E-Commerce Scraper API for Easy Product Data Extraction

  • Pay only for successfully delivered results

  • Real-time highly-localized product data

  • Maintenance-free web scraping infrastructure

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E-Commerce Scraper API

Gather data from the top 50 online marketplaces

With E-Commerce Scraper API, quickly access accurate product data from the top 50 e-commerce marketplaces or standalone shops. Get timely e-commerce data from various page types, including search and product pages, in HTML or JSON format.

Access e-commerce data from almost any location

Get e-commerce data localized to almost any place on earth regardless of where you are. E-Commerce Scraper API allows you to gather highly-localized product data from 195 countries without any hurdles.

  • 195 countries

  • Country or postal code targeting

Innovative solution

Retrieve high-quality structured data in seconds

Our ML-based Adaptive Parser easily adapts to the site’s layout and allows you to gather data from nearly any e-commerce product page. By detecting the most important data points, such as the title, price, and product description, it provides you with high-quality structured data in JSON format.  

  • No need to develop or maintain your own parsers

  • Increased scalability of data extraction

  • More time for data analysis and other tasks

What do others say?

Lew Nellen

“For owning an e-commerce company, Oxylabs E-Commerce Scraper API (formerly Real-Time Crawler) really helped us. We were sceptical about their promise of 100% data delivery, but it works and we are very happy with it”


"We have replaced our old proxies based infrastructure with Scraper APIs (formerly Real-Time Crawler) system provided by Oxylabs. The service is very fast and reliable. The results we obtain by now are far better than the old ones."

Michele Young

" Scraper APIs (formerly Real-Time Crawler) tool helped us to optimise a lot of tasks that were done by hand."

Collect e-commerce product page data hassle-free 

Maintenance-free infrastructure

Benefit from our top-tier data collection infrastructure that is ready to use straight away

ML-driven proxy management

Selects and rotates proxies, evaluates which proxy pools work the best on a specific site, and gives you the highest success rate with the lowest response time possible.

Dynamic browser fingerprinting

AI-powered fingerprinting and ML-powered response recognition help to run your web scraping operations with almost zero CAPTCHAs and IP blocks.

JavaScript rendering

Our professional team automatically runs headless browsers for you to get public data from the most advanced e-commerce targets.

Structured data

ML-based adaptive parsing feature adjusts to the website changes, automatically detects products’ attributes from any e-commerce targets, and provides parsed data in JSON.

Simple integration

The integration process of our API is quick and easy. Simply put together a query including your endpoint URL, payload, and API user credentials. Send it to our API and retrieve the result via an API or to your chosen cloud storage bucket.


curl --user USER:PASS 'https://realtime.oxylabs.io/v1/queries'
-H "Content-Type: application/json" 
-d '{"source": "google_shopping_search", "query": "shoes", "geo_location": "United States"}'

Smart scraping with API features

Web Crawler

Discover all pages on an e-commerce website and fetch data at scale and in real time with Web Crawler feature.

  • Gather only the data you need from target websites

  • Control the crawling scope and tailor the end result

  • Retrieve your results in a specified format


Automate recurring scraping and parsing jobs with the needed frequency by scheduling them with Scheduler feature.

  • Create multiple schedules for different jobs

  • Receive data automatically to your preferred cloud storage

  • Get notifications once each job is done

24/7 support and handy features

In-depth tutorials

Use the Oxylabs documentation and GitHub repository for a smooth start.

Proxy management

Benefit from our 102M+ proxy pool without worrying about its management.

Bulk scraping

Scrape multiple pages at once with up to 1000 URLs per batch.

Multiple delivery options

Retrieve results via an API or to your cloud storage bucket (AWS S3 or GCS).

Highly scalable

Easy to integrate and customize, supports high volume of requests.

24/7 support

Get timely answers and support whenever you need them.

Use cases

Pricing intelligence

Easily track e-commerce product pricing intelligence and unlock dynamic pricing strategies.

Product catalog mapping

Monitor product inventory status (in/out of stock) and collect assortment data without hassle.

Competitor analysis

Extract best-selling products or any product pages data and effortlessly collect reviews.


Pay only for successful results

Gather highly-localized data

Receive scraping know-how

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Frequently asked questions

What is e-commerce scraping?

E-commerce scraping is extracting publicly-available e-commerce product data from e-commerce marketplaces or standalone shops.

Read more

How long does E-Commerce Scraper API take to give the results back?

Usually, it takes less than 10 seconds on average. For additional information, please get in touch with your Account Manager or contact our support team.

Can I automate recurring scraping and parsing jobs with E-Commerce Scraper API?

Yes, we offer a free Scheduler feature for all Scraper APIs. You can automate your recurring scraping and parsing jobs by scheduling them. Check out our documentation to learn more about how to set up your schedule.

How can I tell if a website is using JavaScript?

If you do not find the text in the source, but you can see it in the browser, it is probably being rendered with JavaScript. This is one of the most common problems that developers face when scraping a JavaScript-heavy website. The initial response you receive from the server might not contain the information you expect as per visual inspection. Oxylabs’ E-Commerce Scraper API is capable of getting data from JavaScript rendered websites.

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