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Enhance your scraping endeavors by tapping into public data from Booking, an online platform that facilitates the reservation of accommodations, flights, rental cars, and various travel experiences worldwide.

  • Acquire top-notch data from any URL effortlessly

  • Seamlessly circumvent geo-restrictions

  • Experience a scraping infrastructure that's hassle-free

*This web scraper is a part of Web Scraper API Scraper API
Large-scale tech data for success

Obtain extensive data to fuel strategic competitive analysis

Leverage the Booking Scraper API to bolster your business strategy by integrating its popular applications:

  • Scan multiple web pages for updated market trends

  • Monitor your website for errors or track crucial real-time updates on other pages

  • Develop dynamic strategies grounded in gathered real-time data

Smart scraping with API features

Custom Parser

Effortlessly create parsing directives and seamlessly extract information from your preferred sources using our infrastructure.

  • No need to maintain your own parser

  • Craft customized parsing guidelines using XPath and CSS selectors to specify your extraction method

  • Collect structured data readily available for immediate use

Web Crawler

Utilize the Web Crawler tool's abilities to explore every page, compiling extensive and up-to-date data on a large scale.

  • Extract only the necessary information

  • Customize the crawl to align with your needs and refine the final output

  • Receive the results in your preferred format



Utilize our Scheduler feature to automate repetitive scraping and parsing tasks, enabling you to set schedules according to your preferred frequency.

  • Set up various schedules for distinct tasks

  • Ensure automatic delivery of data to your chosen cloud storage effortlessly

  • Receive immediate notifications upon task completion

I find the support and communication from account managers to be very good, but the real winner is the products and tools that Oxylabs provides, which are high quality and do exactly as they promise. No more setting up third-party tools for them to fall over after a month or two; we've been a customer for over a year and have never had to reconfigure anything or come up with a workaround solution. It is set and forget.

Oxylabs customer

A word from a customer

At Oxylabs, our goal extends beyond being a web scraping solutions provider; we strive to become a trusted business partner. We highly value the trust our clients place in us for their data collection requirements and prioritize our commitment to delivering a smooth web scraping experience.

Added benefits of Scraper API

Extensive tutorials

Begin by checking out our comprehensive documentation.

Massive IP address pool

Utilize our extensive pool of over 102M+ proxies to collect location-specific information.

Bulk data collection

Collect data simultaneously from multiple pages across up to 5,000 URLs concurrently.

Multiple delivery choices

Access data directly by sending it to your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage, or utilize an API to retrieve the results.

Highly scalable

Seamless integration, tailored adjustments, and assistance for handling high request volumes.

Live chat support

Receive immediate assistance by utilizing our live chat feature accessible on the website. Scraper API pricing

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Receive data extraction know-how

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Frequently asked questions

How to scrape

To efficiently and seamlessly collect data from Booking, a dedicated tool like the Oxylabs Web Scraper API is crucial. Tailored for Booking and similar sites, this tool effortlessly retrieves data upon request, surmounting typical web scraping obstacles like IP blocks and CAPTCHAs, ensuring a smoother process for users.