Oxylabs' Scraper APIs: Achieve 100% Data Delivery

SERP Scraper API

City-level SERP data delivery from major search engines.

  • Localized search results

  • Live and reliable data

  • Resilient to SERP layout changes

Best for:

Keywords data collection, brand monitoring, ads data tracking.

From $99/month

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E-Commerce Scraper API

Limitless e-commerce product page scraping with ready-to-use data.

  • 1000s of e-commerce websites

  • Adaptive Parser

  • Structured data in JSON

Best for:

Pricing intelligence, product catalog mapping, competitor analysis.

From $99/month

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Web Scraper API

Scalable real-time data collection from a majority of websites.

  • Customizable request parameters

  • JavaScript rendering

  • Convenient delivery

Best for:

Website changes monitoring, fraud protection, travel fare monitoring.

From $99/month

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Patented feature

Integrated Proxy Rotator

Achieve a 100% success rate with the built-in proxy rotator feature. We rotate IP addresses to ensure you achieve the best data gathering results while staying anonymous online.

JavaScript rendering

With Oxylabs Scraper APIs, extract public data from even the most advanced and complex targets. Easily gather all the required data from JavaScript-heavy websites.

Convenient data delivery

Enterprise-grade solutions that are ready to use straight away. Start extracting in minutes and get parsed data delivered to your preferred storage solution.

Why companies choose Oxylabs Scraper APIs

Oxylabs Solutions Help Searchmetrics Provide Fresh Data

Searchmetrics provide tools and services that help companies improve their SEO and content marketing strategies. Big data is an integral part of their service.


Searchmetrics needed a scalable solution for a constant flow of data from the largest search engines in real-time. Searchmetrics also help companies improve website performance and needed proxies to power their unique website crawler.


Oxylabs SERP Scraper API helps provide structured data from SERPs, is easy to integrate, and does not require any maintenance. Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies are fast and have a high uptime, which ensures quick and smooth website crawling.

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Scrape the most challenging targets effortlessly

100% data delivery

Keep web scraping costs low by paying only for successful delivery.


Change the scale of web scraping projects without unexpected challenges.

Ready-to-use data

Gather structured data in JSON from a list of ready-to-use data APIs.

Reliable proxy resources

Scraper APIs support a high volume of requests by utilizing Oxylabs 102M+ proxy pool.

Enterprise-grade solutions

Fortune 500 clients trust Oxylabs as their main data provider.

24/7 support

Be sure to get answers when you need them from our Customer Success team.

How businesses use Oxylabs Scraper APIs

Price Monitoring

SEO Monitoring

Travel Fair Aggregation

Review Monitoring

Brand Protection


Market Research

Email Protection

Intellectual Property Protection

Alternative Data

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