form on our website by clicking "Book a demo" or email us at Please note that the free trial offer is only available once.

What are the best proxies for e-commerce scraping?

Residential Proxies are the best pick for e-commerce scraping as they offer complete anonymity, wide geo-targeting, automatic proxy rotation, and an avg. 99.95% uptime. All these features are crucial for block-free scraping, even from the most complex e-commerce targets.

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