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Buy Unlimited Bandwidth Residential & Datacenter Proxies

  • Unlimited bandwidth & concurrent sessions

  • Unmetered traffic limit

  • Country, state, and city targeting


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Unlimited Bandwidth Residential & Datacenter Proxies

Quick and easy integration

Our proxies with unlimited bandwidth seamlessly integrate with third-party software. Explore our documentation for step-by-step tutorials to ensure a smooth setup process.


import requests

username = "USER"
password = "PASS"
proxy = ""

proxies = {
  'http': f'http://{username}:{password}@{proxy}',
  'https': f'http://{username}:{password}@{proxy}'

response = requests.request(


I contacted Oxylabs via their in-site chat service to determine what product may be most relevant for an ongoing data collection project I have. They responded quickly and with knowledge. I'm awaiting their response and feel confident that the Oxylabs service can provide what I'm looking for at a project-friendly cost.


Oxylabs' customer

A word from our customers

At the heart of our mission is a dedication to providing an unparalleled customer experience. Our goal is to build trust with our clients and support them in their efforts to gather valuable data.

Choose Unlimited Bandwidth Proxies

Cost-effective proxy solution with high performance and focus on speed for large-scale data collection.

  • 2M+ Dedicated Datacenter IPs pool 

  • Quick start with the Self-Service plan

  • Unlimited bandwidth

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Frequently asked questions

What does unlimited bandwidth mean?

Unlimited bandwidth means there are no restrictions on the amount of data transferred while using the proxy. It allows seamless and unrestricted access without worrying about data usage limits.

What is the difference between datacenter and residential proxies?

Unlimited bandwidth residential proxies are best suited for imitating organic traffic, while datacenter proxies excel at performance. For example, rotating residential proxies increase the chance of success even more.

Residential proxies and their IP addresses originate from everyday devices, such as cell phones and computers, mostly from households, hence residential. Residential IP addresses are assigned by internet service providers (ISPs).

Meanwhile, datacenter proxies come from servers (hence, proxy server) located at data centers.