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Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Monitoring

Create a MAP monitoring system with Oxylabs’ assistance. Track product prices anywhere in the world and use collected data to identify underpriced offerings. Oversee the compliance of pricing policies and take action to enforce fair market practices.

Oxylabs solutions will help you:

Target e-commerce data worldwide

Monitor prices in real time

Ensure MAP enforcement

Track price changes with E-Commerce Scraper API

Integrate E-Commerce Scraper API as part of your MAP monitoring system to automate the bulk of the process. With Oxylabs solutions, you can focus on MAP policy enforcement and leave all the technicalities of public web data collection to us.

Get timely data from major e-commerce sites

Retrieve real-time and highly-localized public product data from most e-commerce sites, including the largest marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and more.

Easily scrape product prices

E-Commerce Scraper API is designed to retrieve public data from specific page types of major e-commerce sites, including but not limited to product prices.

Crawl sites in bulk to discover target URLs

The Web Crawler feature lets you crawl any e-commerce website to discover all or specific URLs on a domain and use this data for subsequent pricing data extraction.

Target e-commerce data worldwide

Regardless of location, access geo-restricted content anywhere in the world with country, city, and coordinate-level targeting opportunities. Target product prices from the most popular marketplaces or standalone vendors with monitoring opportunities in 195 countries and territories.

Monitor prices in real time

Extract pricing data at scale and in real time without worrying about code maintenance and scaling.  Maintenance-free infrastructure and features such as Web Crawler and Scheduler ensure timely and reliable data delivery in a preferred format. You can identify target URLs for subsequent data extraction with Web Crawler and set recurring MAP monitoring jobs with Scheduler.

Ensure MAP enforcement

Set up a MAP monitoring system to oversee the implementation of your pricing policies. Use the extracted data to keep track of your products. Keep online vendors and resellers in check to ensure your offerings are advertised at agreed price ranges. Identify underpriced products to take action against the wrongdoers and prevent reputational damage to your brand image.

Oxylabs solutions for MAP monitoring

E-Commerce Scraper API

Specifically designed to scrape online marketplaces, E-Commerce Scraper API delivers pricing data at scale and in real time

  • Highly customizable 

  • Automated jobs

  • Multiple data delivery options

Residential Proxies

Build your own MAP monitoring infrastructure and use Residential Proxies for organic traffic resemblance.

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Single back-connect entry

  • State and coordinate-level targeting

Added benefits of E-Commerce Scraper API

In-depth tutorials

Extensive technical documentation.

Bulk scraping

Scrape multiple pages at once with up to 1000 URLs per batch.

High scalability

Easy to integrate and customize; supports a high volume of requests.

Added benefits of Residential Proxies

Large Residential IP pool

Steadily growing global 100M+ IP pool.

24/7 support

Get in touch with our support staff day or night.

Session control

Adjustable session control feature.

We offer several data gathering solutions for MAP monitoring – learn more to choose the ideal option for your business.

Frequently asked questions

What is MAP monitoring?

Minimum advertised price (MAP) monitoring is a process of tracking and enforcing a manufacturer's policy that requires retailers and resellers to advertise products at or above a certain minimum price.

Why is MAP required?

Customers tend to categorize brands according to their prestige or lack thereof - lower prices negatively impact perceived hierarchy in the market. MAP policies protect a brand's image and reputation by ensuring that products are not advertised or sold at prices that are too low.

How do you implement MAP monitoring?

To implement MAP monitoring, you should:

  • Define the minimum advertised price.

  • Identify the retailers and distributors selling the product.

  • Monitor e-commerce channels to ensure MAP compliance.

  • Use tools or services to automate the MAP monitoring process. You’ll save time and ensure prices are monitored regularly.

  • Set up a process for addressing MAP violations. The process can involve contacting the retailer or distributor to remind them of the MAP policy. Alternatively, it may require formal legal action.

Can you implement a MAP monitoring system for major e-commerce sites?

The short answer is yes. To make the process easier, our team of experts created the Amazon product data API, Walmart API, Best Buy Scraper, and many more to help you gather public data from major e-commerce sites effortlessly.

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