Proxies for Market Research

Market research is essential for every company that wants to stay competitive in the market. Carefully calculating how to make the right decisions when creating a business plan has always been crucial, whether for a small or a large business. Companies that provide market research services help businesses increase margins and keep up with the latest market trends. To improve the data gathering process, companies utilize proxies for market research.

Challenges you may face:

Restricted geo-locations

High speed


Market research challenges

Companies that provide market research services are looking for solutions that help to access large amounts of websites in any location. It is essential to use a fast and reliable service to ensure a smooth data gathering process.

Restricted geo-locations

Some locations are unavailable to access from different countries. Companies that provide market research services have to be sure that they are using reliable tools to access any website regardless of location. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will not be able to do their job smoothly.

Possible risks

Geo-location restrictions are a huge challenge for market researchers because they can not follow the latest market trends and monitor competitors worldwide. In this case, their market research loses its value for companies that provide their services worldwide.

How can we help?

Oxylabs’ proxies cover almost all countries in the world. Our solution ensures that companies could easily access any website regardless of their location.

High speed

High speed and uptime are among the most common criteria when choosing a reliable service for market research. Fast solutions that have high uptime ensure that companies that provide market research services do not end up wasting their time waiting to connect.

Possible risks

Market researchers need to focus on data analysis rather than complex data gathering processes. Otherwise, their whole work would be overly complicated and not effective.

How can we help?

Oxylabs proxies for market research are one of the fastest proxies in the market. Furthermore, they are dedicated and provide 99.9% uptime. These features guarantee a smooth and effective data collection process.


Market researchers have to keep track of many websites. Competitors are constantly changing content on their websites. Furthermore, it is hard to predict the latest market trends as they can change at any time. In this case, companies that provide market research services need a solution to monitor various websites on a large scale whenever required.

Possible risks

If market researchers have trouble monitoring vast amounts of websites, they can not do their job correctly. Also, they have to focus on data analysis and collect the necessary data as efficiently as possible.

How can we help?

Oxylabs proxies for market research help to monitor many websites in any required location. Depending on the needs, companies can easily manage the scale of monitoring.

Choose Datacenter Proxies for market research

The most popular pick for market research is Datacenter Proxies due to their incredible response times and extensive selection of locations. 

  • Work with one of the fastest proxies in the market 

  • Be sure to get reliable data for market research

  • Easily access restricted locations

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Added benefits of Datacenter Proxies

High performance and speed

Perfect solution for market research

High uptime

Trustworthy solution with 99.9% uptime

Worldwide coverage

Access 88 locations worldwide with city-level targeting

24/7 support

Be sure to get answers when you need them

Quick and easy integration

Oxylabs proxies are easy to integrate with 3rd party software

Unlimited number of targets

No limits or restrictions for a number of targets

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