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Improve Your Backlink Intelligence With Oxylabs Solutions

Create or revise your backlink-building strategy with Oxylabs’ assistance. Integrate our Scraper APIs to build a backlink intelligence system and identify backlink issues affecting your search engine results rankings.

Oxylabs solutions will help you:

Implement Scraper APIs

Analyze SERPs and web pages

Build a backlink intelligence system

Build your backlink strategy with the help of Scraper APIs

Use the power of SERP and Web Scraper APIs to regularly collect real-time data. Integrate Oxylabs APIs as a part of your backlink intelligence system to improve your SEO stance.

Simple data retrieval

Retrieve search results on a large scale in real-time. Simply provide us with a target URL, and we will retrieve the results.

Data from major search engines

Gather SERP data from the top search engines worldwide: Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex.

Maintenance-free infrastructure

Forget about upkeeping and scripting scrapers and parsers or building infrastructure to scale your tasks. Let us take care of the technicalities.

Implement Scraper APIs

Assist your research using the maintenance-free infrastructure of Scraper APIs and find out how you are stacking up against the competition. Ensure block-free data collection from complex websites in real-time without CAPTCHA interference, bans, or blocks. Collect data for analysis worldwide with country, city, and coordinate-level targeting in 195 countries and territories.

Analyze SERPs and web pages

Leverage the power of SERP and Web Scraper APIs to accumulate data for backlink research. Gather search results data from major search engines with SERP Scraper API. With Web Scraper API, crawl web pages to index target URLs and then extract found data for further analysis to determine new growth opportunities.

Scale up your business with Oxylabs®