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Collect SERP Data Effortlessly

Whether you’re a digital marketing or SEO agency, extracting fresh search engine data is a must to build a realistic understanding of rankings and brand visibility on search engines.

Oxylabs' solutions will help you:

Get local SEO results

Forecast future trends

Monitor SERPs for any device

Enhance your business strategy with SERP data

Leverage SERP Scraper API to gather fresh, accurate, and timely SERP data and turn it into valuable business insights.

SERP data analysis

Perform keyword research, and monitor organic search results, brand and competitor rankings to optimize your on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

Backlink intelligence

Build backlink intelligence by fetching SERP data and website mentions. Discover potential link targets and uncover new link-building strategies by analyzing competitors.

Ad intelligence

Search engine ad intelligence is heavily dependent on a smooth data flow. With SERP Scraper API, you can successfully monitor localized ads on search engines. 

Get local SERP results

It’s vital to monitor SERP rankings to stay aware of significant changes and keep abreast of the competition. You can rely on our extensive proxy network to collect localized SERP results.

Monitor SERPs for any device

Depending on your device, SERP rankings may slightly deviate. With the SERP Scraper API, you can imitate any device to extract results from search engine pages. This way, you can always be sure to get only relevant and truly insightful data.

Try SERP Scraper API

Leverage the power of SERP Scraper API boosted by SEO proxies. Harvest only fresh public SERP data from Google, Baidu, Bing, and Yandex to craft an invincible marketing strategy and propel rankings.

  • Successful data delivery for constant data flow;

  • Relevant SERP data from any device and location;

  • Reliable infrastructure and hands-down integration.

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Added benefits of SERP Scraper API

In-depth tutorials

We ensure a quick start with our documentation and GitHub repository.

No proxy management

Leverage our 102M+ proxy pool without worrying about managing it.

Bulk scraping

Scrape up to 1000 URLs per batch from multiple pages at a time.

Multiple delivery options

Receive results via an API or to your cloud storage bucket (AWS S3 or GCS).

Automated jobs

Use Scheduler to set up recurring scraping and parsing jobs

24/7 support

Get assistance from our support team any time you need it.

Frequently asked questions

Why does location matter for local SEO?

Some businesses operate in certain locations, so gaining a high organic ranking in these areas might be important. Therefore, they utilize a range of SEO strategies that help them increase their business visibility in the local area. By using SERP Scraper API, you can get localized SEO results which you can analyze and gain insights regarding the local competition.

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