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Walmart Product API

Gather and parse Walmart product data without complications. Our dedicated Walmart Product API ensures significant simplification and efficiency in your data extraction projects.

  • Access data from almost any location

  • Get product details in real-time

  • Receive parsed data in JSON format

*This scraper is part of E-Commerce Scraper API 

Walmart Product API

Extract Walmart data in seconds

We’ll return the HTML for any Walmart page you want as long as you provide its URL. Importantly, we can deliver structured output for Walmart search, product, and offer listing pages. 

Check the documentation below for more code samples. The structured output example of the product page is on the right.

    "results": [
            "content": {
                "url": "",
                "meta": {
                    "sku": "953460510",
                    "gtin": "819130025407"
                "price": 538,
                "title": "Hisense 75\" Class 4K UHD LED LCD Roku Smart TV HDR R6 Series 75R6E4",
                "rating": {
                    "count": 0,
                    "rating": 0
                "seller": {
                    "name": ""
                "currency": "USD",
                "warranty": "",
                "_warnings": [
                    "Could not determine if shipping is free. Perhaps no product variant is selected."
                "breadcrumbs": [
                    "TV & Video",
                    "All TVs"
                "description": "The Hisense Roku TV R6 Series packs incredible details into a 4K Ultra High Definition picture. The R6 series also features High Dynamic Range (HDR) that boosts color and contrast, and Motion Rate 120 technology which makes it easier to follow fast action scenes. Plus, with Roku TV operating system (OS), it's easier to watch what you love with access to thousands of streaming channels, apps, and live TV. Giving everyone in your household something to enjoy.",
                "specifications": [
                        "key": "Display Technology",
                        "value": "LCD"
                        "key": "Resolution",
                        "value": "4K UHD"
                        "key": "Model",
                        "value": "75R6E4"
                        "key": "Screen Size",
                        "value": "75\""
                        "key": "Is Smart",
                        "value": "Y"
                        "key": "Brand",
                        "value": "Hisense"
                        "key": "Assembled Product Weight",
                        "value": "57.1 lbs"
                        "key": "Format",
                        "value": "Flat"
                        "key": "Condition",
                        "value": "New"
                        "key": "Manufacturer Part Number",
                        "value": "75R6E4"
                        "key": "Series",
                        "value": "R6 Series"
                        "key": "Streaming Services",
                        "value": "VUDU, Netflix, Youtube, Google Play, Sling, Hulu"
                        "key": "Refresh Rate",
                        "value": "60 Hz"
                        "key": "Features",
                        "value": "No features description available"
                        "key": "Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)",
                        "value": "66.60 x 13.50 x 41.10 Inches"
                "parse_status_code": 12005
            "created_at": "2023-01-31 08:48:18",
            "updated_at": "2023-01-31 08:48:21",
            "page": 1,
            "url": "",
            "job_id": "7026108892450960385",
            "status_code": 200,
            "parser_type": "walmart_product"

Our company started using Oxylabs services a few years ago, and since then, we have been really happy with the proxy services they are providing. Recently they recommended we try their RTC (now Scraper APIs), and to be fair, we are very happy with the results.

Richard F.

Oxylabs products user

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In addition to offering web data gathering services, Oxylabs is also a trustworthy business partner. We value our customers and are proud that they trust us with their data collection needs.

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Straightforward entry with extensive Oxylabs documentation and demo video.

Proxy management

Access 102M+ proxy pool without worrying about its management.

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Results are retrieved to an API or to your cloud storage bucket (AWS S3 or GCS).

Highly scalable

Easy to integrate, customize & supports a high volume of requests.

24/7 support

Always available support ensures you can get answers whenever they’re needed.

Smart data extraction with API features

Custom Parser

Custom Parser

Independently write parsing instructions and parse any target effortlessly while using our infrastructure.

  • No need to maintain your own parser

  • Define your own parsing logic with XPath and CSS selectors

  • Collect ready-to-use structured data from Walmart

Web Crawler

Web Crawler

Discover all pages on Walmart and fetch data at scale and in real time with Web Crawler feature.

  • Gather only the data you need from target websites

  • Control the crawling scope and tailor the end result

  • Retrieve your results in a specified format



Automate recurring data collection and parsing jobs with the needed frequency by scheduling them with Scheduler feature.

  • Create multiple schedules for different jobs

  • Receive data automatically to your preferred cloud storage

  • Get notifications once each job is done

Walmart Product API pricing

Gather data from Walmart effortlessly


Get hyper-localized data

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Utilize scraping know-how

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Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to gather Walmart data?

Since Walmart product pages and general information are publicly available data, you should be able to extract them freely. However, legal situations differ in countries and specific cases; therefore, Oxylabs recommends seeking legal counsel before engaging in data collection activities. For more information on the legalities of data gathering, see this blog post.

How long does it take to deliver results?

On average, Walmart Shopping API takes under 10 seconds, although for more specifics, contact your account manager or our support team. You can also get a free trial and follow our guide to Walmart data collection and try out the API yourself.

Can I automate recurring data gathering and parsing jobs with Walmart Product API?

Yes, through the use of our Scheduler, which is a free feature of the Walmart Price API.

Where could the data gathered from Walmart be used?

Sentiment analysis, price comparison, collection of product reviews, market trends, and more. All these aspects ensure your competitive advantage is increased. If you'd like to receive such data in a structured, ready-to-use format, check out our e-commerce datasets.

Does Walmart have a product API?

Walmart does have its Walmart API Sandbox, which provides an environment to test Walmart APIs.If you aim to retrieve information from various websites, including Walmart, you may want to opt for the Oxylabs Walmart API, integrated into our E-Commerce Scraper API. It offers versatility, allowing you to utilize it as a Walmart Reviews Results API, Walmart Pagination API, Walmart Organic Results API, or a more general web scraper according to your preferences.

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