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SERP Scraping Solutions and Proxies for SEO

Extract fresh search engine data using our robust scraping solutions and SEO proxies. Get a full view of your brand rankings and visibility on search engines.

  • Monitor SERPs for any device

  • Get localized results

  • Beat IP blocks and CAPTCHAs

Boost your business strategy with SERP data

Uplift your business operations with SERP Scraper API or Oxylabs proxies covering 195 countries. Gather real-time search engine data with precision and build a robust foundation for SEO monitoring.

Monitor SERPs for any device

Imitate any device with the SERP Scraper API and make sure you always get only relevant and truly insightful data.

Possible risks

SERP results can be different based on the device type. To get truly accurate insights, you might need to target specific devices.

How can we help?

Our specialized SERP Scraper API allows you to fine-tune results by indicating device type.

Get local SEO results

Collect precise and localized data to stay aware of significant SEO changes and keep abreast of the competition.

Possible risks

Keyword optimization is highly dependent on location, so being able to scrape data based on it is a must.

How can we help?

Using proxies for keyword research is one of the best choices, as we offer one of the largest proxy pools, covering 195 countries.

Avoid IP blocks and CAPTCHAs

Conduct in-depth research by collecting vast amounts of data without CAPTCHA and IP bans.

Possible risks

Sophisticated anti-bot technologies make SEO data scraping extremely difficult and frequently lead to IP bans and CAPTCHAs.

How can we help?

Featuring built-in IP rotation and auto-retry system, SERP Scraper API ensures you effortlessly bypass any hurdles.

Top Oxylabs' solutions for price monitoring

SERP Scraper API

The most comprehensive all-in-one solution that takes care of scraping, parsing, scaling, and other challenges. Leverage SERP Scraper API to gather SEO data — from Google to Bing.

  • SERP data from any device and location;

  • Superior ad scraping rate;

  • Reliable infrastructure.

residential-proxies logo

Residential Proxies

Leverage one of the largest Residential Proxy pools of 100M+ IPs to uplift your SEO change monitoring. Get localized SEO data with no IP blocks, and make sure you have the best data for SEO monitoring.

  • Automatic Residential Proxy rotation;

  • Geo-specific targeting;

  • Avg. 99.95% uptime for uninterrupted use.

Datacenter Proxies

Leverage Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies in 188 locations together with your scraping tools to guarantee unrestricted bandwidth and quick response times for SEO online monitoring. 

  • Unlimited bandwidth and domains;

  • Leverage 188 geo-locations worldwide;

  • High speeds and seamless integration.

"We had three important requirements for our new proxy provider: fair pricing, low response time, and high average success rate. Oxylabs’ met all three, allowing us to achieve our company’s mission – offering real-time SEO data to our clients without breaking the bank."

Dennett Ingram

CEO @ Epicup

Word from a customer

Our top priority is ensuring robust and powerful web data collection solutions that deliver successful results to our clients. The trust of our clients is our biggest reward.

Added benefits of SERP Scraper API

Dedicated account manager

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Dedicated Account Manager is here to help.

High success rates

Get industry-leading success rates and pay only for successfully delivered results.

Live chat support

No matter the time of day — our customer support team is always ready to assist.

Data from 195 countries

Access 102M+ proxy pool in 195 countries without worrying about its management.

Insured, award-winning products

Our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions and Cyber Insurance.

Detailed documentation

Starting off is simple with detailed documentation and GitHub repository.

Certified data centers and upstream providers

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber Insurance.

Frequently asked questions

Why does location matter for local SEO?

Some businesses operate in certain locations, so gaining a high organic ranking in these areas might be important. Therefore, they utilize a range of SEO strategies that help them increase their business visibility in the local area. By using SERP Scraper API, you can get localized SEO results that you can analyze and gain insights regarding the local competition.

Do you offer a free trial for your products?

Yes, we offer free trials for some of our products. To get a Scraper API free trial, simply log into the dashboard and claim it there.

For both Residential and Datacenter Proxy free trial, contact us at

What is the best proxy type for SEO?

Choosing an SEO proxy server depends on the scope and resources of your project. While Residential Proxies will always offer premium performance, they tend to be expensive. Datacenter Proxies, while still robust and reliable, can run into challenges when dealing with exceptionally difficult targets. However, as they're more cost-effective, implementing them for less complex SEO tasks is a good option.