Home Depot Scraper API

Use Home Depot Scraper API to collect public Home Depot data on a large scale. With our advanced scraping solution, you can gather product, pricing, search, and other e-commerce information for your business needs. 

  • Scrape localized public data in real time                  

  • Retrieve e-commerce information in HTML format

  • Pay only for successfully delivered results

*This scraper is part of E-Commerce Scraper API

Home Depot Scraper API

Reliable and high-quality public data from any page

You can get Home Depot data effortlessly by simply providing your URLs to our service. We are capable of returning the HTML of any Home Depot page you like. You can find the input code examples in our documentation, and the output code sample of a Home Depot product page is demonstrated on the right.

    "results": [
            "content":"<!doctype html>\n<html lang=\"en\">\n<head>
            "created_at": "2022-11-17 14:53:52",
            "updated_at": "2022-11-17 14:53:54",
            "page": 1,
            "url": "https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-ATOMIC-20-Volt-MAX-Cordless-Brushless-Compact-Drill-Impact-Combo-Kit-2-Tool-with-2-1-3Ah-Batteries-Charger-Bag-DCK278C2/308067489",
            "job_id": "6999021798385787905",
            "status_code": 200

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Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to scrape Home Depot?

Gathering public data from Home Depot is considered to be legal as long as you follow all the rules and regulations. Still, we advise seeking professional legal advice before collecting public information to ensure you won’t encounter any issues or breach any laws. To delve deeper into web scraping legality, check out our detailed article on this topic.

How can you benefit from public e-commerce data?

Data from e-commerce websites, such as Home Depot, can be helpful for product and price monitoring, competitor analysis, market research, and other use cases. You can get valuable insights to improve your pricing or marketing strategies, gain a competitive advantage, and better understand your customer.

How quickly does Home Depot Scraper API deliver results?

Typically, Home Depot Scraper API takes around 10 seconds to deliver results. Contact your dedicated account manager or our support team for more detailed information about results delivery.

Can recurring scraping jobs be automated using Home Depot Scraper API?

Yes, you can use a free Scheduler feature to automate your recurring scraping jobs by scheduling them.

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