Proxies for Ad Verification

Ad fraud is a severe problem for companies as it can be harmful to their whole marketing strategy. The most common ad fraud methods are click fraud, falsely accumulating impressions, and conversions of the original advertiser. Ad verification companies scan the web and check if the ads displayed on the various websites meet the campaign settings, do not appear on fraudulent websites, and reach the right audience. For that, ad verification companies use proxies. 

Challenges you may face:

IP blocking

Restricted geo-locations

Ensuring anonymity

Ad verification challenges

Ad verification companies need to check vast amounts of ads worldwide. Furthermore, ad fraudsters have sophisticated ways to fight back from ad verification scripts connected to their websites. 

IP blocking

Ad fraudsters regularly resist ad verification by completely blocking the IP address. This is the reason why companies that provide ad verification services need to change their IP addresses constantly.   

Possible risks

If IP addresses are permanently blocked, ad verification companies can not pursue ad monitoring. In this case, their work is disrupted. 

How can we help?

Oxylabs provide one of the largest Residential IP pools in the market. Companies are able to imitate organic user behavior and this decreases chances of being caught and blocked. 

Restricted geo-locations

In most cases, ads on websites are displayed according to the user's country. A regular user from a particular country will see only his country's ads. Ad verification vendors need to access any ad for smooth ad monitoring regardless of its geo-location.

Possible risks

If ad monitoring companies cannot access the content globally, the scope of their work will be significantly affected.

How can we help?

Oxylabs has a continually growing Residential IP pool, with locations all around the world and city-level targeting.

Ensuring anonymity

For ad verification, it is essential to ensure anonymity. Otherwise, ad fraudsters are able to track down the traffic that is verifying ads and fight back by blocking IP addresses. 

Possible risks

When ad fraudsters block IP addresses, it complicates ad verification companies’ work. It is important to keep a smooth ad monitoring process. 

How can we help?

Oxylabs provide unique Residential Proxies that perfectly imitate organic user behavior. It is almost impossible for ad fraudsters to track down the ad monitoring processes. 

Choose Residential Proxies for ad verification

Residential Proxies are a perfect ad verification solution because they provide unique, organic, and diversely geo-located IP addresses. Using Residential Proxies helps ad verification companies access geo-restricted content and facilitate their work because it is hard for ad fraudsters to detect traffic verifying the ad.  

  • Perfect fit for ad verification for any location 

  • Monitor ads without being blocked 

  • Fight ad fraudsters effectively and anonymously

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Added benefits of Residential Proxies

Large Residential IP pool

100M+ Residential IPs worldwide

Global coverage

195 countries, with city-level targeting

Zero IP blocking

Focus on insights rather than IP blocks

High anonymity

No disruption in the fight against ad fraudsters

24/7 live support

Responding to urgent needs anytime

Session control

Flexible and adjustable session control feature

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