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Epicup Provides Fresh SEO Data With Oxylabs Solutions

Epicup provides SEO software solutions, helping website owners uncover various search engine insights and boost their SEO performance. With Oxylabs web scraping solutions, Epicup was able to maintain a constant data flow and deliver the freshest SEO insights to its users. 

EpicUp and Oxylabs
EpicUp case study


  • Epicup is an SEO software provider. Using their services, the clients can get insights from search engines and boost their SEO performance.

  • To provide their clients with high-quality, large-scale data, Epicup needed a reliable web scraping solution. 

  • The company found it challenging to collect public large-scale data from multiple sources and do so in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • With Oxylabs web scraping solutions, Epicup was able to maintain a constant data flow and deliver the freshest SEO insights to their users. 

Fresh and accurate data

Fresh and accurate data

Upon building their web scraping infrastructure, Epicup specifically prioritized a high average success rate, low response time, and fair pricing. At the time, the company’s existing methods were inefficient, time-consuming, and lacked reliability. As Epicup's business model relies on delivering fresh and accurate SEO insights, the company decided to find a new data gathering solution that would tick all the boxes. 

“We had three important requirements for our new proxy provider: fair pricing, low response time, and high average success rate. Oxylabs’ met all three, allowing us to achieve our company’s mission – offering real-time SEO data to our clients without breaking the bank.” 

Dennett Ingram

CEO of Epicup

Fair pricing and high success rates

With Oxylabs’ SERP Scraper API, Epicup successfully built a robust, high-performing data gathering infrastructure. As a result, the company could now seamlessly handle large data volumes while ensuring the data is fresh, accurate, and reliable. In addition to that, the company was able to optimize their data gathering processes and avoid unnecessary expenses.  

Gather data at scale

Final word

With Oxylabs' SERP Scraper API, Epicup was able to achieve their goal of providing high-quality SEO data to their clients. Are you also looking for ways to streamline your day-to-day activities?

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