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Google Image Search API

This handy tool enables smooth and speedy data extraction from Google Images.

  • Retrieve real-time image search results

  • Collect data on a large scale

  • Pay for successfully delivered data only

*This scraper is part of SERP Scraper API

Extract Google Image data effortlessly

Fetching Google Image results requires only a few simple actions. First, you need to provide your target URL, credentials, and payload. After that, we’ll do the job for you and deliver the parsed result in JSON format.  

See the output example on the right. For input code samples, check our documentation.

  "results": [
      "content": {
        "url": "",
        "results": {
          "organic": [
              "pos": 1,
              "link": "/url?q=",
              "image": "",
              "title": "Caterpillar - Wikipedia",
              "domain": "",
              "pos_overall": 1
              "pos": 2,
              "link": "/url?q=",
              "image": "",
              "title": "Caterpillars | WGCU PBS &...",
              "domain": "",
              "pos_overall": 2


              "pos": 19,
              "link": "/url?q=",
              "image": "",
              "title": "Fascinating Facts About...",
              "domain": "",
              "pos_overall": 19
              "pos": 20,
              "link": "/url?q=",
              "image": "",
              "title": "Caterpillar",
              "domain": "",
              "pos_overall": 20
          "search_information": {
            "query": "caterpillar",
            "showing_results_for": "caterpillar"
          "suggested_searches": [
        "parse_status_code": 12000
      "created_at": "2023-08-09 08:30:00",
      "updated_at": "2023-08-09 08:30:01",
      "page": 1,
      "url": "",
      "job_id": "7094957978905784321",
      "status_code": 200,
      "parser_type": ""

Oxylabs has always worked with us to find the best possible solution for our particular use cases and offered free trials for products that are new to us to see if they fit our needs. They also run an excellent conference with quality content and speakers.

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What do our customers say? 

We strive to build a relationship of trust with our clients so that whenever at a challenge, they can rest assured that they'll receive all the help and support needed to solve their issues. 

24/7 support and extra features


In-depth tutorials

Start off smoothly with a comprehensive tutorial video and documentation.

proxy management

Proxy management

Make the most out of the 102M+ proxy pool while leaving the management to us.


Bulk data retrieval

Fetch data from up to 1000 URLs from numerous pages, all in one batch.


Multiple delivery options

Retrieve the image results via an API or to your Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3.

High scalability

Easy to customize and integrate, and supports big request volumes.

24/7 support

Reach out to our customer success team anytime you need help and support.

Smart data extraction with API features

Custom Parser

Custom Parser

Input your own parsing instructions and leverage our infrastructure to gather parsed data from any target hassle-free.

  • No need to maintain your own parser;

  • Set your own parsing logic with XPath and CSS selectors;

  • Gather ready-to-use structured data.



Take advantage of the Scheduler feature to automate recurring scraping and parsing jobs, allowing you to schedule them at the desired frequency.

  • Create different schedules for multiple jobs;

  • Get data delivered automatically to your cloud storage;

  • Get notifications once each job is complete.

Google Image Search API pricing

Gather data from Google Images effortlessly


Pay only for successful results

Gather highly-localized data

Receive scraping know-how

Don’t miss out

Free Trial


1 week trial

Limited to 1 user



$2.80 / 1K results

$49 + VAT billed monthly



$2.60 / 1K results

$99 + VAT billed monthly



$2.40 / 1K results

$249 + VAT billed monthly





Rate limit
5 requests / s

10 requests / s

15 requests / s

30 requests / s

Coordinate-level targeting
Parsed data
24/7 support
Dedicated Account Manager

We accept these payment methods:

Frequently asked questions

Is there an API for Google Image Search?

Yes, Google Image Search API by Oxylabs is a dedicated API to fetch image results from Google Image Search. Note that Google Image Search API is a part of SERP Scraper API.

How to use Google Image Search API?

Using Google Image Search API involves a few easy steps – form a payload with job information, send the query to our API, and retrieve results in a few seconds. Use the google_search source and include the parse: True parameter to get parsed results. Then, include the context parameter in the payload to filter results for images using an isch value. For instance:

    'context': [
{'key': 'filter', 'value': 1},
{'key': 'tbm', 'value': 'isch'}

To learn more, visit our documentation or read our API scraping tutorial.

*Please be aware that certain images may be subject to copyright. Consequently, before proceeding with any scraping activities, it is recommended that you seek professional legal advice tailored to your specific situation

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