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Prevent Domain Squatting With Oxylabs Solutions

Take advantage of Oxylabs proxies and web scraping services to set up automated routines. Identify imposter websites and take action against domain squatters.

  • Track and monitor domain squatters

  • Conduct monitoring tasks at scale

  • Protect your trademark’s reputation

Identify domain squatting with gathered data

To monitor and identify domain squatters, you need a sizable flow of real-time public data. With Oxylabs web intelligence solutions, you can collect data on potential domain squatting activities. Use simple queries to sweep through major search engines at scale. This way, you can focus on data analysis to identify domain squatting and leave all the hard work to us.

Gather data at large scale

Track cybersquatters around the globe

Access geo-restricted content anywhere in the world with country, city, and coordinate-level targeting opportunities. Ease the detection of misappropriated traffic with monitoring opportunities in 195 countries and territories.

Possible risks

Geo-restrictions prevent accessing and monitoring localized content, leaving certain domains unreachable.

How can we help?

Oxylabs data extraction solutions provide proxy support, allowing you to target almost any location worldwide.

Gather data at a large scale

Conduct monitoring tasks at scale

Ensure block-free data collection from complex websites to find squatted domains. Using smart maintenance-free solutions, such as SERP Scraper API and Datacenter Proxies with a 2M+ proxy pool, you can monitor massive amounts of data in real-time without CAPTCHA interference, bans, or blocks.

Possible risks

Large-scale data extraction requires considerable resources and infrastructure maintenance.

How can we help?

Our maintenance-free web data extraction infrastructure has unlimited bandwidth and high scalability.

Track and monitor websites

Protect your trademark’s reputation

Prevent domain squatters from tarnishing your trademark. Track and monitor fake websites to protect your customers from falling victim to cybercriminals. With Oxylabs solutions, make sure the trademark infringement detection is quick – spend your time where it matters most – getting back your trademark.

Possible risks

The volumes of public web data are vast, and handling big data in a timely manner can be difficult.

How can we help?

With Oxylabs, you can stay on top of cybersquatters with real-time monitoring and, subsequently, quick detection.

Top solutions for tracking domain squatting

Datacenter Proxies

Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies is an excellent resource for monitoring domain squatters. High uptime, speed, and anonymity ensure swift results.

  • One of the fastest proxy servers on the market

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • No bandwidth or target limits

SERP Scraper API

Use SERP Scraper API to track domain squatters. Collect data from Google, Baidu, Bing, and Yandex to determine potential trademark infringement.

  • Successful data delivery for constant data flow

  • SERP data from any location and device

  • Robust infrastructure and quick integration

Web Unblocker

With the power of AI, Web Unblocker handles the most challenging anti-bot measures, letting you access localized content worldwide.

  • Access data from the most difficult websites

  • Organic user resemblance

  • High success rates with advanced ML features

“Oxylabs is one of our most reliable and frequently used proxy solution providers within our network. Our metrics show a very low error rate, which helps to create cost savings and stability within our platform.”

Samir Bhakta


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Frequently asked questions

What is domain name squatting?

Domain squatting is the practice of registering or acquiring an internet domain name with the intention of selling it for profit to someone who may have a legitimate interest in the name. It is often considered unethical and sometimes illegal, as the domain squatter is taking advantage of the demand for a domain name similar to a known brand.

How do I get rid of a domain squatter?

There are a few steps you can take to resolve a domain squatting issue:

1. Negotiate with the domain squatter – if the domain squatter is open to negotiation, you may be able to reach an agreement to transfer the domain name to you.

2. File a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) – If the domain name is similar to your trademark, you can file a complaint with WIPO's Arbitration and Mediation Center.

3. Take legal action – if other options fail, you may need to take legal action against the domain squatter. This could involve filing a lawsuit or seeking a court order to transfer the domain name to you.

4. Contact the registrar – the registrar is the company that manages the registration of the domain name. If the domain squatter is violating the registrar's terms of service, they may be able to take action to remove the domain name.

What is an example of cybersquatting?

Cybersquatting is a type of domain squatting that specifically involves registering and using a domain name that is similar or identical to a trademark of a well-known brand. For example, registering the domain name with the intention of selling it to an online retailer that has a trademark on the name. Such behavior is illegal in many jurisdictions and can lead to legal action by the trademark owner.