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Proxies for Market Research

To get ahead of the competition, you need to constantly gather and research piles of market data. This mission is rewarding yet challenging. Without specialized tools, geo-restrictions, IP blocks, and CAPTCHAs will become your eternal companions. Proxies are perfectly built to handle these obstacles. With their help, you can collect data from multiple sources in real-time, effectively evaluate your competition, and always keep abreast of even the tiniest changes in the market.

Challenges you may face:

Restricted geo-locations

Low speed


Uplift your market research

Make the most of a global proxy pool and access plenty of websites in any location. IP blocks and geo-restrictions should no longer bother you and interrupt your market research jobs. Get all the data you need to make only right and profitable decisions.

Access geo-restricted content

It’s unfortunate if you can’t get the most desirable data as it’s locked under geo-restrictions. Sadly, this is usually the case. But with our proxy network, you don’t have to worry about geo-blocks. Use this reliable tool to keep an eye on market trends and competitors. And in case you're looking for help on how to do that effectively, check out the white paper Building a Real-Time Online Media Monitoring Infrastructure.

Possible risks

Geo-restrictions are a widespread obstacle to competitor tracking. If you can’t access data on an international scale, you can’t capture the full picture of the market. As a result, wrong business decisions are made. If you value quality market research, it’s imperative to harvest global data. 

How can we help?

If you opt for our services, you get access to a 2M+ dedicated Datacenter Proxy pool. With such a versatile proxy network, you get the freedom you need to monitor the market and competition with the city and even coordinate-level precision. Get only relevant data no matter where you are.

Speed up your research

Don’t waste your time with manual data collection or inefficient tools. Let’s be real, you need super speeds and uptime if you want your market research to bring quick and accurate results. With proxies, you can get data in no time and focus on the data analysis right away.

Possible risks

Market data is dynamically changing. You need to be quick and sneaky to keep up with that pace. Moreover, collecting the data is only half the battle - you also need to process it. If you spend too much time on the data collection, you risk ending up with outdated information.

How can we help?

Our proxies are fast, reliable, and provide 99.9% uptime. With such speed and power, you’ll make sure to get the freshest data within seconds. No delays, no interruptions, endless flow of useful data coming your way - this is what a perfect web scraping session looks like. And it's possible with proxies.

Gather market data on scale

To always be aware of the latest market trends, you have to scan hundreds or even thousands of web pages all over the web. A daunting task, right? You need a reliable tool to scale up your market research at any point. Proxies are precisely such a tool.

Possible risks

If you’re struggling to monitor a vast amount of websites, you can’t guarantee high-quality and in-depth market research. With a lack of knowledge, you risk drawing wrong conclusions. All this may lead to tragic flaws and financial losses. Consider using specialized tools if you don’t want to let this happen. 

How can we help?

With our extensive proxy network, you will build your expertise in the local and global market hands down. You can manage the scale of your research and fetch data from geo-locations worldwide. With all these valuable insights, outdoing the competition doesn’t sound like a challenge anymore.

Top products for market research

Web Scraper API

Using this robust web scraping tool, you get ready-to-use and maintenance-free infrastructure for public web data collection.

  • Pay only per successfully delivered results

  • Extract country-specific real-time data

  • Minimize IP blocks and CAPTCHAs

Datacenter Proxies

Integrate Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies with your scraping tools to ensure fast response times and limitless bandwidth for market research tasks.

  • Enjoy the fastest proxies in the market 

  • Be sure to get reliable data for market research

  • Easily access restricted locations

Company Datasets

Optimize your market research by leveraging parsed and ready-to-use datasets. Get accurate company data from top business sources.

  • Structured and fresh data

  • Flexible data delivery and formats

  • Customized according to your needs

Scale up your business with Oxylabs®