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Google Trends API

Discover what people are frequently searching for with Google Trends API. Get fresh and reliable data without having to worry about IP blocks.

  • Only pay for successfully delivered results

  • Extract web data at large-scale

  • Get real-time web data

*This scraper is part of SERP Scraper API

Their chat service was top quality. Probably the best I've ever had. Not only were they able to answer my questions thoughtfully and explain things to me in ways I understood, but they took the time to ask about what I was trying to use their service for and talked through some hurdles I'd considered – and some I hadn't.


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What do our customers say?

One of the major goals is supporting our clients with timely and comprehensive support. To make sure you have all the help and guidance you need, our expert customer support team is available around the clock.

24/7 support and extra features

In-depth tutorials

Start off smoothly with comprehensive documentation.

Forget proxy management

Leverage our 102M+ proxy pool and let us handle the management.

Bulk scraping

Extract data from up to 5,000 URLs from numerous pages, all in one batch.

Multiple delivery options

Retrieve the image results via an API or to your Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3.

High scalability

Easy to customize, integrate, and use for large volumes.

24/7 support

Contact our customer success team whenever you need help.

Smart data extraction with API features

Custom Parser

Custom Parser

Utilize our existing infrastructure to effortlessly parse any target, employing customized parsing instructions.

  • Collect reliable and up-to-date Google Trends data

  • No need to upkeep your own parser

  • Use a custom parsing logic with XPath and CSS selectors


Simplify your operations with the Scheduler feature as you schedule repetitive scraping tasks at the needed frequency.

  • Schedule multiple jobs

  • Receive data to your preferred cloud storage

  • Get notified once each job is done

Google scraping tutorials

Frequently asked questions

Is there an API for Google Trends?

While Google Trends does not provide its own API, there are unofficial APIs out there. Specifically, our Google Trends API is customized to extract the most up-to-date and reliable trend data.

How do I get data from Google Trends?

We’ve made getting data with our Google Trends API as straightforward as possible. Follow our user-friendly documentation to put together a request with your search query and other payload parameters. You can also fine-tune the request further according to your needs, as we have a number of parameters available. For example, we’ve included multiple geo-location options so you can uncover trends across the globe. After sending the request with the Google Trends API, you will receive structured data in a matter of minutes.