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Proxies for Anti-phishing

Scan the web anonymously yet swiftly with Oxylabs’ solutions. Get the full view of the digital threat landscape and use the acquired insights to successfully mitigate phishing risks.

Oxylabs’ solutions will help you:

Get full visibility of potential threats

Access content from any location block-free

Avoid downtime and security gaps

Monitor links and internal systems to fight phishing

While constantly advancing in sophistication, phishing can harm any business, be it a small startup or a large corporation. Use our Residential Proxies to stay undetected while scanning for threats and protect businesses around the clock.

Prevent attacks across devices

Efficiently monitor clients’ internal systems to make sure email, mobile, and endpoint devices are protected with zero interruptions.

Avoid user impersonation and extortion

Take advantage of anonymity and speed to identify scammers trying to coerce individuals into sharing sensitive company data.

Safeguard intellectual property and reputation

Stay undetected while scanning the web for leaked business information to make sure it doesn't fall into the hands of criminals.

Expand visibility while scanning the web

By successfully preserving anonymity, Oxylabs’ proxies can help you to expand your crawling and get access to essential data, such as leaked business information. What’s more, they’ll make you nearly invisible to threat actors which means you’ll be able to perform your activities at ease.

Bypass IP blocks and geo-restrictions

Use Oxylabs’ reliable solutions to make sure you can crawl suspicious links from anywhere in the world. Overcome the most common challenges, such as IP blocks and geo-restrictions, and receive valuable insights into what the global phishing landscape looks like.

Ensure uninterrupted protection

Even a brief downtime or security gap can increase the likelihood of potential threats. Our proxies are specifically designed to exclude this possibility by offering almost 100% uptime and exceptional performance around the clock.

Choose Residential Proxies for anti-phishing

Build fast and reliable anti-phishing software with the help of Oxylabs’ Residential Proxies. Global coverage, 99.95% uptime, superior performance – all this to make sure criminals are prohibited access to any sensitive data of a company.

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions 

  • Easy integration and management 

  • Professional assistance available 24/7

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Added benefits of ResidentIal Proxies

Large Residential IP pool

100M+ Residential IPs worldwide

Worldwide coverage

195 countries, with city-level targeting

No IP blocks

Focus on insights, not blocks

High uptime

No interruptions while monitoring threats

Session control

Easy and flexible session control feature

Ethically sourced

Proxies come only from legitimate sources

Frequently asked questions

What is anti-phishing?

Anti-phishing refers to specific actions aimed at preventing phishing attacks. These attacks are performed by fraudsters who pose as trusted individuals or organizations and contact people through various channels in an attempt to persuade them to take an action. Therefore, the main goal of anti-phishing is to identify harmful content and make sure attackers are denied access to sensitive data (e.g., bank account numbers, social security numbers).

What are the 3 types of phishing?

While in the contemporary digital landscape there’s a wide variety of phishing attacks, the most common three are: email phishing, spear phishing, and whaling. Email phishing refers to attacks sent by fraudsters to any email address they can obtain. Spear phishing targets a specific group of people or an individual. These attacks are more sophisticated as criminals using such an approach already have some personal information about the victim that they include in their phishing emails. Finally, whaling is the most targeted type of phishing as it sends fraudulent messages to senior executives, such as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc.

What is an example of phishing?

A simple example of phishing would be when a criminal impersonates a brand, trusted partner, or internal employee and asks for access to company’s sensitive information (e.g., bank account numbers or payment processes) by sending a phishing email. The threat actor then uses the received details to send fraudulent invoices that closely mimic real ones, making it hard for individuals to detect phishing. 

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