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Proxies for Cybersecurity

Smoothly gather critical data while staying unnoticed by threat actors. Access content around the world to gain insights and make proactive security decisions.

Oxylabs' solutions will help you:

Bypass blocks and restrictions

Stay undetected and anonymous

Guarantee cybersecurity around the clock

Obtain real-time data from all around the world

By using Oxylabs’ extensive proxy pool, you can retrieve public data regardless of your location at speed to combat harmful activities.

Threat intelligence

Monitor malicious adversaries with anonymity as well as avoid geo-blocks when crawling the public and deep web for malware and exploits.

Email protection

Verify email content with anonymity and perform hardly detectable email protection with speed, efficiency, and no interruptions.


Prevent phishing attacks and scan the web anonymously yet swiftly to see the whole landscape of current and probable threats.

Harvest data without blocks and restrictions

With a vast pool of Oxylabs’ Datacenter and Residential Proxies, you can bypass IP blocks and CAPTCHAs. Additionally, you can reach geo-restricted content around the world.

Stay undetected and anonymous

Easily conceal your IP address to perform cyber protection operations with anonymity, and stay undetected by using ethically sourced Residential IP addresses to imitate human-like web behavior.

Guarantee cybersecurity around the clock

Oxylabs’ proxies have exceptionally high uptime and assure speedy data transfer. Thus, you can gather public data and implement security measures consistently with a reliable proxy network.

Collect threat intelligence data with Oxylabs’ Datacenter and Residential Proxies

Datacenter Proxies

Choose between Shared or Dedicated Datacenter Proxies to make your cybersecurity service reliable and fast.

  • Geo-location targeting in 188 countries

  • Proxy pool of 2M+ IPs

  • Average 99.9% uptime

Residential Proxies

Take the next step and turn your cybersecurity activities indistinguishable from human-like web browsing.

  • Country, city, and state-level geo-location targeting in 195 countries

  • Proxy pool of 100M+ IPs

  • Average 99.95% uptime

More benefits of Datacenter Proxies

24/7 support

Our team is always here to help you.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

Perform operations at scale without limitations.

Seamless integration

Get going within minutes.

More benefits of Residential Proxies

24/7 support

Get help from our team whenever needed.

Ethically sourced

Residential Proxies come from legitimate sources.

Manage your data usage

Easily view and control your data usage in the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are proxy servers important for cybersecurity?

While security professionals monitor cyber attacks and their perpetrators, cyber criminals do the opposite. They surveil all attempts to gather information about them and their methods to prevent potential protective measures. When threat actors detect unusual server loads from the same IP address, they can simply block it permanently. Thus, cybersecurity proxies are a critical component of security that empowers a large-scale data-gathering experience with anonymity and undetectability.

What is the difference between a proxy and a firewall?

A proxy and a firewall act as protective barriers between a private network or a device and the internet. A firewall is a software or hardware that blocks unauthorized network and system access according to set rules. In contrast, a proxy server is a software or hardware with its own IP address that makes a request to access web resources on behalf of the user, essentially hiding the user's actual IP.

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