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Price2Spy Thrives Globally with Oxylabs Proxies

Founded back in 2011, Price2Spy is an online price monitoring, pricing analytics, and repricing tool developed by true e-commerce professionals. Today, the company offers essential aid (both in everyday pricing operations and strategic decision-making) to more than 750 clients from all sorts of industries all over the world. 

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About Price2Spy

  • Price2Spy provides price monitoring and dynamic pricing services to e-commerce businesses.

  • To make sure their clients get the most accurate and relevant results, Price2Spy has to monitor thousands of targets worldwide.

  • As modern websites become more complex, implementing a high-quality proxy service is critical.

  • Oxylabs’ Residential and Datacenter Proxies help Price2Spy reach even the most hard-to-access product pages.

One of our daily tasks is to monitor prices across the web. However, we started to face various challenges, so extracting reliable public data became complicated and time-consuming. That's why we knew that an effective solution to handle scraping challenges was needed.

Aleksandra Jovanovic

Database Developer

Finding ways towards accurate, geo-specific data

Price2Spy strives to provide their clients with robustness, ease of use, adaptability, and longevity and enable them to retrieve valuable insights from the gathered pricing data. However, with websites implementing anti-scraping technologies, imposing rate limiting, and adding geo-restrictions, extracting reliable public data becomes difficult and time-consuming.

Since Price2Spy aimed to monitor complex websites that require additional actions to view the price (e.g., adding a product to the cart) or showing them in images, they needed an effective solution to handle the possible scraping challenges. This is when they turned to Oxylabs’ Proxies.

With the services provided by Oxylabs, we managed to find a way to monitor certain sites that we could not monitor before, and, as a result, reach out to more customers and provide them with a better user experience.

Irena Delas

Head of Customer Support

How Oxylabs made everything possible

By implementing Oxylabs’ Residential and Datacenter Proxies in their day-to-day operations, Price2Spy could finally reach any pages they needed while simultaneously avoiding restrictions.

99.9% uptime, 99.5% success rate, large and reliable proxy pool, and worldwide coverage of IP addresses make our proxies perfect for overcoming geo-location blocks and accessing complex targets with anonymity and speed.

Another thing that Price2Spy notes made their experience with Oxylabs exceptional is a pleasant and professional support team that’s always ready to help and solve a potential problem as soon as possible.

Key takeaway

The collaboration with Oxylabs made it possible for Price2Spy to reach essential public product data even from the most hard-to-access websites out there. Are you also looking for ways to streamline your day-to-day activities?

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